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why do led lights hurt my eyes kosoom Humanity Lighting Safety

  • KOSOOM will use our expertise and experience to find the root cause of the problem of LED lighting that may cause eye stinging or discomfort, and propose the most effective solution.
  • LED lights may make the eyes feel stinging or uncomfortable, mainly for the following reasons.
  • the light is too strong.

  • If the LED light is too bright, it produces too much light, which can make the eyes feel stinging or fatigue. This can be reduced by adjusting the brightness of the LED lights or increase the distance from the LED to relieve.
  • As an efficient point light source, one of the biggest advantages of LED is that it can produce very high brightness. However, if the brightness of the LED luminaire is set too high, or the user is too close to the light source, receives more than the amount of light that the eyes can comfortably accept, it will increase eye fatigue and discomfort.
  • The simplest and most direct way to solve this problem is to reduce the brightness of LED lamps and lanterns. According to lighting standards, the recommended brightness value of general lighting in the room is 200 to 500lux, if the brightness of LED lamps and lanterns far beyond this range, we can directly reduce its power or reduce the voltage to reduce its light output.
  • Another method is to increase the distance with the LED light source. According to the law of exponential decline, each double the distance, the light intensity will drop four times. So increase the distance with LED lamps and lanterns, can also effectively reduce the amount of light received by the eyes, to alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive light.
  • In addition, we can also.

  • 1. choose a larger light-emitting angle of the LED, so that its light is more spread out.
  • 2. the use of LED grating or light expansion of a larger lampshade, increasing the light scattering angle.
  • 3. Choose a warmer color temperature and less blue light content of the LED, its light is softer, the eye is more acceptable.
  • 4. The use of adjustable brightness LED drive power, users can adjust the brightness of the light according to their own needs.
  • 2.Excessive blue light.

  • Some LEDs produce high blue light content, excessive blue light will increase eye fatigue and visual fatigue, causing eye discomfort. You can choose a warmer color temperature, less blue light content of LED lamps and lanterns.shopily0a16fa0a 4e1f 4cd5 8648 b7173a889c7b 1024x1024
  • strobe.

  • If the LED light source strobe problem, its fast-changing light will increase eye fatigue, resulting in eye stinging. This needs to check the quality of the driver circuit and power supply, to solve the problem of strobe.
  • The main causes of LED strobe are.

  • 1. LED driver circuit design problems. If the driver circuit is poorly designed, can not provide a completely continuous and stable drive current for the LED, will lead to LED light output strobe. This needs to check and optimize the design of the driver circuit.
  • 2. Power quality problems. If the LED power supply used by the existence of large voltage fluctuations or ripple, will also lead to the LED light output strobe. This requires the selection and use of higher stability of the power supply.49 1024x1024
  • 3. the LED itself characteristics. Some low quality or degradation of the LED, its pn junction and light-emitting semiconductor material characteristics may have problems, can not produce a completely continuous light output, which is also one of the reasons for strobe. Need to use high quality and high stabilit LED.
  • 4. polarity errors or welding quality problems. If the polarity of the LED and the driver circuit connection is reversed or there is a welding quality problem, can also increase the occurrence of stroboscopic situations.
  • To completely solve the problem of strobe LED light source, you need to check and improve from the above aspects. kosoom brand track lights will choose high quality and stable LED and drive power supply, and the drive circuit is carefully designed to ensure that the LED provides a continuous and smooth drive current, so that the LED can produce a completely stable light output.
  • spectral discontinuity.

  • Some low-quality LED light source, its spectrum may have a break or crest, the specific wavelength of light is too strong, which will also increase visual fatigue and eye sting. Select the spectrum of continuous smooth high-quality LED can solve this problem.shopilyd42c0e8b0782b5aefa175aa1d953262 1024x1024
  • stray light is too strong.

  • LED light source outside the scattered light or diffuse light is too strong, which can also increase the eyes of the thief pain. This needs to check and improve the LED lamp lens, lampshade, etc. to collect light, block stray light.
  • personal reasons.

  • Personal vision or eye condition will also affect the adaptation to LED lighting and eye comfort. For example, astigmatism is more unadapted to point light source, the eyes of the elderly more difficult to adapt to blue light, etc.. This requires the selection and use of LED lighting according to personal circumstances.shopily57bf04d96b56b63137a4254ea863356 1024x1024
  • In summary, the choice of color temperature and brightness appropriate high-quality LED light source, reasonable use and avoid too long direct exposure to bright light, LED lighting can effectively reduce eye sting and discomfort caused by. We also welcome you to provide more detailed use of the environment and personal vision, kosoom can provide more targeted advice, select and recommend the most appropriate products.We have many years of experience in the safety aspects of led track lighting

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