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why is only half of my led strip lights working kosoom Repair method

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The LED light bar that is not used for years is only half brightness,Do you know what are the reasons ? kosoom experts to tell you

  • The switch is damaged.

  • If the LED strip uses a physical switch to cut off both halves of the circuit, the switch may be faulty causing only one half to be energized. Check and replace the switch.
  • connector problems

  • LED strip through the connector to connect the two sections together, the connector of poor contact will make half of the loss of power. Check, repair or replace the connector.
  • broken wire.

  • broken power or signal wire of the LED strip, resulting in only half of the LED strip receiving power and lighting up. Use a multimeter to test the line and repair or replace.

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Possible causes of wire breakage are

  • Poor wire quality

  • Poor mechanical strength of the wire used, can not withstand the stress in normal use, resulting in fracture.
  • External force

  • The wire is subject to large external forces such as pulling, squeezing, etc., resulting in fracture.
  • Poor welding quality

  • Poor welding quality and strength between the line and components or joints, resulting in fracture during operation.
  • Waterproof failure

  • Waterproof LED light bar circuit due to the failure of waterproof measures, moisture or water into the insulation damage and short circuit, and eventually break.
  • Aging deterioration

  • The line is used for a long time, the material aging degradation leads to mechanical strength reduction, and finally break.

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To solve the line breakage method.

  • detect locating the location of the fracture.

  • Use the BUZZER function of the multimeter to move on the line to detect, when the buzzer sounds that is to find the location of the break.
  • Repair or replace the line

  • If the break is small, the broken line can be repaired by welding; if the break is serious, the line needs to be replaced with a new wire.
  • Check and reinforce the welding

  • Check the weld condition of the line and components and joints, and reinforce the weld to avoid the breakage caused by poor welding quality.
  • Increase the strength of the circuit

  • If it is caused by external force, you need to take measures to make the line stronger and avoid external force, either by replacing thicker wire or adding wire clips, etc.
  • Check and repair the waterproof system

  • If it is caused by waterproof problems, you need to repair the waterproof system of the LED strip and replace the broken line.
  • Consider replacing the wire with a new one

  • If the line is used for a long time, you can consider replacing all the aging lines with new wires to prevent the problem of aging breakage from happening again.
  • Controller failure.

  • If the LED strip uses a controller for lighting control, a malfunction in the output port of the controller will cause only half of the LED strip to light up. Check and replace the controller.
  • LED bad light problem.

  • half of the LED strip using the LED lamp beads failure, can not light up, which will cause the half is not light. Check the light, and replace the bad light.
  • circuit board failure,

  • LED strip circuit board failure such as short circuit, broken circuit will lead to half of the circuit can not work, which is also half of the reasons for not bright. Repair or replace the circuit board.
  • zoning power supply.

  • Some LED strip in order to facilitate control, will be divided into several partitions, each partition is driven by a power supply, if one of the partition of the power supply problems, the partition of the LED will not light. Check the power supply of each partition and repair or replace.

In summary, the LED strip is only half bright usually with its power supply, controller, circuitry, etc. There are some problems related to. Need to carry out specific testing and analysis of the LED strip, to identify the cause of the failure and repair or replace the corresponding components, in order to achieve the effect of all light up.

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