What to look for when buying track lighting

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One of the most popular LED products on the market today is the LED track light. This product, like the rest of the LED range, is not just a lighting technology product, but one of the speciality lighting products. It is a combination of lighting and decoration to enhance the aesthetics of different spaces. We invite our customers to learn more about this product with Kosoom!

About the LED track light structure composition

  • Lamp source: The power supply is more than 90% efficient, helping to maximise cost savings compared to LED spotlights using older halogen technology.
  • LED chip: The LED chip is manufactured on a modern and prestigious production line. The interior design creates deep spaces and allows a high concentration of light for optimum lighting function.
  • Heat sink: Good heat dissipation design with deep slots in aluminium reduces the electrical cost of the heat sink and helps to increase the luminaire’s lighting time to 30,000 hours.
  • Housing: The housing is made of aluminium and is therefore very durable and able to withstand strong shocks during transport or installation. The external powder coating is safe for the user and protects the lamp from oxidation which can affect the life of the lamp.
  • LED surface: the use of an optical lens creates the highest efficiency of illumination.

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Features of the LED track light

  • Projection angle: The projection angle is available in 24° 36° 55°. The choice is the perfect projection angle for illumination, focusing the light on the object being projected for easy visibility and attention by the customer.
  • Swivel joint: the smartest design of the product, rotating 90° vertically and 350° horizontally to easily move and navigate the light in the most flexible way to meet the needs of the user.
  • Track: a product that supports the installation of LED track lights. Designed with an aluminium housing and powder coated electrical insulation for safety. The product is designed in 3 sizes of 1m, 2m and 3m and can be easily shaped and assembled to suit the user’s needs. It is this flexibility that makes LED track lighting so popular in commercial applications.
  • Good heat dissipation: the aluminium housing construction dissipates heat well and the exterior is safety powder coated to provide safety for the user. In addition, it features an intelligent air convection design which helps to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation and makes the luminaire more durable. In addition, the aluminium material is quite light and therefore easy to install and safe to maintain.
  • COB chips: With high luminous characteristics, this product line uses only COB LED chips and does not combine SMD and COB chips as other product codes do. As a result, the projection has a very high colour rendering index (CRI > 80+), which makes the colour of the projection appealing to the eye at the most beautiful and realistic angle.

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Things to consider when buying track lighting

1、Colour temperature selection

3000K (yellow): decorative LED track lighting for cafes, restaurants, kitchens, traditional and classic dining rooms …… creates a cosy space.

4000K (neutral): gift shops, furniture shops, showrooms …… more luxurious, more artistic

6500K (white): suitable for silver jewellery shops, clothing shops ……

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2、CRI options

Ra>80: suitable for general establishments, department stores, etc

Ra>80: suitable for high-end establishments, clothing shops, galleries, museums, etc

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3、Power options

Under 2m: as a space with low ceilings, use a small capacity spotlight, 10W or less.

2m-3m: choose the most suitable power of 12W-20W.

Above 3m: (ceiling space is higher), it is recommended to choose 20-50W high capacity LED spotlight models to ensure the illumination and brightness of the decoration.

4、Installation distance

The installation distance is also one of the most important factors to ensure a reasonable arrangement of the space, creating a focus for the products and objects that need to be illuminated.

30-50cm is a suitable distance for large spaces.

50-70cm is the most suitable distance from the spotlight to the projected object.
Therefore, using a 1m rail, 2 to 4 spotlights can be installed, depending on the capacity and space.

Applications of LED spotlights

In addition to their primary use as illuminating rooms, LED spotlights can also be used as decorative objects to add beauty to other spaces, in addition to being used as lighting devices.

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The greatest advantage of the product in lighting is that the light emitted is focused on a single point, allowing the irradiated object to be distinguished from surrounding objects, so led spotlights are often chosen for lighting in galleries, jewellery shops, clothing shops etc. …… The purpose of this piece is to highlight aesthetic artworks by focusing the light on one object.

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