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LED Light SL9261 Linear Lighting 40W High Power Comfortable Color Temperature Kosoom Lighting


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The SL9261 Linear Lighting will bring you an energy-efficient and versatile linear lighting solution. No more worries about dim environments, let the SL9261 be your bright choice to illuminate every corner. Let’s explore this stunning LED linear lighting product that will provide you with a silky-smooth lighting experience!

Brief Description of SL9261 Linear Lighting

Energy efficient and reliable

Energy efficient:

The SL9261 Linear Lighting uses advanced LED technology for superior energy efficiency. It produces brighter lighting with less energy consumption than conventional fluorescent or incandescent lamps, dramatically improving energy efficiency.

Its high luminous efficiency capability provides up to 160 lumens of light output per watt, enabling the SL9261 to save up to 70% of energy consumption compared to conventional lighting products. This not only helps to reduce energy bills but also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.


The SL9261 Linear Lighting offers outstanding reliability and ensures stable lighting results over time. It uses high-quality power drivers and electronic components with high circuit protection and stability, effectively preventing problems such as voltage fluctuations and current overload, thus extending the life of the luminaire.

In addition, the SL9261 has passed stringent quality certifications and tests such as CE, RoHS and FCC, ensuring that the product meets international safety standards and quality requirements. This means that users can choose the SL9261 without worrying about quality issues, increasing reliability and safety in use.

Long life span:

The SL9261 Linear Lighting offers the advantage of a long life span to provide consistent lighting results. With an LED light source that lasts over 50,000 hours, the SL9261 can be replaced less frequently than conventional luminaires, reducing maintenance costs and the inconvenience of luminaire replacement.

The reliability and durability of the SL9261 ensure efficient and consistent performance over a long period of time, providing users with a sustainable lighting solution.

Ultra-high power factor:

With a power factor above 0.9, the SL9261 Linear Lighting meets energy efficiency requirements. The power factor is an important indicator of the efficiency of a circuit’s energy use. A high power factor indicates higher energy use efficiency, reducing energy waste and improving energy efficiency.

The SL9261 Linear Lighting stands out in the lighting industry for its energy efficiency and reliability. By using advanced LED technology and quality electronic components, it is able to provide brighter lighting with less energy consumption and lower energy bills.

At the same time, the SL9261’s reliability and long life guarantee consistent lighting results and long-lasting use. Choose the SL9261 and you’ll enjoy a superior lighting experience with energy efficiency and reliability!

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SL9261 Linear Lighting Design & Materials

The SL9261 Linear Lighting not only excels in terms of functionality but its well-designed appearance and quality materials also make it the focus of attention in the lighting industry.

Luminaire design and appearance features

The luminaire design of the SL9261 combines modern aesthetics with functionality and is designed to provide excellent lighting effects and a pleasant visual experience.

  • Sleek appearance:

The SL9261 Linear Lighting luminaire is designed with a clean, elegant look and smooth lines. This simple yet sophisticated design style allows them to blend in with a variety of décor styles and environments, adding a stylish and modern touch to a scene, whether it is a commercial space or domestic lighting.

  • Comfortable light experience:

The SL9261 provides an even and soft lighting effect through the use of a high luminosity lens material and deep anti-glare plated reflector. The lens material effectively eliminates light glare and avoids eye discomfort, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable visual experience in your lighting environment.

  • Personalisation:

The SL9261 is available in a variety of colour options, including black, white and customisable colours. This allows the user to choose the most suitable luminaire colour for different scenarios and needs, creating a unique lighting atmosphere and meeting individual design requirements.

Luminaire lens materials and accessory features

SL9261 Linear Lighting uses advanced technology and carefully selected materials for luminaire lens materials and accessory features to provide a superior lighting effect and an easy installation experience.

  • High output lens material:

The SL9261 uses a high-luminosity lens material that allows light to be distributed more evenly over the illuminated area, providing a brighter, softer lighting effect. This high-quality lens material not only increases the efficiency of light utilisation but also reduces the energy loss of light, making the lighting more efficient.

