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We very much share your expectations and goals for lighting solutions. In order to perfectly present clothing fabrics, shapes and textures, we will design high-quality lighting solutions for you to ensure that each product can show its true charm under the best light.

We know the importance of a high-end shopping environment, so we will fully consider the integration of lighting design and interior decoration to create a unique, comfortable and elegant atmosphere, making your store a favorite shopping destination for customers.

Entrance area

The entrance area is a key place for clothing store image display and brand promotion, and it is also an important place that affects customers' first impression.

Lighting purpose

Lighting plays a vital role here, the purpose is to use bright lights to attract customers' attention and create a relaxed and pleasant shopping atmosphere. "

Light guide

To achieve this, we recommend using LED spotlights to build the base lighting. Such a design can create a unique shopping environment, highlight the brightness of the store's entrance, and make the entrance area more attractive.

Cashier area

You have a deep understanding of the importance of the cashier area. It is not only the core place for transactions and settlements, but also directly affects customers' shopping experience and service quality.

lighting purpose

Lighting also plays an important role in the cashier area. Its purpose is to ensure that the cashier and product confirmation work can be carried out stably and efficiently, while creating a comfortable atmosphere to make customers feel happy and convenient during the checkout process.

Lighting guide

In order to achieve this goal, we recommend using LED pendant lights, LED downlights or spotlights in the cashier area to provide sufficient work lighting to ensure that the light in the work area is uniform and bright, so as to ensure that employees can operate clearly and accurately during the transaction process.

In addition, we recommend LED strips for mood lighting. Through reasonable layout and adjustment of lighting color temperature, a comfortable and warm atmosphere can be created, so that customers can feel happy and relaxed when they check out. "

Exhibition area

We are very aware of the importance of the handbag display area. It is a key place for communication and interaction between handbags and customers, which directly affects the shopping experience and the display effect of handbags.

lighting purpose

Lighting plays a vital role in the handbag display area, the purpose of which is to fully display the fabrics, fit details and colors of the handbags, and to highlight promotional items to attract the eyes and interest of customers. "

Lighting guide

In order to achieve this goal, we recommend using LED track spotlights for accent lighting in the handbag display area. The rail spotlight has flexible irradiation angle and orientation, which can accurately illuminate the details of the handbag, allowing customers to better appreciate the characteristics of each handbag.

In addition, we recommend LED strips for mood lighting. Through a reasonable arrangement of light strips, a warm and comfortable atmosphere can be created for the handbag display area, and the shopping experience and interactive experience of customers can be enhanced. "


Nakajima plays a key role in clothing stores, being an important place for customers to learn about clothes and make shopping decisions. An effective Nakajima design and lighting layout directly affects the customer's shopping experience and perception of clothing.

lighting purpose

In order to effectively display products, it is also necessary to create a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience, attract customers, and enhance the brand image and sales effect of the store.

Lighting guide

In order to meet the lighting needs of the Nakashima area, we recommend using spotlights as the basic lighting. Spotlights feature a concentrated beam and adjustable beam angles to effectively illuminate an entire area. Through a well-designed lighting scheme, we will ensure that the Nakajima District becomes the highlight of your store, providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience while enhancing brand image and sales effectiveness.


The shopwindow is the display window of the store's brand image and product characteristics, which has a direct impact on the rate of customers entering the store.

lighting purpose

Lighting plays a vital role in shopwindow displays, with the aim of highlighting the garments in the shopwindow through bright lighting, while creating an impressive brand image that captures the interest of customers.

Lighting guide

To achieve this, we recommend recessed spotlights or track spotlights for accent lighting. Such a design can concentrate the light on the shopwindow model, highlight the texture of the clothing fabric, and make the clothing show the best effect.

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