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What is the difference between a panel and a troffer?

How to Install LED Panel Lights in Your Kitchen and Bathroom-About lighting

When it comes to lighting options, LED lighting is the top choice for modern commercial and home lighting. At Kosoom, we specialize in providing high-quality LED lighting solutions, which include panel lights and ceiling lights. However, many people are confused about the difference between “panel lights” and “ceiling lights (troffer)”.

I. Product Type

First, we need to understand the basic types of these two lighting products:

A. Panel lights (LED Panel Lights)

Panel lights are usually thin, uniform rectangular or square light fixtures.
They are usually mounted on the ceiling to provide overall illumination, distributing light evenly over the illuminated area.
Panel lights are designed to minimize glare and shadows, providing soft and comfortable lighting.
These fixtures are typically used in places such as offices, medical facilities, schools, and retail stores.

B. Ceiling light (Troffer)

Ceiling lights are rectangular or square light fixtures that are usually mounted on the ceiling, but they are deeper and sturdier.
These fixtures are typically used in commercial environments such as offices, shops, hospitals, and schools to provide uniform, high-intensity lighting.
Ceiling lights often have additional reflectors and refractors to increase the efficiency of light projection while reducing energy waste.
They are often used in large lighting projects such as commercial buildings or medical facilities.

C. Ceiling Light Panels

Ceiling light panel, also known as ceiling light, is a special panel light.
They are designed to be mounted on the ceiling, often recessed into the ceiling surface for an overall uniform lighting effect.
Ceiling light panels are typically thinner and have a cleaner look, making them suitable for places where a low-profile lighting solution is needed, such as modern homes and offices.

D. Surface Mount LED Panel

Surface-mounted LED panels are different from ceiling light panels in that they are not embedded into the ceiling but are installed directly on the ceiling surface.
This type of panel light is usually easier to install because they don’t require ceiling depth, making them ideal for locations that require quick installation.
Surface-mounted LED panels provide even illumination, but may have a slightly more prominent appearance.
Generally speaking, panel lights, ceiling light panels and surface-mounted LED panels all belong to the category of panel lighting, and they are slightly different in design, installation method and appearance to meet customers with different needs and preferences. Ceiling lights are a high-intensity lighting solution designed for commercial environments. When choosing the lighting products that are right for you, considering your specific needs, budget, and appearance preferences will help you make an informed choice. If you are still confused or need more information, our professional team at Kosoom is here to support you to ensure that the lighting product you choose fully meets your expectations. Hopefully this article will help you better understand the differences between these LED lighting products so you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions or require further consultation, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing you with excellent LED lighting solutions!

2. Installation method

The second important difference is how they are installed:

A. Panel light

Panel lights are typically mounted on the ceiling, recessed into the ceiling surface or suspended below the ceiling.
They are usually very thin, making them suitable for installation in lower ceiling spaces.

B. Ceiling light

Ceiling lights are designed to be recessed into the ceiling, often requiring more installation depth.
These fixtures typically require more space to house and are therefore suitable for higher ceilings or those locations that require strong, even lighting.

C. Ceiling light panel

Ceiling light panels are recessed into the ceiling surface and usually require a small installation depth, flush with the ceiling.
This makes them suitable for those environments that require low-key lighting while providing an even lighting effect.

D. Surface mount LED panel

Surface mount LED panels are installed directly on the ceiling surface and do not need to be embedded in the ceiling.
This approach is suitable for locations that require a lighting solution that can be installed quickly while providing even illumination.

E. Custom LED Panels

Customized LED panels are a highly personalized lighting product that can be formulated according to customer needs and design requirements.
They can be manufactured in specific sizes, colours, brightness and shapes to suit different applications.
Customized LED panels are suitable for places that require special design, such as luxury restaurants, exhibition halls and high-end retail stores.

F. Smart Light Panels

Smart light panel is an innovative LED lighting product with adjustable brightness, color and remote control functions.
They can be controlled via a smartphone app or voice-activated device, allowing users to tailor lighting effects to their needs.
Smart light panels are suitable for modern homes, offices and commercial places。

How to Choose and Use Panel Lights in Your Bathroom-About lighting
How to Choose and Use Panel Lights in Your Bathroom-About lighting


A. Panel light

Panel lights are designed to provide soft, even lighting, suitable for places that require a comfortable working environment. They have a variety of uses, including the following:

  1. Kitchen Light Panels

In the kitchen, good lighting is important to ensure a safe and efficient cooking experience.
Kitchen Light Panels provide even, shadow-free lighting in the kitchen, allowing you to clearly see chopping vegetables, cooking food and washing dishes.
They are usually installed on the kitchen ceiling, ensuring that the entire work area is well lit.

