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Customized CRI80+ 12W Square LED Indoor Spotlights Adjustable Beam Angle 15°/24°/36°/45° 800LM STKMSA12-Kosoom


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Product Technical Specifications – STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

Product CodeSTKMSA12
Power (W)12W
Voltage (V)220-240V/100-277V
Beam Angle (°)15°/24°/36°/45°
CCT (K)2700/3000/3500/4000/5000K

Note: Each Product code can be customized, with options for CRI and Color.

Introducing Kosoom: Illuminating Excellence in Commercial Lighting

In the world of professional lighting solutions, there’s a name that stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality – Kosoom. Specializing in Commercial Lighting supply, Kosoom has carved a niche for itself by delivering cutting-edge lighting solutions that redefine spaces and create captivating ambiances. In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of Kosoom’s Custom LED Spotlights, a series of products that epitomize brilliance and sophistication.

Unveiling Custom LED Spotlights: Enlightening Spaces with Elegance

Amid the realm of lighting innovation, Custom LED Spotlights have emerged as the embodiment of sophistication and functionality. These luminaries go beyond the conventional, crafting a symphony of light that paints spaces with captivating radiance. Designed to transcend environments, from luxurious hotels to intimate retail settings, they are the quintessence of versatile illumination. Let’s explore how Custom LED Spotlights from Kosoom redefine lighting experiences across diverse domains.

Elevating Excellence: Introducing STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

Step into a world of radiance and precision with the STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights by Kosoom. At the heart of these luminaires lies a symphony of features that resonate with the most discerning minds. Picture a palette of adjustable CCT options, ranging from warm 2700K to crisp 5000K, effortlessly molding the ambiance to your desires. With 800 lumens illuminating every inch, these spotlights stand as beacons of brilliance.

Each STKMSA12 unit is a testament to customization, with beam angles of 15°, 24°, 36°, and 45° to tailor your lighting vision. Immerse spaces in captivating light while selecting the perfect CRI – whether it’s the vivid CRI 95 or the true-to-life CRI 83 – each choice is a brushstroke in crafting the perfect atmosphere. With a compact design measuring 77 x 77 x H100mm, these luminaires weave seamlessly into any setting. And let’s not forget the spectrum of customizable colors, from sleek black to pristine white, each detail meticulously designed to match your aesthetic aspirations. At its core, the STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights are a true embodiment of the Kosoom brand’s commitment to excellence.

The Epitome of Illumination: Embracing KOSOOM’s STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

Why opt for ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary? Enter the realm of KOSOOM’s STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights, where brilliance meets ingenuity. Let’s unravel the reasons behind this radiant choice:

Durability stands as its silent promise. Crafted with meticulous precision, these spotlights defy time, standing resolute against the wear of life. Safety takes center stage, ensuring peace of mind as light graces your spaces. The quest for excellence brings forth the pinnacle of light efficiency, with these spotlights outshining the competition.

Multi-functionality is their secret weapon, seamlessly adapting to diverse environments—be it a cozy nook or a grand space. Installation is a breeze, making illumination dreams a reality with ease. Brightness, oh the brightness—800 lumens of pure luminance, transforming mere spaces into captivating experiences.

But that’s not all. The STKMSA12 is merely the prelude to a symphony of lighting innovations. Prepare to explore KOSOOM’s LED Lighting Strips, weaving luminous tapestries of light.

Let’s bask in the glow of choice and elevate your surroundings with the brilliance that KOSOOM brings.

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Radiance Redefined: Unveiling the Advantages of STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

Behold the luminous revolution—STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights illuminate a path towards unparalleled brilliance. Let’s dive into the myriad advantages that make these spotlights shine like no other:

First, meet the high-luminance LED chips that transform spaces into vibrant realms. The radiance they emit isn’t just light; it’s an experience that awakens emotions. Uniform light distribution ensures every corner basks in the glow, eliminating shadows and enhancing ambiance.

Color Temperature, your artistic brush. With a spectrum spanning 2700K to 5000K, spaces adopt moods at your whim. And the Color Rendering Index (CRI)? It’s a masterpiece—an 83, 90, 95, or Thrive score that mirrors true colors. Plus, the palette isn’t fixed; customize it to match your vision.

Personalization reigns supreme. Tailor the light beam angle—15°, 24°, 36°, or 45°—to suit your aesthetics. And aesthetics don’t stop at light; pick from classic black, pristine white, or a hue that resonates with your style.

Surface-mounted, they exude modernity. The STKMSA12 embodies the core of KOSOOM’s commitment—transforming spaces through innovative design.

Oh, and maintenance? A breeze. Your investment is secured with a 5-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind while embracing brilliance.

A Covenant of Excellence: KOSOOM’s Assurance and Certifications

Quality and commitment converge in KOSOOM’s offerings, exemplified by the STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights. In a world where assurance matters, let’s explore the guarantees that accompany brilliance:

Certified for Excellence: The STKMSA12 proudly bears the CE and ROHS certifications, a testament to its adherence to the highest industry standards. These badges of honor signify not only compliance but also the dedication to delivering uncompromising quality.

A Pledge to Perfection: KOSOOM’s assurance extends beyond certifications. With a 5-year warranty, your investment is shielded, paving the way for years of radiant illumination.

