KOSSM X Standard

The Standard store mainly provides customers with high-quality eyewear products, covering various types of eyeglasses. KOSOOM combines its simple and noble architectural decoration style to provide suitable lighting solutions for this purpose.




Project's Venue

Korea Gwangju, Gwangsan-gu, Heukseok-dong.

Store Name


Type of Lights Used

TRL003 Track Spotlight
STL002 Light Strip


Understanding customer needs and survey analysis

According to the communication with customers, we have understood the requirements of Standard, especially the requirements for outdoor and indoor lighting.


Light Planning

Based on the layout and display of the store, we will continue to optimize the lighting plan to ensure that the indoor and outdoor lighting effects are in line with the image and requirements of the store. Especially in the interior, we will use the combination of track spotlights + light strips to provide overall lighting for the store, and at the same time provide key lighting in different areas to enhance the attractiveness of the products.


Choose Lighting Fixtures

Combined with the customer's needs and light planning, we will recommend the use of suitable lighting equipment. For the outdoors, we will choose high-quality light strips to ensure uniform and soft light for the entire store entrance, making it particularly eye-catching on the street. Indoors, we will choose TRL003 series track spotlights and STL002 series light strips to meet the lighting needs of different areas.


Choose Color Temperature and Tint

According to the store's brand positioning and display requirements, we will adjust the color temperature and color reproduction index (CRI) of the lighting. In order to ensure that the appearance and color of the goods are accurately restored, we may choose lighting products with high CRI values. At the same time, in indoor lighting, we will choose the appropriate color temperature according to the functions of different areas to create a comfortable shopping environment.


Light Distribution

According to the display method and product characteristics of the optical shop, we will optimize the light distribution. Indoors, the TRL003 series track indoor spotlight will highlight the key products and meet the basic lighting needs of the store at the same time. The STL002 series light strips will provide accent lighting for showcases and advertising light boxes, enhancing the attractiveness of products. The light strips will also be used for ambient lighting in special parts of the building, creating a sense of spatial hierarchy with light and shadow changes.


Consider Display and Decoration

During the lighting planning and installation process, we will consider the influence of display and decorative elements. By reasonably arranging the position of lamps and light angles, matching them with display and decoration, highlighting the characteristics of products and enhancing the brand image.


Follow up and Maintenance

After the project is completed, we will follow up to ensure the normal operation of the lighting system and customer satisfaction. We will provide training to enable store teams to properly operate and maintain lighting equipment. At the same time, we will provide regular maintenance services to ensure the stability and long-term performance of the lighting system.

Final Introduction

Corresponding Products

TRL003\STL002 series

Advantages of Lighting Scheme

1、Create an advanced shopping atmosphere and create excitement!
2、High color rendering index and high color temperature lamps enhance the texture of products, stimulate the desire to buy, and increase the purchase rate!
3、Stable lamp temperature control makes the lamp life up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption, the longer the use time, the more obvious the energy saving effect! "

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