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Direct shipping from Italy
Free shipping on orders over 99€
3-5 year warranty on all products
Shipping within 24/48 hours
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Free Lighting Solutions

As a commercial lighting expert, Kosoom is committed to providing customers with high-quality commercial lighting products and comprehensive free commercial lighting solutions. We understand the importance of commercial lighting in creating a comfortable working environment, improving production efficiency, saving energy and reducing emissions.

Our professional team will tailor commercial lighting solutions for you according to your needs and existing lighting conditions. This includes but is not limited to:

Lighting design: We will design the optimal lighting scheme according to the characteristics and usage of your commercial space to ensure uniform lighting distribution and appropriate illumination, and fully consider personnel comfort and visual effects.

Product recommendation: According to your commercial lighting needs, we will recommend the most suitable commercial lighting products for you. These products not only perform well in lighting effects, but also have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.

Energy-saving solution: We will help you optimize the lighting system, adopt advanced energy-saving technology and intelligent control system, reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and at the same time contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

Installation and maintenance: Our team will be responsible for the installation of commercial lighting and provide regular maintenance services to ensure the stable operation and long life of the lighting system.

We are very happy to provide you with commercial lighting solutions free of charge, so that your commercial space has high-quality lighting effects, improving the overall image and work efficiency. Please contact us to learn more about our products and services, looking forward to assisting you!


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