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35W LED Track Lights

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Explore Our Wide Selection of 35W LED Track Lights

Welcome to Kosoom, your premier destination for top-quality track Lights. As a leading provider of LED lighting solutions, we take pride in offering a diverse range of options for all your indoor lighting needs. Whether you require commercial lighting solutions for your store, exhibition hall, restaurant, shopping mall, or bar, our cutting-edge tracking lights are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Store lighting: For the lighting needs of the store, you can choose 35W LED track lights to illuminate the product display area and promotion area. LED lamps with dimming function and high color rendering index can provide suitable lighting effects.

Exhibition hall lighting: In order to highlight the beauty and details of the exhibits, 35W LED track lights can be used to adjust the lighting direction and angle. Through the combination of accent lighting and overall lighting, a good visual hierarchy and atmosphere are created.

Restaurant lighting: To create a comfortable and warm dining environment in the restaurant, you can use 35W LED track lights to illuminate the dining table area, combined with decorative lamps and chandeliers, and consider dimming and color temperature adjustment to create appropriate lighting effects.

Shopping mall lighting: Shopping malls need to provide overall lighting and highlight stores and merchandise. 35W LED track lights or high-power LED floodlights can be used for overall lighting, while using eye-catching lighting designs in main aisles and store entrances.

Bar Lighting: To create dynamic and attractive lighting for your bar, you can use 35W LED track lights or colored LED fixtures. Accent lighting and light effects such as color gradients, flashes, etc. can add ambience and appeal.

These are just some of the common commercial lighting solutions and specific selection and design should be determined based on each venue’s needs, style and budget. If you have more detailed questions or customization needs about your specific venue lighting needs, please contact us with more information so I can give more specific advice

Energy Efficiency of 35W LED Track Lights

35W LED track lights have lower energy consumption and longer life than traditional lighting products.

Energy consumption: 35W LED track light is a lighting product based on LED technology. LED has the characteristics of high efficiency. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting can produce the same or higher brightness with lower energy consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption of 35W LED track lights is relatively low, which can help reduce energy costs.

Lifespan: 35W LED track lights generally have a longer lifespan. LED lamps have high durability and stability, with average lifespan generally ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on the manufacturer and product quality. In comparison, traditional lighting products such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps typically have a shorter lifespan, requiring bulbs or tubes to be replaced more frequently.

It is worth noting that energy consumption and lifespan may be affected by other factors, such as the design quality of the luminaire, the usage environment and usage patterns. When using 35W LED track lights, reasonable use and maintenance can also further extend its life and improve energy efficiency.

Our kosoom 35W LED track lights are an energy-efficient and long-life lighting option, providing a long-lasting and efficient lighting solution for commercial premises.

Advantages of 35W LED track lights

High brightness: LED track lights usually use high-brightness LED chips, which can provide bright lighting effects. The power of 35 watts is enough to provide sufficient light and is suitable for places with high lighting requirements.

Energy-saving and efficient: kosoom’s LED track lights have high energy efficiency and can save a lot of energy compared to traditional lighting products. The high efficiency of LED technology means they can provide the same or better lighting effects at lower power.

Long life: LED track lights have a long life, usually reaching tens of thousands of hours. This means they don’t need to be replaced as frequently, reducing maintenance costs and hassles.

Color temperature and color selection: kosoom’s LED track lights usually provide a variety of color temperature options, such as warm white light, natural white light and cool white light, etc. You can choose the appropriate light color according to your needs. In addition, LEDs can also achieve diversification of colors. By adjusting the color and brightness of LEDs, various lighting effects can be created.

Environmental protection: LED track lights do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, and do not produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation during use. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED track lights have less negative impact on the environment.

Adjustability: kosoom’s LED track lights usually have adjustable angle and direction functions, and the lighting direction and range can be flexibly adjusted as needed. This makes it suitable for commercial venues, galleries, exhibitions and other scenes that require light positioning and lighting effect adjustment.

Compared with other LED lighting products, kosoom’s 35W LED track lights have the advantages of high brightness, energy saving and high efficiency, long life, adjustability and environmental protection. They are suitable for places that require high quality lighting and light positioning.

Angle function of kosoom’s LED track lights

Rotation angle: LED track lights can be rotated and adjusted in the horizontal direction. This means you can change the direction of the light fixture to focus the light on the area that needs illumination.

Tilt angle: LED track lights can also be tilted in the vertical direction. This means you can change the angle of the fixture to better suit your lighting needs at different heights and locations.

Track position adjustment: kosoom’s LED track lights are usually installed on the track, and the position of the track can be adjusted as needed. You can move the tracks and change the position and layout of the fixtures to meet specific lighting needs.

Lamp head steering: Some LED track lights also have a rotatable lamp head design, allowing you to rotate the lamp head in the direction of the track for more precise lighting positioning.

These options make LED track lights very flexible and versatile in commercial venues, galleries, exhibitions and other scenes that require light positioning and lighting effect adjustment. You can adjust the angle and direction of the LED track lights according to your specific needs to obtain the best lighting effect.

Installation and adjustment of kosoom 35w LED track light

Installation position adjustment: When installing LED track lights, you can choose a suitable location for installation, and use screws or fixtures to fix the track at the desired position.

By adjusting the installation position of the track, the overall layout and lighting range of the lamps can be changed.

Track Extension: If the length or position of the track needs to be adjusted, the track can be extended by adding or connecting additional track segments, depending on the design of the track.

This allows the position of the track lights to be changed to suit different lighting needs.

Track Connectors: Some LED track lighting systems offer special connectors or fittings that can be used to connect and adjust the position of the track. This allows track segments to be connected, separated or rotated to meet specific lighting layout requirements.

Correct installation of 35w LED track lights

Turn off the power supply: Before performing any installation or maintenance operations, ensure that the relevant power supply is turned off and the power supply is disconnected. This is to ensure safety and avoid electric shock or other accidents.

Determine the installation location: Choose an appropriate installation location, considering your lighting needs and track light layout. Make sure the installation location meets product requirements and provides the required lighting effects.

Install the track: Follow the instructions in the product manual and use the appropriate tools and fixtures to install the track. Make sure the track is firmly fixed in the installation location and meets safety requirements.

Connect the power supply: Connect the LED track light to the power supply according to the instructions in the product manual. Follow proper wire connection methods and make sure all connections are tight and secure.

Install lamps: Install LED lamps on the track according to the instructions in the product manual. Make sure the light fixture is correctly inserted into the track channel and securely fastened.

Adjust angle and direction: Adjust the angle and direction of the LED track light as needed to obtain the desired lighting effect. Depending on the product design, the fixture may need to be rotated or tilted.

Perform a test: Make sure all installations and connections are correct before applying power. Then reconnect the power supply and perform the necessary tests to ensure that the LED track lights are working properly.

Specific installation steps may vary depending on product design and requirements. In order to ensure the correct installation of LED track lights, kosoom strongly recommends referring to the specific installation instructions provided by the product. Please consult our professional staff at kosoom.