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50W 4200LM Φ105*180mm 24°/36°/55° Reflector “Bridgelux V13C”TLA110550 KOSOOM


Product Technical Specifications – TLA110550 Custom Track Lights

Product CodeTLA110550
Power (W)50W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)24°/36°/55°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Shining a Light on Kosoom’s Custom Track Lights: A Journey into Brilliance

Welcome to Kosoom, where innovation and radiance converge to redefine your perception of lighting. As a seasoned professional in the realm of LED light fixtures, I am delighted to guide you through the captivating world of Kosoom’s Custom Track Lights. With this in-depth exploration, we will unveil the essence of brilliance that lies within these fixtures, leaving no corner of their excellence unilluminated.

Unveiling Kosoom: A Beacon of Radiance

Kosoom stands as more than just a brand; it’s an embodiment of illumination. With a rich heritage in crafting remarkable LED lighting solutions, Kosoom is the compass that guides you through the ever-evolving landscape of illumination. Rooted in a commitment to innovation and excellence, Kosoom has earned its place as a trusted provider of cutting-edge lighting solutions that transform spaces into living works of art.

Custom Track Lights: An Overture of Brilliance

Step into the realm of Custom Track Lights, where the ordinary transcends into the extraordinary. These aren’t just lighting fixtures; they are the conduits through which your spaces are transformed into realms of beauty and functionality. Custom Track Lights are the symphony directors of illumination, orchestrating the perfect harmony of radiance that adapts seamlessly to diverse environments.

Imagine a boutique hotel where the ambiance exudes sophistication. Picture a retail store pulsating with energy. Envision a cozy corner in your home bathed in warm light. Visualize a supermarket where every product is showcased in its best light. Custom Track Lights have the uncanny ability to transcend spatial boundaries, seamlessly integrating with any setting to enhance its visual appeal and functionality.

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Into the Radiant Spotlight: Exploring TLA110550

Meet the star of the show: TLA110550. It’s not just a fixture; it’s a manifestation of brilliance. This fixture boasts an array of features that elevate it beyond conventional lighting solutions. Immerse yourself in its brilliance as we dissect its specifications and unveil the enchantment it brings to spaces.

Illuminate Your Space, Your Way: TLA110550 Features

The TLA110550 is a canvas of light, allowing you to paint your spaces with the perfect hues. Its color temperature spans from a cozy 2700K to a crisp 5000K, adapting effortlessly to your desired mood. With a lumen output of 3400, it confidently illuminates spaces of all sizes. But it’s not just about the brightness; it’s about precision. With adjustable beam angles of 24°, 36°, and 55°, the TLA110550 ensures that every corner is bathed in just the right amount of radiance.

Bringing Artistry to Light: TLA110550’s Customization

At the heart of the TLA110550 lies the power of customization. Tailor your lighting experience to your preferences with a range of options. Adjust the color temperature to evoke the perfect ambiance. Fine-tune the beam angle for focused illumination or widespread coverage. Choose between the timeless elegance of black or the pristine allure of white. And don’t stop there—select the CRI level that complements your space, be it 83, 90, 95, or even the remarkable Thrive option.

The Kosoom Signature: Assurance of Excellence

When you choose Kosoom, you choose a legacy of quality. The TLA110550 bears the mark of excellence, boasting certifications that speak to its adherence to international standards. With the CE and ROHS certifications, you can rest assured that your illumination experience is not only remarkable but also safe.

A Promise of Brilliance: TLA110550’s 5-Year Warranty

The TLA110550 doesn’t just light up your spaces; it ensures that brilliance endures. With a 5-year warranty, Kosoom pledges its commitment to your satisfaction and the longevity of your lighting experience. This assurance underscores our dedication to crafting lighting solutions that stand the test of time.

Guiding Radiance: Installation and Beyond

Embarking on the journey to install the TLA110550 is a seamless experience. As you unpack the fixture, you’ll be greeted by a meticulously crafted installation guide. This guide breaks down the process step by step, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate the TLA110550 into your space. To maximize safety and effectiveness, we recommend securing the fixture at a stable mounting point and following the provided guidelines diligently.

A Symphony of Choice: TLA110550’s Appeal

Why choose the TLA110550? Let’s delve into the reasons that make it an irresistible choice. Imagine lighting that adapts to your needs, your desires, and your space. The TLA110550 offers unparalleled convenience through customization. But it’s not just about flexibility; it’s about value. Competitive pricing is woven into the TLA110550’s DNA, allowing you to access premium lighting without compromising your budget. As you bask in the brilliance of this fixture, you’ll also be embraced by the cocoon of after-sales service that Kosoom is renowned for.

Radiance Beyond Measure: TLA110550’s Aura

As you journey through the luminous expanse of the TLA110550’s offerings, remember that you’re not merely selecting a lighting fixture; you’re choosing a symphony of innovation, elegance, and radiance. The TLA110550 is more than metal and light; it’s a beacon of brilliance that transforms spaces into stories.

As the sun sets, and you turn on your TLA110550, remember that you’re not just lighting a room; you’re crafting an experience. Let Kosoom’s Custom Track Lights guide your journey into brilliance, embracing you with warmth, elegance, and a luminous touch that transcends the ordinary.


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