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What is the difference between brightfield and widefield?

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When we talk about LED lighting technology, brightfield and widefield lighting are two crucial concepts, which directly affect the quality and applicability of lighting. As Kosoom’s Sales Manager, I am happy to introduce you to the key differences between these two lighting methods and their role in different applications. We understand that in different industries and scenarios, the right lighting choice can make a huge difference, so we are committed to providing you with the best LED lighting solutions. In this article, we’ll dive into the characteristics of brightfield and square lighting to help you better understand their uses, whether you’re working under a microscope, doing a brand presentation, or need superior lighting on stage.

bright field illumination

Bright field lighting, as a precision lighting technology, plays a vital role in applications in many fields. The core concept of this lighting method involves using background light sources to highlight and emphasize the foreground of the object to be viewed through its reflective or transmissive properties. In brightfield lighting, the background light used is usually carefully controlled to ensure that its brightness level is lower than the foreground light, resulting in a clear and bright foreground contrast. The generation of this contrast is one of the core features of bright-field illumination, as it enables observers to more easily identify and analyze samples.

Bright field illumination technology is unique in its high degree of controllability and precision. It is widely used in fields that require detailed visual observation and analysis, such as biomedical microscopy, medical imaging, laboratory research, and materials science. In these fields, bright-field illumination allows researchers to observe and record microscopic targets such as tiny structures, biological cells, and microorganisms at high resolution. This increase in clarity and contrast is critical for proper data collection and accurate analysis.

In addition to traditional application fields, bright field lighting is also widely used in modern art and display fields, such as Gallery Track Lighting. It is widely used in museums, galleries and exhibition spaces to highlight and highlight the details of artworks, artifacts and exhibits while creating an engaging visual environment for viewers. In this environment, the high degree of controllability and light uniformity of brightfield lighting is crucial to maintaining the original appearance of the artwork and capturing the viewer’s eye.

At Kosoom, we deeply understand the importance of bright field lighting and provide customers with high-quality LED lighting products to meet the needs of various application scenarios, including traditional fields such as science and medicine, as well as modern art and cultural display fields. Our products are designed to provide superior bright field illumination to ensure optimal display and analysis of target objects in different industries. Whether you are engaged in scientific research, the medical field or the creative industry, Kosoom’s LED lighting solutions will be a key factor in your success, helping you achieve an excellent visual experience.

Square lighting

When we talk about lighting technology, widefield lighting is a vital method that plays a key role in different applications. Square lighting is a lighting technology whose core idea is to provide uniform lighting in a large area to ensure that the entire area can be properly illuminated, not just a specific target. This uniform lighting effect is useful in a variety of scenarios as it helps improve visibility, create a comfortable environment, and facilitate the efficient conduct of various activities.

The characteristics of square lighting are not only reflected in its lighting range, but also in its wide applicability. This lighting method usually uses large luminaires, panel lights or linear light sources to cover a wider area. This uniform and comprehensive lighting effect makes square lighting widely used in many fields, especially in situations where large-area lighting is required. Here are some of the key features and application areas of plaza lighting:

  1. Uniformity of lighting effect: Square lighting ensures uniform lighting distribution throughout the area, avoiding strong shadows and uneven brightness, thereby providing a more comfortable environment.
  2. Indoor lighting: In indoor places, such as offices, shops, conference rooms and schools, square lighting is often used to ensure that the entire area is properly illuminated to improve work efficiency and comfort.
    Indoor lighting is an important application field of square lighting technology, especially in office environments, where it plays a vital role. Square lighting, especially in offices, is often combined with Office Track Lighting solutions to ensure that the entire office space is properly illuminated, thereby increasing productivity and employee comfort.

Office Track Lighting is a modern lighting solution that typically includes adjustable track fixtures that can be positioned and adjusted to fit the office layout and needs. This adjustability allows lighting in the office to be optimized for specific tasks, times of day and personal preferences. For example, employees can adjust the angle and brightness of track lighting to focus more light on the work area and improve work efficiency. At the same time, office track lighting can also be used to create a pleasant working environment and improve employee comfort and productivity.

This combination of office track lighting and square lighting ensures that the entire office is evenly illuminated, reducing shadows and insufficient lighting. It also helps reduce glare and increase the brightness of the workspace, creating a work-friendly environment.