  1. LED Panel For Bedroom (LED Panel for Bedroom)

The bedroom is a place that needs comfortable and tranquil lighting to help you relax and rest.
LED Panel For Bedroom provides soft, warm light, which not only makes the bedroom more welcoming, but also helps create a peaceful atmosphere.
These panel lights are usually installed on the bedroom ceiling, providing warm lighting so you can enjoy a pleasant rest.

  1. Bathroom LED Panel Light (Bathroom LED Panel Light)

Bathrooms require lighting solutions suitable for wet environments to ensure safety and functionality.
The Bathroom LED Panel Light is waterproof and suitable for use in the bathroom while providing bright lighting to enable your daily care routine.
They are often installed on the bathroom ceiling, ensuring that the entire area is evenly lit, whether applying makeup or showering.
Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, panel lights are an excellent lighting option that provide comfortable, even lighting. Whether you need to create delicious meals, enjoy a peaceful night, or perform daily personal care, panel lights can meet your needs. Kosoom’s range of LED panel lights are available in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the requirements of different spaces and decorating styles. We are committed to providing you with superior LED lighting solutions no matter where you use them.

B. Ceiling light

Ceiling lights are a special type of LED lighting products that are usually used in places that require high-intensity lighting, including stores, warehouses, hospital operating rooms, etc. Designed to meet the requirements for higher illumination and more robust designs, they offer a variety of unique benefits and uses.

  1. Store lighting: In a retail environment, ceiling lights are an ideal choice because they can provide uniform and high-intensity lighting, ensuring that the product display area is fully illuminated and making the merchandise more attractive to customers. This helps increase product visibility and boost sales.
  2. Warehouse lighting: Warehouses usually require bright lighting to ensure that workers can easily find the items they need and to ensure safety. The high brightness and evenly distributed light of ceiling lights make them ideal for warehouse lighting, ensuring that the entire space is fully illuminated, reducing errors and increasing work efficiency.
  3. Hospital operating rooms: In medical environments, especially operating rooms, the need for high-quality lighting is particularly urgent. Ceiling lights provide strong, even light, ensuring that surgeons can accurately see details during surgery and improving the success rate of surgery. In addition, these lights are often flicker-free and noise-free, helping healthcare workers focus.

Ceiling lights typically come in larger sizes, making them suitable for larger lighting projects, especially in environments that require higher illumination. Their rugged design ensures long-term reliability, reducing the need for maintenance and fixture replacement. This makes ceiling lights the preferred lighting solution for commercial, medical and industrial sectors. Kosoom offers you a variety of ceiling lighting options to suit your lighting needs for different uses. Whether you are looking for a lighting solution for a large store, warehouse or medical facility, we have the right product to ensure your lighting needs are met. Be satisfied.

Overall, both panel lights and ceiling lights are excellent LED lighting options, however, there are significant differences in their design, installation, and purpose. When choosing the right lighting solution, you need to carefully consider your specific needs and environment to ensure that the selected product will perfectly meet your requirements.

Panel lights, known for their thin, uniform rectangular or square designs, are designed to provide soft and even lighting, ideal for places where a comfortable working environment is required. They are widely used in offices, medical institutions, schools, and other places where lighting is required for long periods of time. Moreover, they also play an important role in household purposes such as kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Kitchen Light Panels provide even, shadow-free lighting in the kitchen, making cooking more efficient, while LED Panels For Bedroom create a warm and peaceful bedroom atmosphere. Additionally, the Bathroom LED Panel Light is waterproof in bathroom environments to ensure you get safe and bright lighting while performing daily personal care.

Ceiling lights, on the other hand, are often used in places that require higher intensity lighting, such as shops, warehouses, and hospital operating rooms. Known for their robust design, high brightness and large size, they provide the perfect lighting solution for these environments. In a store environment, ceiling lights can increase product visibility, thereby increasing sales. In warehouses, they ensure that the entire space is well lit, helping to increase work efficiency. In hospital operating rooms, the high illumination and uniform light of ceiling lights ensure that surgeons can perform precise surgical operations.

These factors need to be carefully considered when choosing an LED lighting solution that suits your needs. But whether you choose panel lights or ceiling lights, Kosoom’s professional team is on hand to provide support and consultation to ensure your choice meets your expectations. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the differences between panel lights and ceiling lights so you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing you with excellent LED lighting solutions!

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