Kosoom Service Policy Kosoom takes the sale of products as the premise and after-sales service satisfaction as the purpose, realizes the integrated online and offline inventory management, and takes the service tenet of “fast, professionals and quality”.

“Fast” online orders and offline quick orders. Customers can go directly to nearby stores to pick up and inspect the goods immediately, or arrange for express delivery of order products. Delivery within 48 hours if you are in Italy and 7 days if you are in Europe.

“Professionals” implements the synchronization of online project orders and design, and provides a complete one-stop shop design service, lighting design and dimming service for the purchase of lamps, ensuring that you get a satisfactory lighting design before starting construction, and if necessary A suitable electrician can be recommended to the customer for installation.

“Quality“; all lights come with a 3 or 5 year free quality warranty. If there is a problem with the lamp, fill in the documents in time, our company will arrange replacement immediately after receiving the documents, and promise to be responsible to the customer, and never make excuses to shirk. Timely feedback on problems and timely resolution.

Contact us for a free lighting design solution,we will arrange a professional designer to communicate with you.