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Why Does The Lights In My House Flicker Kosoom Experts Guide

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The lighting industry is an integral part of our lives, but safety is our most important concern. As experts in safe design for the kosoom lighting industry, we are committed to providing our customers with lighting solutions that meet the highest safety standards. Whether you are looking for a home, commercial or industrial lighting solution, we can provide you with expert design and consulting services to ensure your lighting system is safe, efficient and reliable. Let us take care of your lighting needs and create a more comfortable, safer environment!”

The causes of your home lamps and lanterns flicker can usually be grouped into the following categories.shopily73ef358a 0a9d 4eb1 a6b5 68634c59d87e 1024x1024

According to the frequency, time and range of flickering lamps and lanterns can determine the type of problem.

  • frequent and wide range, mostly for the power supply system problems, check the power supply, if necessary, the use of voltage regulators.
  • infrequent but long time, may be local circuit or equipment failure, check the circuit and lamps, repair or replace.
  • occasional short time, may be affected by other equipment, if only occasional without treatment, frequent, check the circuit overload.
  • appear in humid places or seasons, the high possibility of environmental humidity problems, deal with the source of humidity and check the equipment.

For household power supply system, voltage fluctuation and local circuit failure are more common causes of flickering lamps. It is recommended to regularly check the power supply system and equipment, and perform necessary maintenance, repair or replacement to ensure proper operation. The use of voltage regulators, when necessary, can also improve the quality of electricity and reduce the occurrence of faults.

Humidity or water infiltration can have a serious impact on home electrical systems and cause equipment such as lamps to malfunction, producing flicker and other abnormal work. This is the need to pay great attention to and quickly solve the problem.shopily4594e091 b602 4355 a967 6430239343b5 1024x1024

Humid environment leads to the main effects and failures are.

  • leakage and short circuit.

  • Water can lead to leakage or short circuit between wires, switches and electrical equipment, resulting in malfunctions and voltage instability, causing the lamps to flicker.
  • grounding failure

  • Water can provide a low-resistance path for the current grounding, damage to the normal working circuit of electrical equipment, resulting in failure.
  • rust and corrosion.

  • Excessive moisture will accelerate the line and equipment rust and corrosion, damage its electrical conductivity and insulation, resulting in a variety of faults.
  • insulation damage.

  • Humidity can damage the insulation and isolation of wires and equipment, resulting in damaged insulation, causing leakage, short circuit and other faults.
  • Line aging.

  • Excessive wet environment will accelerate the aging of lines and equipment, resulting in a decline in its performance, resulting in a variety of failures and become dangerous.2 9c78dc21 2069 40a2 bd6c 8db40a11784d 1024x1024

The impact of moisture, the following measures should be taken immediately.

  1. find and repair the source of water seepage, disconnect the power supply, to exclude the risk of leakage and short circuit.
  2. check all wiring and electrical equipment in the damp area, and repair or replace any problems.
  3. deal with damaged isolation and insulation, and replace if necessary to ensure safety.
  4. Strengthen moisture prevention and maintenance, improve environmental ventilation and humidity permeability to avoid recurrence.
  5. Re-arrange or modify wiring in special cases to ensure electrical safety.

For the occurrence of moisture-induced lamp failure or flicker, in addition to the above emergency measures, but also need to carry out a systematic and comprehensive inspection, especially in the following areas.

  • power supply lines.

  • Check the entire power supply system wires, including power supply lines, sublines, switch lines, etc., found broken, rusted, damaged insulation and other issues, repair or replace.
  • Wiring terminals.

  • The joints and terminals between the lines are easily affected by moisture, leakage and poor contact, need to be fully inspected and repaired.
  • switches and sockets.

  • Near the water area switches and sockets are more likely to be damaged, resulting in short circuit and ground fault, need to check and replace.
  • grounding wire. Confirm that the grounding lines are intact and effectively grounded, no leakage or short circuit. Otherwise, it will endanger the safety of electricity.
  • transformer.shopily34dacf78 6b11 4bdd 8acd 871b828aba85 1024x1024

  • If there is a transformer, also need to check whether the impact of moisture, there is insulation damage and leakage problems, repair or replace if necessary.
  • inside the luminaire.

  • All lamps and lanterns used near the water area should be removed for internal inspection to confirm that there is no flooding or short circuit. If necessary, clean, dry, repair or replace.
  • floors and walls.

  • Check and repair all floor and wall water seepage points, to avoid water intrusion again, resulting in electrical failure.
  • Ventilation and moisture control.

  • Check the ventilation system to enhance ventilation and moisture permeability. Check the moisture-proof facilities, such as waterproofing and joints, to ensure that they are intact and fully functional.

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