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Product Technical Specifications – SLV-75R2T Custom LED Spotlights

Product CodeSLV-75R2T
Power (W)12W*2
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)20°/27°/40°/55°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Kosoom: Illuminating Excellence in LED Lighting Solutions

As a seasoned professional in the world of lighting, I am excited to introduce you to the brilliance of Kosoom. With a sterling reputation as a leading led light fixtures supplier, Kosoom stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the industry.

At the heart of the Kosoom portfolio lies the remarkable Custom LED Spotlights series, a testament to cutting-edge design and performance. In this article, we will explore this series in depth, highlighting its unique features and why it deserves your attention.

Enlightening the Essence of LED Spotlights

Before delving into the specifics of the Custom LED Spotlights series, it’s crucial to understand the concept of LED Spotlights. These luminaires represent the pinnacle of lighting technology, offering versatility and precision illumination for various environments and settings.

From the warm ambiance of restaurant lighting to the captivating displays in art gallery lighting, and even the practicality of retail stores and supermarkets, LED Spotlights have cemented their place as the go-to lighting solution. In this section, we will shed light on their versatility and applications.

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CDL002 02

Unveiling the SLV-95R2: A Masterpiece of Illumination

Iet’s turn our attention to the star of the show: the SLV-95R2 from Kosoom’s Custom LED Spotlights series. This luminaire is a true marvel, boasting a plethora of features that set it apart from the competition.

With a dynamic range of specifications, including a customizable color temperature (CCT) range from 2700K to 5000K, impressive lumen output of 1850*2, and a variety of beam angles, the SLV-95R2 is a chameleon of illumination. It’s not just a light; it’s a precision instrument for crafting ambiance and accentuating spaces.

Stay tuned as we explore every facet of the SLV-95R2, from its technical prowess to its aesthetic appeal, and why it proudly bears the Kosoom brand name.

The SLV-95R2 Advantage

Choosing the right lighting solution for your needs is a critical decision. Allow me to shed light on why selecting Kosoom’s SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights is a choice that stands out.

First and foremost, the SLV-95R2 is a paragon of durability, ensuring it will grace your space with brilliance for years to come. Its impeccable safety standards make it suitable for a variety of settings, from commercial to residential. When it comes to performance, the SLV-95R2 outshines the competition with its exceptional brightness and multi-functionality.

Ease of installation is another feather in its cap, making it accessible to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. But what truly sets it apart is its luminosity, which can transform any space into a captivating visual masterpiece.

In addition to the SLV-95R2, Kosoom’s extensive range of products, including the led light tape series, further solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the world of LED lighting.

The SLV-95R2’s Many Advantages

Let’s dive deeper into the exquisite advantages of the SLV-95R2. This luminaire boasts an array of features that redefine your lighting experience.

First and foremost, the high-quality LED chips within the SLV-95R2 ensure unparalleled brightness. Whether you’re illuminating a gallery’s artwork or creating the perfect ambiance in a restaurant lighting, this luminaire delivers in spades. Its uniform light distribution guarantees even coverage, eliminating shadows and enhancing visual appeal.

Customization is the name of the game with the SLV-95R2. You have the power to select your desired color temperature, beam angle, and even the fixture’s color. Need precise color rendering? The SLV-95R2 offers exceptional color reproduction with a CRI of 83/90/95/Thrive.

Its surface-mount design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. And let’s not forget its compatibility with dimmer switches for fine-tuning your lighting experience.

As if that weren’t enough, Kosoom’s linear light fixture series also deserves mention, catering to various lighting needs.

Kosoom’s Commitment to Excellence

When you invest in Kosoom’s products, rest assured that quality and safety are paramount. We take pride in our certifications, with both CE and ROHS certifications backing the quality and safety of our lighting solutions.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. The SLV-95R2 comes with a generous 5-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and support for years to come.

With these certifications and warranty in place, you can trust in the reliability and longevity of Kosoom’s lighting solutions.

Installing the SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights

Installing the SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights is a breeze, making it a convenient choice for any lighting project. Here, we’ll walk you through the installation process and provide some essential tips and considerations.