At Kosoom, we understand the criticality of office lighting, so we offer high-quality LED lighting products, including office track lighting, to meet the requirements of different office layouts and needs. Our products not only provide high adjustability, but are also highly energy efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, thus providing the best lighting solution for office environments. We believe that by providing superior office lighting, we can help improve productivity and employee comfort, thereby creating a more pleasant work environment for our clients.

  1. Commercial and retail areas: Commercial displays and retail stores need to attract customers’ attention. Square lighting can be used to highlight products and merchandise and increase their attractiveness.
    The commercial and retail sector is a key application area for square lighting technology, especially in commercial displays and retail stores. Square lighting, combined with advanced lighting equipment such as Supermarket Downlights (supermarket spotlights), plays a key role in attracting customers’ eyes and highlighting products and merchandise, thereby increasing their attractiveness and visibility.

In commercial display environments, square lighting has a wide range of uses. It can be used to ensure that the entire display area is evenly illuminated to showcase product details and features. Additionally, lighting fixtures such as Supermarket Downlights can be used to illuminate specific products or specific sections in a targeted manner to make them stand out. This adjustability and precision help create eye-catching display areas that increase customer interest and desire to purchase.

Especially in retail stores, Supermarket Downlights are a very suitable solution as they can be used to illuminate items on the shelves, improving their visibility while reducing energy waste. This type of lighting helps improve the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find the products they need, while increasing sales.

Kosoom understands the need for high-quality lighting in the commercial and retail sectors, and we offer a range of high-quality lighting products, including Supermarket Downlights, to meet the lighting needs of merchants. Our products are highly adjustable, energy efficient and designed to provide the best possible display while reducing energy costs. By providing superior commercial and retail lighting solutions, Kosoom is committed to assisting customers in attracting more customers, increasing sales, and building long-term business success. Whether you need to improve your commercial displays or retail store lighting, we can provide professional support to ensure your products and merchandise stand out under the lighting.

  1. Outdoor lighting: In outdoor places, such as public squares, parking lots and sports venues, square lighting ensures that people can move around safely and comfortably, whether at night or in bad weather conditions.
  2. Stage and performance lighting: In the entertainment industry, square lighting is widely used for stage lighting to ensure that actors and performances can be clearly visible in front of the audience while creating engaging visual effects.

As your reliable LED lighting supplier, Kosoom deeply understands the key role of square lighting. We provide high-quality LED lighting products to meet the needs of various application scenarios. Our LED lighting solutions are designed to provide uniform, efficient, high-quality lighting effects. Whether you need to use it indoors, outdoors, in commercial environments or performing arts venues, Kosoom can provide you with the best lighting solutions. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the key differences between brightfield and square lighting, and their importance in different areas.

Comparison between bright field and square

Types of lighting fixtures also differ significantly between brightfield and square lighting, as they require the use of different types of fixtures to achieve different lighting effects:

Bright field lighting:
Bright field lighting often requires specially designed fixtures to achieve background lighting goals. These fixtures include:

Transmission lamps: Transmission lamps illuminate through objects, making the objects more clearly visible against the background light. Transmitted light fixtures are often placed behind the target object to ensure foreground clarity.
Reflective lamps: Reflective lamps make the foreground of objects stand out by reflecting light, thus improving contrast. These light fixtures are usually placed at the viewer’s position to ensure that the light reflects properly and highlights the object.
Square lighting:
Square lighting uses various types of lamps to achieve uniform illumination of the entire area. These fixtures include:

LED lights: LED lights are very popular in square lighting because they provide efficient lighting, have a long life, and can be adjusted in brightness as needed.
Fluorescent Lighting: Fluorescent light fixtures are often used to provide even lighting and are suitable for large commercial spaces or offices.
Spotlights: Spotlights are often used for local lighting to highlight specific areas or objects and increase the visibility of the overall environment.
Recessed Spotlights and Surface Mounted Spotlights: These spotlights offer a variety of mounting options, allowing them to be recessed into the ceiling or wall as desired, or surface mounted in different locations to achieve specific lighting effects.
These different types of luminaires play a key role in achieving bright field and square lighting as they offer different lighting effects and application flexibility. At Kosoom, we provide a variety of LED lighting products, including Recessed Spotlights and Surface Mounted Spotlights, to meet the lighting needs of different application scenarios and provide customers with the best lighting solutions. We understand how different types of lighting fixtures affect lighting effects to ensure our customers receive a high-quality lighting solution that suits their needs.