As you welcome KOSOOM’s STKMSA12 into your spaces, rest assured that brilliance comes backed by the promise of excellence. With certifications as its armor, and warranty as its shield, the STKMSA12 stands as a beacon of reliability.

Guiding Brilliance: Installing STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

Embrace the art of illumination with the STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights—a canvas waiting for your touch. Let’s delve into the installation process, and unveil a few pearls of wisdom:

Installation Elegance: Mounting these luminaires is a breeze, thanks to their surface-mounted design. With precision engineering, each spotlight transforms spaces without the need for complex installations.

Steps to Brilliance: Begin by selecting your desired angle—15°, 24°, 36°, or 45°—to create the perfect beam of light. Secure the luminaire in place, ensuring a snug fit that exudes modernity and style.

Notes of Wisdom: Before embarking on your installation journey, a few reminders. Align your creative vision with the chosen beam angle for optimal effects. Ensure a sturdy mounting surface that welcomes the brilliance of the STKMSA12. And, always consult the installation manual, a treasure trove of insights that promises a flawless process.

With these guidelines, you’re ready to embrace brilliance through the STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights. Illuminate spaces with your vision, and let these luminaires cast a mesmerizing spell of light.

Elevating Spaces: The Choice of STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights from KOSOOM

Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary beckons? Enter the realm of KOSOOM’s STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights—a choice that transcends the mundane. Let’s explore the reasons behind this luminous decision:

Convenience in Customization: In a world where personalization reigns supreme, the STKMSA12 stands as a beacon. Choose your hues, sculpt your light’s angle, and dictate its CRI—tailoring brilliance to your aesthetics.

Competitive Brilliance: While others strive, the STKMSA12 shines. Its competitive price isn’t just a figure; it’s an embodiment of quality and affordability intertwined. Here, brilliance doesn’t come at a premium—it’s your right.

Service Beyond Light: Beyond the luminance, KOSOOM extends its embrace. Immerse in unparalleled after-sales service that values your experience. The full spectrum of options, from sizes to colors, empowers you to envision and realize your lighting dreams.

A Promise of Swiftness: Need brilliance on demand? With KOSOOM, swift delivery is a creed. As you opt for the STKMSA12, anticipate nothing less than a seamless journey from selection to installation.

As the STKMSA12 becomes an extension of your vision, remember: it’s not just about light; it’s about elevating every experience that takes place in its glow. And this, dear readers, is the promise of KOSOOM’s brilliance.

Nurturing Brilliance: Maintaining Your STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

Your journey with brilliance continues as we explore the care and attention your STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights deserve. Like any masterpiece, proper maintenance ensures enduring radiance:

Cleansing Rituals: The path to brilliance begins with cleanliness. Gently wipe the luminaire’s surface using a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Regular cleaning maintains its luminosity and preserves its aesthetic allure.

Scheduled Inspections: Just as an artist examines their canvas, inspect your spotlights periodically. Ensure that the luminaire remains secure in its mount, and confirm that the light’s angle aligns with your preferences.

Preserving the Glow: Protect your investment by avoiding harsh cleaning agents that might damage the luminaire’s surface. Gentle care paves the way for years of enchanting brilliance.

As you follow these steps, the STKMSA12 will continue to weave its magic in your spaces. It’s not just a luminaire; it’s a masterpiece deserving of your attention.

Brilliance Meets Value: The Price-Performance Analysis of STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

In the realm of illumination, brilliance isn’t just about radiance; it’s also about value. Let’s delve into the economic symphony of the STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights and unveil its exceptional price-performance equation:

Radiance Unleashed: At the heart of this analysis lies luminosity that defies boundaries. The STKMSA12 delivers high lumens per watt, translating to a brilliant performance that maximizes the value of each watt consumed.

Quality That Endures: Investing in brilliance also means investing in longevity. The STKMSA12’s exceptional durability ensures that its brilliance remains steadfast over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Lighting the Balance: When it comes to the STKMSA12, price and performance coexist harmoniously. Its competitive price tag aligns with its remarkable features, making it a sound investment that doesn’t compromise on quality.

In the equation of value, the STKMSA12 emerges as the ultimate balance of brilliance and affordability. It’s not just about light; it’s about brilliance that transcends expectations.

A Symphony of Brilliance: Choosing KOSOOM’s STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights

As our journey through brilliance comes to a close, let’s bask in the radiance of KOSOOM’s innovation. The STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights have woven a tapestry of light that invites you to embrace brilliance in its purest form.

In a world where illumination is more than just a glow, where spaces become canvases for artistic expression, KOSOOM stands as the guiding star. The STKMSA12 is more than a luminaire; it’s a promise—an embodiment of KOSOOM’s commitment to illuminating your world with elegance, style, and true brilliance.

So, dear readers, as you stand at the crossroads of choice, let your spaces resonate with the allure of STKMSA12 Custom LED Spotlights. Elevate your surroundings, transform your experiences, and step into a world where brilliance knows no bounds.

Choose brilliance. Choose KOSOOM.

And with that, our journey through the realms of luminosity and innovation concludes. It’s been my pleasure to be your guide on this radiant path.








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