DOUDOU provides customers with high-quality and trendy children's clothing, and KOSOOM combines its unique and trendy brand atmosphere to provide suitable lighting solutions.



Project's Venue

Viale Corsica, 23, 48015 Milano Marittima RA, Italy

Store Name


Type of Lights Used

CDL001-E Series Downlight

CSL004-A Series Downlight

STL002 Series Light Strip


Understand Needs

We will have in-depth communication with the management team of DouDou children's clothing store to understand their specific needs and expectations. We will learn more about the store area, business type, brand image and characteristics, as well as the requirements for lighting effects, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.


Design Lighting Scheme

Combined with the store decoration design of DouDou children's clothing store, we will provide a customized lighting scheme. In the clothing display area, we will continue to use light strips as accent lighting for the clothes to highlight the key points of the product display and show the texture of the clothes. With the light strip, we will choose the downlight with CRI (color rendering index) > Ra90 as the basic lighting to create a comfortable shopping impression and accurately restore the color and quality of the clothes.


Consider Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

We will give priority to high-efficiency LED lamps with CRI > Ra90 to reduce energy consumption and improve energy-saving efficiency. At the same time, we will consider the use of intelligent lighting control systems, such as dimmers or lamp sensors, to adjust the lighting brightness at different time periods or under different needs, so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection goals.


Plan Lighting Area

According to the layout of the store and the display of goods, we will reasonably divide the lighting of different areas to meet the lighting needs of different areas. For example, in the aisle area, use CDL001-E series led downlights with CRI > Ra90 to provide aisle lighting and increase the comfort of the space.


Consider Dimming and Control

We will consider suitable dimming and control methods for different areas and different time periods. Use CSL004-A series LED downlight with CRI > Ra90 in clothing display area and window, the brightness can be adjusted by dimmer to achieve better display effect and save energy cost.


Provide Samples and Renderings

After the design scheme is completed, we provide samples and renderings of the lighting scheme to DouDou children's clothing store, so that they can intuitively understand the actual effect.


Installment and Debugging

Once the plan is confirmed, we will arrange a professional installation team to install and debug the lighting equipment to ensure that everything is in normal operation.


Training and Maintenance

We will provide training on the use and maintenance of lighting equipment for the staff of DouDou children's clothing store, so as to ensure the normal operation and prolong life of the equipment. In addition, we will also provide long-term lighting equipment maintenance services to ensure the stability of the lighting system.

Final Introduction

Corresponding Products


Advantages of Lighting Scheme

1. Highlight the features of the product: use light strips as the key lighting for the clothing display area, and use CRI > Ra90 downlights as the basic lighting, which can accurately restore the color and quality of the clothes, highlight the key points of the product display, attract customers' attention, and enhance the shopping experience .

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: High-efficiency LED lamps with CRI > Ra90 are preferred. Cooperating with intelligent lighting control systems, such as dimmers or lamp sensors, the brightness of lighting can be flexibly adjusted to achieve energy saving and environmental protection goals, while reducing energy consumption and operating costs of stores. .

3. Customized service: According to the needs of DouDou children's clothing store, provide tailor-made lighting solutions, and display the effect through samples and renderings to create an excellent lighting environment for the store. Provide long-term lighting equipment maintenance services and staff training to ensure the stable operation and extended life of the lighting system, and bring customers a continuous high-quality shopping experience.

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