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why are my lights flickering in my house kosoom lights fickering guide

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For home electrical systems, fluctuations in supply voltage and malfunctioning local circuits or equipment are the more common causes of flickering lamps. It is recommended to regularly check the power lines and related equipment inside the house, and repair or replace them in time to ensure a safe and reliable electricity environment.
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Refrigerator and other high-power appliances will start instantly on the household power supply system will have a greater impact on the load, resulting in a short period of time flickering lamps, which is a normal phenomenon.

  • The main reasons are

  • start instantaneous current surge

  • When the high-powered equipment starts, it will generate a large current for a short time, more than several times the normal working current, which will produce greater pressure on the power supply system, resulting in a short drop in the overall voltage. Lamps affected by this, resulting in changes in working voltage, a short period of flicker.
  • circuit load exceeds the limit

  • If the refrigerator and lamps and lanterns connected to the same power supply circuit, the power of the refrigerator at the moment of starting may make the circuit load exceed the rated capacity for a short time, which will also cause the voltage drop and lamps and lanterns flicker. This means that the capacity of the circuit does not match the actual power-using equipment and needs to be checked and modified.
  • local distribution transformer overload

  • For the power supply system with independent transformers, if the transformer capacity can not meet the power demand at the moment of start-up, there will also be more obvious voltage fluctuations and affect all the power equipment connected to the system, resulting in flickering lamps. The capacity of the distribution transformer needs to be checked and replaced.shopily0cc3e828 f0ab 44dd abbf 328168f21d18 1024x1024
  • For the above situation, the solution is mainly.

  • 1. this is a normal phenomenon, no need to deal with. The short time flicker caused by the change of current at the moment of starting is negligible. 2.
  • 2. Check the power supply circuit and increase the number of circuits or capacity if necessary to ensure the stability of different power-using devices. This requires an electrician, so please contact a professional.
  • 3. If the distribution transformer is overloaded, replace the transformer or upgrade the capacity to ensure that the maximum household electrical load is met. This also needs to be done by a professional.
  • 4. can also consider the installation of voltage regulators, the supply voltage filtering regulation, to improve the quality of power, to suppress the impact of high-power equipment start on the lamps. This is a more convenient way to deal with the program.

Refrigerators and other high-powered equipment start a short period of time to affect the work of lamps is normal, usually do not need to deal with. However, if it is frequent or serious enough to affect your life, it is recommended to check and optimize your home electrical system, or install voltage stabilization equipment to improve power quality and improve this effect.shopily1c391787 58a8 48b1 9ea6 c7edd71045f2 1024x1024

The phosphor used in the luminaire will also have an impact on its performance, resulting in flickering or other abnormal work. The main reasons are.

  • phosphor aging

  • Phosphor after a long time, its luminous material will gradually decay, luminous efficiency is reduced, can not produce enough light, resulting in flickering lamps or brightness decline. Need to replace the new phosphor or lamp.
  • phosphor moisture

  • If the interior of the lamp or lamp storage environment is humid, the phosphor will absorb moisture, its chemical properties and luminous efficiency will change, can not work properly, resulting in flicker or not bright phenomenon. Need to replace the phosphor and stored in a dry environment.
  • Lamp distortion

  • Long working hours of fluorescent tubes, especially cheap products, easy to produce glass distortion or distortion, affecting the phosphor in the lamp luminescence, uneven brightness, flicker and other failures. Need to replace the new lamp.
  • The coating inside the lamp comes off

  • Fluorescent tubes are coated with phosphor luminescence required coating, after prolonged use may partially fall off, affecting the luminous effect and uniformity, resulting in light spots and flicker. Need to replace the lamp. 5.
  • fluorescent lamp flicker failure

  • Fluorescent lamps need to flicker to provide high-frequency ignition voltage, if the flicker failure, can not provide a stable ignition voltage, will directly lead to the flickering light of fluorescent lamps. Need to repair or replace the flicker of fluorescent lamps.02 2fc6bb63 e4f9 4946 a4d3 154a1a71ee71 1024x1024

For fluorescent lamps, phosphor and lamp aging or damage is a more common cause of failure. Especially in high humidity environments, these failures are more likely to occur and intensify. It is recommended to regularly check the use of fluorescent lamps, if there is frequent or serious light flicker, you should first check the lamp and phosphor, if necessary, to replace, to ensure the normal work of the lamp and the use of safety.

This is a more comprehensive and practical article on the issue of flickering household lamps. We also recommend that homeowners regularly check their home’s electrical system and environment to ensure a safe and reliable power supply. If you have any questions about kosoom, we are always happy to consult with you on various track lighting solutions.

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