  1. Bright field lighting solution:

We offer a range of professional bright field lighting products, including transmitted and reflected luminaires, for use in scientific research, biomedical microscopy, laboratory research and more. These luminaires are carefully designed to ensure highly controllable lighting effects, helping researchers observe and analyze tiny structures and biological cells while improving contrast and clarity.

  1. Square lighting solutions:

Kosoom’s square lighting solutions include LED lights, fluorescent lights, spotlights and other types of lamps, which can be used in various scenarios such as commercial, retail, offices, and outdoor public spaces. Our lighting products are designed to provide even, comfortable lighting designed to enhance the work environment and enhance the customer experience.
Kosoom’s square lighting solutions are very diverse, including LED lights, fluorescent lights, spotlights and Spotlights For Retail Stores. These different types of lamps are carefully designed to meet the lighting needs of various different scenes, ensuring that the overall lighting effect is uniform and comfortable, aiming to improve the working environment and enhance customer experience.

Spotlights For Retail Store are part of our range of plaza lighting solutions, specially designed for retail stores. These spotlights can illuminate specific merchandise or display areas in a targeted manner to make them stand out, increasing the attractiveness and visibility of the merchandise. In a retail environment, visual appeal is crucial to attracting customers and increasing sales, so the use of Spotlights For Retail Store can create an engaging shopping experience.

  1. Office track lighting:

We provide specialized track lighting solutions for offices, including Office Track Lighting. These luminaires can be adapted to suit office layout and needs, offering high adjustability to suit different tasks and time requirements. They help increase productivity and employee comfort while reducing energy waste.

  1. Commercial and retail lighting:

In commercial display and retail environments, we offer a variety of lighting fixtures, including Supermarket Downlights, Recessed Spotlights and Surface Mounted Spotlights. These products can be used to create an engaging shopping experience, highlight the appeal of merchandise and products, and increase sales and customer loyalty.
Kosoom is committed to providing customers with a full range of LED lighting solutions to ensure that lighting needs are met, whether for scientific research, commercial displays, office environments or outdoor spaces. Our products focus on energy efficiency, long life and environmental protection to reduce energy costs and maintenance costs. Our professional team will provide professional advice and support based on the customer’s specific needs to ensure that the lighting solution they choose is best suited for their application scenario. Whether you need to improve visibility, increase efficiency, or add appeal to your products and brand, Kosoom can provide you with high-quality lighting solutions.

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In the area of lighting, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the key differences between brightfield and widefield lighting, as well as the variety of lighting solutions that Kosoom offers as your trusted LED lighting supplier. By in-depth understanding of the characteristics and application areas of these two lighting technologies, we can draw the following conclusions:

Brightfield lighting and square lighting each play a key role in different scenarios:

Brightfield illumination is commonly used in applications where specific targets need to be emphasized, such as scientific research, biomedical microscopy and laboratory research. It uses specially designed lamps, such as transmission and reflection lamps, to highlight the contours and features of objects, helping researchers observe and analyze tiny structures and biological cells.
Square lighting aims to provide uniform lighting throughout the area and is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as business, retail, offices, outdoor public spaces and performing arts. Different types of lighting fixtures, including LED lights, fluorescent lights, spotlights and Spotlights For Retail Store, are used to create uniform and comfortable lighting effects, improve the working environment and enhance customer experience.
Kosoom’s LED lighting solutions provide customers with superior options:

Kosoom provides a diverse range of LED lighting products, covering various needs for bright field and square lighting. Whether in scientific research, commercial displays, office environments or retail stores, we have professional solutions to ensure our customers’ lighting needs are met.
Our products not only offer a high degree of adjustability, but also focus on energy efficiency, long life and environmental protection to reduce energy costs and maintenance costs. By working with our customers, we strive to provide the best lighting solutions to help them achieve business success.
All in all, Kosoom understands the importance of different lighting technologies and their role in different application scenarios. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality, high-efficiency LED lighting products to meet their lighting needs. Whether it is to improve visibility, improve efficiency, or increase the appeal of products and brands, we are willing to provide you with professional Support to ensure your lighting goals are achieved. As your reliable lighting partner, Kosoom is willing to continuously provide you with excellent solutions to help your business succeed.

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