  • Deep anti-glare plated reflector:

The SL9261’s deep anti-glare plated reflector design effectively reduces glare problems and ensures that the user enjoys a comfortable visual experience in the lighting environment. This design also avoids strong reflections of light, providing a more even illumination effect and a softer, more natural illumination.

  • Convenient installation accessories:

The SL9261 is equipped with a range of convenient mounting accessories to suit different installation needs. For example, the Suspension fitting allows for the suspension of the line light and the Track fitting is suitable for the installation of track lights. These accessories are robust and ensure a secure installation of the luminaire and offer flexible adjustment and mounting options.

Through careful design and material selection, SL9261 Linear Lighting demonstrates excellent craftsmanship and quality in appearance and materials. Its elegant appearance and high-quality materials make it a visual focal point in any environment, providing a comfortable lighting experience for the user.

After getting to know the design and materials of the SL9261 Linear Lighting, you are sure that you already have a good idea of its outstanding quality and functionality. Not only that, but its outstanding lighting effect and easy installation experience will increase your desire to buy it.

By choosing the SL9261, you will have an elegant, high-quality lighting solution that will bring more light and comfort to your life and work. Buy the SL9261 Linear Lighting today and light up your space for a superior lighting experience!

How to Install SL9261 Linear Lighting

The SL9261 Linear Lighting is simple and easy to install and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios and installation needs. Below you will find a detailed description of the installation procedure for the SL9261 so that you can easily experience its outstanding lighting effect.

1. Determine the installation method:

Depending on your space requirements and decorative style, choose the appropriate installation method, the SL9261 is available in both line and track lighting installation options.

2. Prepare the installation tools:

Make sure you have the following common tools: drill, screwdriver, pencil, spanner, etc. Depending on the installation method, you may also need appropriate mounting accessories, such as lifting accessories or track accessories.

4. Measure and mark the installation position:

Using a pencil and measuring tape, measure and mark the mounting positions according to the dimensions of the luminaire to ensure an accurate and neat installation.

Installing luminaires: Line light installation: Pre-drill holes in the ceiling according to the marked positions and fix the line light to the ceiling using screws and nuts. Ensure that the luminaire is securely mounted and smooth.

Track light installation: Install the track on the ceiling according to the marked position. After fixing the track, insert the track light into the track and rotate it to ensure the luminaire is firmly fixed to the track.

5. Connecting the power supply:

Match the luminaire’s power cable to the power connector and make sure the connection is secure. If required, consult a professional electrician for power connections.

6. Commissioning and testing:

Once the installation is complete, switch on the power supply and commission and test the SL9261 Linear Lighting. Make sure the luminaire is working properly and adjust the angle and brightness of the luminaire to achieve the desired lighting effect.

The installation of the SL9261 Linear Lighting is straightforward and easy to carry out, even for the untrained eye. You can follow the steps above or ask a professional lighting installer to help you achieve the best possible installation.

With the SL9261 Linear Lighting, you will enjoy a satisfying lighting experience thanks to its simple installation and excellent lighting results. Whether it’s home lighting, commercial lighting or industrial lighting, the SL9261 will give you an efficient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. Experience the superior quality of SL9261 Linear Lighting and fill your space with light and warmth today!

SL9261 Linear Lighting Application Scenarios

The SL9261 Linear Lighting is suitable for a wide range of applications, including domestic, commercial and industrial lighting. Whether it is to enhance the comfort of your home, create a commercial atmosphere or meet the lighting needs of an industrial environment, the SL9261 provides the ideal solution.

Suitability and advantages for home lighting:

Homes are places of warmth and comfort, and the SL9261 Linear Lighting provides excellent lighting for your home. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, kitchen or study, the SL9261 creates a comfortable and welcoming lighting atmosphere, allowing you and your family to spend quality time together in a bright environment.