  1. Installation Steps: Begin by ensuring the power source is switched off. Then, follow the provided instructions to securely mount the fixture. The SLV-95R2’s surface-mount design simplifies installation, while its lightweight build ensures ease of handling.
  2. Considerations: When positioning the spotlights, consider the desired lighting angle and coverage. Experiment with different beam angles to achieve the perfect lighting effect for your space. Ensure that the installation is level and stable.
  3. Safety Precautions: Always prioritize safety. Use appropriate safety gear and follow electrical safety guidelines when connecting the wiring. If you’re unsure, consider consulting a professional electrician for installation.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliance of the SLV-95R2 in your space safely and effectively.

The SLV-95R2 Advantage

Choosing the SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom is a decision driven by several key advantages. Let’s explore why this luminaire is the preferred choice for discerning customers.

  1. Convenient Customization: The SLV-95R2 offers convenient customization options, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your specific needs. Whether it’s the color temperature, beam angle, or even the fixture’s color, you have control over the ambiance.
  2. Competitive Pricing: Kosoom offers a competitive price point without compromising on quality. We believe that exceptional lighting should be accessible to all, and the SLV-95R2 embodies this philosophy.
  3. Superior After-Sales Service: Our commitment doesn’t end with your purchase. Kosoom’s after-sales service is second to none. We’re here to support you with any inquiries or assistance you may require.
  4. Comprehensive Range: The SLV-95R2 is just one gem in our crown. Explore our full range of products, including the versatile led panels series, and discover the perfect lighting solutions for every application.

SLV-95R2 Maintenance Guide

Ensuring the longevity of your SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights is essential to continue enjoying its exceptional illumination. Here’s a simple maintenance guide to keep your lighting investment in pristine condition:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Dust and dirt can accumulate on the fixture over time. Wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth periodically to maintain its luster.
  2. Check Wiring: Inspect the wiring connections to ensure they remain secure. Loose or damaged wires should be addressed promptly by a qualified electrician.
  3. Protect from Moisture: If the installation location is prone to moisture, consider using protective measures to shield the fixture from potential water damage.

Rest assured that your SLV-95R2 comes with a generous warranty, providing peace of mind regarding its performance and durability.

The SLV-95R2 Cost-Benefit Analysis

Making informed choices is paramount. Let’s delve into the cost-benefit analysis of the SLV-95R2 Custom indoor spot lights, helping you understand the true value it offers.

Cost Efficiency: Despite its advanced features and customization options, the SLV-95R2 remains cost-effective. It strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability, ensuring you receive maximum value for your investment.

Energy Efficiency: LED technology is renowned for its energy efficiency. The SLV-95R2 is no exception, providing exceptional brightness while consuming minimal energy. This translates to long-term savings on your electricity bills.

Longevity: With a 5-year warranty, the SLV-95R2’s longevity is assured. You won’t have to worry about frequent replacements, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

Performance: When it comes to performance, the SLV-95R2’s exceptional brightness and color accuracy make it a top choice for various lighting applications. It outshines conventional lighting options, ensuring your space is brilliantly illuminated.

In conclusion, the SLV-95R2’s cost-benefit analysis speaks volumes about its value proposition, making it a prudent choice for both residential and commercial lighting needs.

Kosoom: Illuminating Excellence

Kosoom’s commitment to excellence shines brightly through its SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights and the broader spectrum of lighting solutions. With a focus on innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction, Kosoom has carved a niche as a premier LED light supplier.

The SLV-95R2, with its versatility, customization options, and cost-effectiveness, exemplifies the brand’s dedication to delivering top-tier lighting solutions.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the ambiance of a restaurant, showcase art in a gallery, or illuminate a retail space, the SLV-95R2 stands ready to exceed your expectations.

We invite you to experience the brilliance of Kosoom’s SLV-95R2 Custom LED Spotlights for yourself. Elevate your lighting to new heights with a luminaire that combines style, substance, and sustainability. Contact us today to embark on a journey of exceptional illumination.

With Kosoom, the future of lighting is brighter than ever.








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