Excellent supermarket lighting solutions can not only attract more customers, but also stimulate purchasing decisions. At the same time, the use of high-efficiency LED lights can produce higher luminous efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption while providing sufficient brightness, thereby reducing the operating cost and environmental impact of the lighting system.

L1701N–48W 4000K 110˚N/B Ra80 Black– Linear Light

SLL001-A L1701N Linear Light 4000K OEM Factory- Kosoom-Modern Linear Lighting--01 SLL001-A L1701N Linear Light 4000K OEM Factory- Kosoom-Retail Store Lighting--02 SLL001-A L1701N Linear Light 4000K OEM Factory- Kosoom-Supermarket Lighting --03 SLL001-A L1701N Linear Light 4000K OEM Factory- Kosoom-Modern Linear Lighting--04 SLL001-A L1701N Linear Light 4000K OEM Factory- Kosoom-Linear Lights--05 SLL001-A L1701N Linear Light 4000K OEM Factory- Kosoom-Supermarket Lighting --06
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Entrance area

The entrance area plays an important role in the supermarket, playing a key role in image display and brand promotion, directly affecting customers' first impression and shopping desire.

Lighting purpose

The role of lighting in the entrance area is very critical, the purpose is to create a unique and personalized light effect, attracting customers into the store. With a well-thought-out lighting scheme, we will create stunning play of light and shadow that will enhance the entrance area. Bright and warm lighting will become the visual focus of the supermarket, attracting customers to step into the store actively.

Lighting guide

We recommend using LED linear light mosaic patterns and LOGO shapes as basic lighting. Such a design can not only emphasize the brand image of the supermarket, but also add a unique shopping atmosphere to the entrance area. As customers approach the entrance area, the lighting changes will guide customers into the store naturally, creating a pleasant and welcoming shopping experience.

D1107 - 40W 3000K Ra90 UGR≤23 White - Downlight

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Baking area

The bakery area is the area where the supermarket makes and sells baked goods, and it is also the area with a lot of traffic in the supermarket.

Lighting purpose

The bakery area needs sufficient bright lighting to ensure that customers can see the products clearly. Evenly distributed lighting reduces shadows and creates attractive lighting effects on food and cakes to entice customers to buy.

Light guide

Choose lamps that emit even light, such as LED spotlights. LED lights use less power, last longer, and provide clear, bright light. In addition, ensure that the color temperature of the lamps is appropriate, and choose warm-toned (about 2700-3000K) lights to add warmth to the baking area.

In the main display area of the bakery area, if you need better effects, you can use professional color dot bread lights for accent lighting.

Department store area

Department stores occupy a very important position in supermarkets. It is a key place for supermarkets to communicate and interact with customers, and directly affects the sales effect of products and the shopping experience of customers.

Lighting purpose

Lighting plays a vital role in department store areas. The purpose of our lighting is to fully display the details and colors of products, highlight promotional products, thereby attracting customers' attention and increasing their desire to buy.

Light guide

We recommend using high-efficiency shelf LED linear lights as the basic lighting for the department store area. These lamps not only have high brightness and uniform light distribution, but also have excellent color reproduction ability, which can make the product present the most realistic appearance under the light, attract customers' curiosity and interest, and the advantages of linear lamps: first: saving Cost, a linear light can replace 4 track lights to illuminate the shelves, second: easy installation, direct splicing, simple power connection, and a stronger sense of lighting design in the supermarket.

At the same time, we also recommend using LED track spotlights at both ends of the shelf as the key lighting for promotional products. With flexible illumination angles and adjustable beam sizes, track lights can precisely illuminate promotional items, highlighting their features and benefits so customers can't ignore them.

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Fruit and vegetable area

The fruit and vegetable section is a very important part of the supermarket, because fresh fruits and vegetables are essential foods in the daily life of customers, and they are also nutritious and healthy choices.

Lighting purpose

Ensure that the lighting is evenly distributed throughout the fruit and vegetable area, and avoid alternating light and dark or dark areas, so as not to affect the customer's shopping experience and product display.

Lighting guide

Choose downlights with high color rendering index (CRI): LED spotlights with high color rendering index can accurately restore the color of objects, which is especially important for fruit and vegetable areas, because customers will judge the freshness and quality of food according to its color. LED lights generally have a high CRI and are a good choice.

Do not over-light the fruit and vegetable area, too much lighting may make the food look too dazzling and lose its natural beauty. To find the right balance, make sure the lighting is adequate but not excessive. Installing a dimmable device can adjust the brightness of the lighting according to the needs, adjust the brightness of the light according to different time periods or special situations, save energy and prolong the service life of the lamps. "

Fresh area

The fresh meat area is an area dedicated to displaying and selling fresh meat and seafood. This area has a lot of traffic and is one of the most critical and high-attention parts of the supermarket.

Lighting purpose

Fully demonstrate the freshness and quality of food while providing a comfortable shopping environment. Proper lighting design can help attract customers, enhance product display, boost sales, and signal concern about food safety and quality.

Lighting guide

For fresh food, spotlights with high color rendering index can restore the most authentic color of fresh meat, highlighting the fresh and attractive features.

For special promotions or specialty meats and seafood, meat lights with special color dots can be used to highlight and attract customers' attention.

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