The SL9261’s dimmable function enables you to adjust the light intensity to create a warm, soft ambience or a bright, blazing light, depending on the scene and your needs. In addition, the SL9261’s high luminous efficiency and energy-saving performance save you money on energy costs, making your home more environmentally friendly and affordable.

Suitability and effectiveness for commercial lighting scenarios:

The SL9261 is suitable for all types of commercial spaces, such as shopping malls, restaurants, offices and hotels. It creates a striking lighting effect for commercial spaces, attracting customers’ attention and enhancing brand image and shopping experience.

The SL9261’s connect ability and flexibility make it suitable for a variety of commercial lighting layouts. You can connect as many SL9261 luminaires as required to form a unified lighting system to meet the lighting needs of different spaces. Whether you want to create a bright display area or a comfortable dining environment, the SL9261 is the perfect lighting solution for commercial premises.

Benefits and effects for industrial lighting applications:

The SL9261 offers excellent application advantages in the field of industrial lighting. Whether it is a factory, warehouse, car park or production line, the SL9261 provides high-quality lighting for industrial environments, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

The high luminous efficacy and reliability of the SL9261 make it ideal for industrial locations. The high luminous efficacy ensures sufficient lighting intensity for a bright and clear work area and increased productivity. At the same time, the SL9261 is reliable and durable, enabling long and stable operation in harsh industrial environments, and reducing the frequency of maintenance and luminaire replacement.

The SL9261 Linear Lighting is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be tailored to provide lighting solutions for different needs. Whether you are looking to create a warm and welcoming home atmosphere, project a commercial image or provide high-quality industrial lighting, the SL9261 has the right solution for your needs. Choose the SL9261 and let lighting be the highlight of your space, bringing more comfort and success to your life, work and business!

About Kosoom

In the SL9261 Linear Lighting selection, as a KOSOOM brand, we offer you high-quality LED lights with our many years of lighting experience.

In the field of Commercial LED Lighting, we offer professional commercial LED lighting solutions to create a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and long-lasting lighting environment. We always focus on our customers’ needs and provide satisfactory Commercial Lighting supplies through continuous improvement and innovation. As experts in the field of lighting, we have the experience and solutions for a wide range of lighting problems to provide you with innovative Commercial LED Lighting Solutions. led lighting solutions from KOSOOM have been widely used in commercial lighting and have become the first choice in commercial lighting. To meet your increasingly stringent lighting needs, our commercial-led lighting fixtures excel in design and performance. By choosing the KOSOOM brand, you will experience efficient and reliable lighting products, and together we will create bright commercial spaces!


Q: What scenarios is the SL9261 Linear Lighting suitable for?

A: The SL9261 Linear Lighting is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial lighting scenarios, including domestic living spaces, shopping malls, offices, factories, warehouses, etc.

Q: Does the SL9261 Linear Lighting support dimming functions?

A: Yes, the SL9261 Linear Lighting supports a dimming function that allows you to adjust the light intensity as required to create the right lighting atmosphere for different scenarios.

Q: What is the installation procedure for the SL9261 Linear Lighting?

A: Installation of the SL9261 Linear Lighting is very simple. Depending on the type of installation (line light or track light), the installation position is determined and marked, then the luminaire is fixed to the ceiling or track using the appropriate tools, and finally, the power supply is connected for commissioning and testing.

Q: Is the colour temperature of the SL9261 Linear Lighting adjustable?

A: Yes, the SL9261 Linear Lighting supports an adjustable colour temperature function. You can select the right colour temperature from warm white to cool white to suit different environments and atmospheres as required.

Q: Is the quality of the SL9261 Linear Lighting guaranteed?

A: Yes, SL9261 Linear Lighting is certified by relevant approvals (e.g. CE, RoHS, FCC, etc.) and comes with a 5-year warranty. As a Kosoom brand product, it is characterised by high quality, reliability and longevity, providing you with a quality lighting solution.

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