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KOSOOM x Decade Cafe

With the theme of terrazzo, Decade Cafe aims to provide customers with a comfortable and slow-living leisure space.



Project's Venue

Gostilna LIVADA, Hladnikova cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Store Name

Decade Cafe

Type of Lights Used

CDL001-S Series LED Downlight
CDL001-E Series Recessed Downlight
STL002 Series Light Strip


Requirements Collection and Analysis

Gain insight into their lighting expectations and needs by speaking with the Decade Cafe restaurant management team. Learn about the theme of their cozy and slow-living leisure space, as well as the specific requirements for mood lighting, table lighting, basic lighting and task lighting.


Environmental Assessment

Conduct a detailed environmental assessment of the interior space of the Decade Cafe restaurant. We pay special attention to the lighting needs of the entrance hall, rest table, and bar area to ensure that the lighting solution is coordinated with the theme of the overall space.


Optical Design

We adopted the STL002 series light strips as the solution for ambient lighting, and optimized the layout of the light strips to outline the shape of the space in the entrance hall and rest area, creating a soft visual effect. At the same time, custom-made high-resolution chandeliers are used for the dining table lighting, and the lampshade style and color temperature are ensured to match the terrazzo theme. In terms of basic lighting, white CDL001-S series downlights matching the architectural tone are used to provide bright basic lighting for the walkway area. For work lighting, use CDL001-E series recessed downlights for work lighting in the cashier area.


Energy Conservation and Sustainability

In order to meet energy saving and sustainability requirements, we use high-efficiency LED lamps, especially for STL002 strip lights and CDL001 series LED downlights, to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, combined with the intelligent lighting control system, the lighting brightness and color temperature are adjusted according to different meal times to minimize energy waste.


Installation and Maintenance

Through Kosoom's professional lighting installation team, ensure that the light fixture is installed correctly and the light direction and angle are accurate. After the installation is completed, provide detailed maintenance guidelines to ensure the long-term stable operation of the lighting system.


Testing and Debugging

After the installation is completed, a comprehensive test and commissioning is carried out to ensure that the lighting effect is as expected and meets the requirements of the restaurant management team and customers. Fix and optimize problems that may arise in a timely manner.


After-sales Service

Provide comprehensive after-sales service for Decade Cafe restaurant, including lamp warranty, maintenance and replacement. Regular inspections to ensure the good operation of the lighting system and to respond to any emergencies at any time.

Final Introduction

Corresponding Products

CDL001-S\CDL001-E\STL002 Series

Advantages of Lighting Scheme

1. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere: By adopting STL002 series light strips and customized high-resolution chandeliers, the scheme successfully creates a comfortable and slow-living leisure atmosphere, providing customers with a comfortable and pleasant dining experience.

2. High-efficiency and energy-saving design: The scheme combines energy-saving LED lamps and intelligent lighting control systems to optimize energy utilization, reduce energy waste, and prolong the life of lamps, providing sustainable lighting solutions for Decade Cafe restaurants.

3. Flexible optical design: The optical design in the scheme fully considers the lighting needs of different areas, including basic lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting, flexible light layout and dimming function, creating a variety of dining scenes and visuals for the restaurant experience.

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