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why are led lights better for the environment KOSOOM TOP GUIDE


In the 1960s, scientists used the principle of semiconductor PN junction light, developed into a LED light-emitting diode. At that time the development of LED, the material used is GaASP, its light-emitting color is red. After nearly 30 years of development, we are very familiar with the LED, has been able to issue red, orange, yellow, green, blue and other colors of light. However, white LEDs for lighting have only been developed since 2000, and here we introduce to the reader about Why are led lights better for the environment.

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  • Long life.

  • High-quality LED lamps can reach 25,000-100,000 hours of life, far more than other lamps. Longer life means less waste of resources and waste generation.
  • no harmful substances

  • LED lights do not contain mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful metal elements, more environmentally safe. While incandescent and fluorescent lamps contain small amounts of mercury vapor.
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  • waste reduction.

  • long service life of LED lights, can reduce the number of replacements and the number of used lamps. Especially the LED and electronic drive integrated in one, the entire replacement, can significantly reduce the waste of electronic components and processing difficulties.
  • recyclable

  • the LED lamp itself can be recycled, the pieces can be reprocessed into other products. the LED driver power supply is also high value recyclable, more environmentally friendly than ordinary lamps.
  • The main aspects of LED lamps and lanterns that can be recycled are.

  • LED energy-saving lamp beads.

  • LED lamp beads still have a certain luminous effect at the end of their life, and can be reused to produce less demanding products. Even if completely retired, the metal is also recyclable and valuable material.
  • electronic drive circuit:

  • LED driver circuit transformers, capacitors and printed circuit boards contain high-value metals such as copper, which can be recycled.
  • heat sink components.

  • LED lamps in the heat sink and heat pipe is usually made of aluminum, a high-value recycling materials.shopilyc1d7aff2 d12f 44d7 acad 110b2739d529 1024x1024
  • housing and translucent cover.

  • LED lamp housing and translucent cover can be recycled to make new products or other LED lamps.
  • packaging materials.

  • LED lamps in the transportation and sales process of packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags can also be recycled.

In contrast, incandescent and fluorescent lamps at the end of life is difficult to recycle, glass and mercury and other substances will produce a certain amount of environmental pollution, can only be disposed of in landfills. LED lights can be recycled utilize the performance of the lamp, which is conducive to more complete use of limited resources, reduce resource waste and environmental pollution, which also makes it a more environmentally friendly lighting products.kosoom as an expert in the lighting industry has been advocating the office led lights solution

  • thermal pollution is small.

  • LED lights when the heat is much smaller than other lamps and lanterns, can reduce the thermal pollution of the environment, especially in the confined space is more important when used.
  • reduce packaging materials.

  • long life of LED lights, reduce the number of replacements, also means reducing the consumption of packaging materials for new lamps and lanterns.

The main advantages of the long service life of LED lamps and lanterns are.

  • reduce the number of replacements.

  • long service life of LED lights, can significantly reduce the number of replacements, reducing the need for new lights and old lights scrap disposal, more environmentally friendly.
  •  convenient continuous lighting.

  • long service life of LED lights, suitable for those who are difficult to replace the lighting place, can be long-term stable lighting, will not be replaced frequently.
  • reduce costs.

  • Although the initial cost of LED lights, but due to the number of replacements, from a long-term perspective, LED lights can save more energy and maintenance costs, the economic benefits are higher. 6.
  •  increase reliability

  • LED lights have a long service life and a good match with the driver circuit, making it a highly reliable light source, can work steadily for a long time.

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At lastly In short, LED lights are energy efficient, long life, no harmful substances, produce less waste and pollution, etc., making it a more environmentally friendly source of light, contributing to sustainable development and building a green society. By using LED lamps, everyone can contribute to the environment. This is one of the important reasons for the government and enterprises to promote the use of LED.

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