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How to choose LED track lights?

How to choose LED track lights?-About lighting

Choosing LED track lights requires careful consideration to ensure they meet both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Kosoom offers a variety of track light options, and selecting the right LED track lights involves comparing factors such as brightness, color temperature, beam angle, and compatibility with your space’s design. By understanding these key aspects, you can confidently choose Kosoom’s LED track lights to effectively illuminate your space while enhancing its ambiance.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting is a type of lighting that gets its name from its installation on tracks. This approach allows fixtures to be mounted anywhere on the track, drawing light in any environment.

The track contains electrical conductors, allowing the light fixture to be powered from any connection point on the track. Tracks can be straight, curved, or even U-shaped, giving consumers a variety of options.

This versatility allows track lights to easily blend into a variety of environments. Track lighting systems have been around for quite some time and are widely used in commercial and residential areas.

They are very common in kitchens, living rooms and office spaces, but can also be found in communal work areas. This is because track lighting provides versatile lighting and positioning capabilities.

What’s more, they are relatively easy to install, making track lighting a favored choice for many homeowners and business owners.

What are track lights used for?

Track lights are often used to provide task lighting and are installed in specific areas to provide precise illumination for specific tasks such as cooking or working at a desk.

Additionally, track lights are also used as accent lighting, often installed in areas that highlight specific features of a room, such as artwork or architectural elements. They are also often used to create overall ambient light, covering multiple areas.

The key is that they are versatile and can be installed anywhere without looking out of place. Given their important role, buyers often add them to areas that are most needed and frequently used.

Business owners can showcase and highlight their product models on display in the office by installing track lights. In addition, they can provide lighting for conference rooms or public work areas, benefiting both night and day shift workers. Buy Office Track Lighting Now

For homeowners, track lighting might be used to create a cozy space, brighten a dark hallway, or bring a new sense of style and direction to a home office. Buy Hallway Track Lighting Now

How do track lights work?

Power supply: Track lights, like other lights, get their power through an electrical circuit. This can be accomplished by connecting to a power source on the wall or ceiling.

Track Mounting: Track lighting tracks are mounted to the ceiling or wall to form a channel for electrical conductors. The length of the track and the wattage of each light determine the number of fixtures that can be added to the track.

Lamp connection: Lamps are connected to the track to achieve power transmission throughout the system. The rails are not just supports, but act as part of the power supply, providing power to connected light fixtures.

Energy Absorption: The track acts as a medium for energy transfer, allowing connected luminaires to absorb energy. Unlike traditional light bulbs, the track itself consumes energy, not just the light fixture.

Flexibility: This design brings flexibility because the track consumes energy rather than each light fixture. Track lights usually require at least one branch of a 120-volt controlled circuit. They are typically operated via a wall switch but can be customized as needed, such as via a remote control or connection to smart home devices.

Track lights are a unique lighting solution with their simple yet flexible design, allowing users to personalize and control their lighting experience.

What are the benefits of using track lights?

Using track lighting offers numerous advantages, including mobility, powerful lighting options, and versatility. Let’s delve deeper into your expectations to understand the benefits more comprehensively:

  1. Highlighting Features: Track lighting allows you to accentuate different features of your home or commercial space by adjusting the position and direction of the fixtures, creating a personalized lighting effect.
  2. Space-saving Opportunities: It provides opportunities for space-saving as track lights can be compactly installed on ceilings or walls, minimizing the use of additional space.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: With exceptional aesthetic appeal, track lights feature unique designs that can seamlessly integrate into interior designs, adding a modern touch or personalized style to the space.
  4. Ideal for Small Spaces: Suitable for small spaces, the compact design and adjustability of track lights enable the creation of a flexible lighting layout within limited areas.
  5. Enhanced Flexibility: Offering flexibility, track lights can be easily adjusted in terms of position and angle, adapting to different needs and changes in layout.
  6. Affordability: Relatively cost-effective, track lighting provides a high-performance lighting solution without the need for expensive installation and maintenance costs.
  7. Easy Installation: Installation is straightforward compared to other lighting options, and users can effortlessly replace fixtures as needed after the initial installation.
  8. Customizability: Highly customizable, track lighting allows users to personalize and customize according to their needs and preferences, catering to various spaces and design requirements.

The multifunctionality, ease of installation, and adaptability to diverse environments make track lighting a popular and favored choice in the realm of illumination.

How to choose the best track lights

A great way to get started is to work out how many lumens of light you need to ensure your space is well lit, and it’s pretty simple to do. Keep in mind that this isn’t always necessary, but depending on the space you’re decorating, it might be helpful to know. All you need to do is multiply the length and width of the room you’re working on.

Multiply that number by 1.5 to get the minimum lumens or wattage required for your space. If your ceilings are standard height (about eight feet), divide the previous value by the wattage of the bulbs you will be using. You may also want to know the color temperature of your lights to consider when shopping.

This is measured in Kelvin and determines how warm or cool the light is. In case you were wondering, a lower Kelvin number means the light will be warmer, similar to an incandescent light bulb. If you want brighter, more natural light, you’ll want to look for something with a higher Kelvin number.

The average color temperature of a home track lighting system is around 2700K-3000K. This suggests that certain lighting options are better suited for a small book nook, while others may be better suited for a kitchen or dining room setting.

How to choose the best track lighting for your space

The first thing you need to do is decide where to place your track lights. Understanding where track lighting is headed will help you gauge your needs for the design of the lights themselves. For example, some lights are better suited than others for small workspaces, while some options are better suited for high-traffic areas used for entertaining.

It all depends on the space you want to enhance the light inside. Next, you should start determining what kind of light output you are looking for. LED track lights are a good choice because they provide high brightness while consuming less energy.

This means you save on energy bills and don’t have to replace track light bulbs as often. Now, if you want dimmable track lights, be sure to look for options that say dimmable in the packaging or instructions.

When choosing the best track lights for your space, you also need to consider beam angle. This is the width of the beam emitted from the light fixture, measured in degrees. A wider beam angle will provide greater coverage, while a narrower beam angle will provide a more focused light.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular flexible track lighting products and why they are considered the best and how users use them.

TLO Top Track Lights for 2023

Kosoom’s track lights are adaptable, sturdy and offer a variety of benefits. Black or white finishes allow you to match the light to your area. Powder coated aluminum makes it durable and suitable for single circuit/single phase/3 wire tracks.

Kosoom offers a wide range of track light accessories to improve the performance and appearance of your track lighting systems. These accessories include hanging cables, dead ends, live ends, straight connectors, left angle connectors, center powered connectors, right angle connectors and T-connectors. Let’s examine each component and its function in more detail: They are used to suspend a track lighting system from the ceiling using hanging wires. They are adjustable and can be used to produce a variety of track lighting heights.

The cul-de-sac is used to complete the final part of the track lighting system.

The live end is used to provide power for starting the track lighting system.

Straight Connector: This component is used to connect two straight track lighting sections.

This component is used to connect two track lights at the left corner.

This component is used to supply power to the track lighting system from the center of the track.

This component is used to connect two pieces of track lighting at right angles.

T-Connector: Connect three track light sections in a T shape.

These track light accessories from Kosoom offer versatility and customization options for their track lighting systems, making them suitable for a variety of commercial and residential lighting applications.

How to choose LED track lights?-About lighting

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