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We are committed to creating a comfortable and peaceful dining place. The unique lighting design carefully creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere, making every dish more attractive and delicious. We firmly believe that only by providing the highest quality dining experience to our valued customers can we achieve our purpose and mission. Therefore, when you step into this unique lighting space, you will feel a unique dining feast, bringing you an incomparable gourmet experience, which is intoxicating.

Entrance area

The entrance area is a key area for restaurant image display and brand promotion, which directly affects the first impression of customers.

Lighting purpose

Our aim is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the entrance area through lighting design, highlighting the characteristics and brand of the restaurant, and attracting customers to enter the store actively.

Lighting Guide

Basic lighting is just one of the highlights we bring to restaurants. By cleverly using LED spotlights, we created a unique lighting design for the restaurant's entrance area. These lights are not only simple lighting facilities, but also our secret weapon to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere and attract customers.

Our design team has carefully selected suitable LED spotlights, whose soft light is projected at the entrance, as if lighting up a warm lamp for every guest who comes. This kind of lighting is not only functional, but also a kind of emotional transmission, which can arouse the inner comfort and joy of customers in an instant.

Bar area

The bar area is an important place to provide drinks and order services, and it also directly affects the customer's dining experience and overall service quality.

lighting purpose

In order to ensure smooth ordering and checkout, and to allow customers to have a good dining experience in the bar area, we need to create a comfortable and bright atmosphere.

Lighting Guide

In the bar area, we needed to make sure there was enough light to allow customers to order food and staff to settle their bills. Therefore, it is wise to use bright and efficient LED pendant lights or LED downlights to ensure that the work area on the bar is bright and clear.

In order to create a comfortable and warm dining atmosphere, we can use soft LED light strips behind or around the bar. These light strips can be adjusted in color and brightness, allowing customers to feel a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxed mood while dining.

Reception area

The reception area is the welcome center of the restaurant, an important place for communication and exchanges between customers and service personnel, and a key area for shaping the image of the restaurant and providing high-quality services.

lighting purpose

We use lighting design to create a professional, warm and comfortable atmosphere, so that customers can feel a warm welcome when they enter the restaurant, and at the same time provide an efficient and convenient working environment for service personnel.

Lighting guide

In order to create a unique decoration and provide sufficient lighting in the reception area, we adopted the design of spotlights.

Spotlight lighting: In order to provide sufficient lighting intensity, we choose high-quality indoor spotlight as the main lighting fixtures. The spotlights can be flexibly installed on the ceiling or on the wall and illuminate the reception area, ensuring the entire area is bright and clear. We carefully adjusted the angle and scope of the spotlights to highlight the display area and brand identity at the front desk, and enhance the visual effect and brand image.

Dining area

A comfortable and quiet dining area can give customers a better dining experience, and high-quality lighting will also make the food look more attractive and taste more delicious.

We pay attention to highlighting the color and texture of food, while creating a warm atmosphere to provide you with an all-round dining experience.

lighting purpose

Focusing on highlighting the color and texture of food, while creating a warm atmosphere, it provides you with an all-round dining experience. "

Lighting Guide

To ensure proper lighting in the dining area, we recommend using LED pendant lights or spotlights for dining lighting. Such a design can provide sufficient and soft light, making customers feel comfortable and relaxed when dining.

For a more intimate atmosphere, we recommend mood lighting with table lamps, strip lights or wall sconces. The soft light of these lamps can create a warm and pleasant dining environment, so that you can feel the warmth of home while enjoying the food.


Toilets are vital facilities in restaurants, and we are committed to providing customers with a clean and comfortable environment to make the dining experience more perfect.

lighting purpose

The lighting design of restaurant bathrooms aims to provide clear and bright light to ensure that customers have sufficient visual comfort when using the bathroom, and it is also conducive to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the bathroom. In addition, we also hope to create a comfortable atmosphere through appropriate lighting, so that customers can feel our dedication to service quality.

Lighting guide

We choose energy-efficient LED lamps as the main lighting method for the bathroom. Install LED chandeliers or LED downlights on the ceiling or wall of the bathroom to ensure that the entire space is bright and uniform, without dark corners, and to improve the comfort and safety of customers using the bathroom.

In addition to the main lighting, we also used soft lamps in appropriate places to create a comfortable atmosphere. Choose LED light strips or wall lights to place around the mirror or near the sink to provide customers with soft ambient light and make them feel more comfortable when using the mirror and sink.

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