Top 10 Track Lighting Fixtures for Display Cabinet Illumination: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Importance of Lighting for Display Cases

Lighting plays a crucial role in display cases. Proper lighting can highlight the features of exhibits, increase the audience’s attention and appeal to the exhibits. Here are some important roles of lighting in display cases:

  • Highlighting exhibits:
    Lighting can focus the audience’s attention on the exhibits, highlighting the details and characteristics of the exhibits. By carefully setting up light sources and lighting angles, three-dimensional lighting can be achieved for the exhibits, enhancing their visual effects.
  • Creating atmosphere:
    Lighting can create a specific atmosphere for display cases. Soft lighting can create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for display cases, while strong lighting can make exhibits more impactful.
  • Protecting exhibits:
    Lighting is also crucial for protecting exhibits. Proper lighting can reduce damage caused by lighting, such as fading caused by UV rays. Therefore, choosing the right light source and lighting method is essential for protecting exhibits.
  • Enhancing viewing value:
    Proper lighting can greatly enhance the viewing value of display cases. Lighting can highlight the texture of exhibits, allowing the audience to appreciate the beauty and value of the exhibits.
  • Enhancing brand image:
    Carefully designed lighting can add brand characteristics to display cases and strengthen brand image. By skillfully using lighting techniques, display cases can stand out and attract customers’ attention.

Lighting plays an important role in display cases. Choosing the right lighting method can highlight the characteristics of exhibits, create an atmosphere, protect exhibits, enhance viewing value, and enhance brand image.

1.Track Lighting is a Good Choice for Display Cases

Track lighting is an ideal lighting choice for display cases. Here are the advantages of using track lighting as display case lighting:

  • Flexibility:
    Track lighting is highly flexible. The track system allows you to easily adjust the position and angle of the fixtures according to the exhibits and layout requirements in the display case. This makes track lighting very suitable for illuminating display cases as you can adjust the lighting effect as needed.
  • Directionality:
    Track lighting can provide highly directional lighting effects, allowing you to focus on specific exhibits in the display case. This is important for highlighting the details and characteristics of exhibits and guiding the audience’s attention to the key points you want to showcase.
  • Space utilization:
    Track lighting can save space as it can be installed directly on the ceiling. This means that you do not have to worry about additional floor lighting equipment taking up display space, making the interior of the display case look neater and more professional.
  • Diversity:
    Track lighting comes in various types and styles, which can meet different lighting needs and aesthetic requirements. You can choose track lighting that suits your display case style and brand image.
  • Energy efficiency:
    Many track lighting fixtures use LED light sources, which means they have high energy efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Additionally, LED light sources generate less heat, which helps protect exhibits from the effects of high temperatures.
  • Good light quality:
    Track lighting can provide high-quality lighting, which helps exhibits appear in the best possible condition. High-quality lighting can reduce glare and shadows, allowing the audience to appreciate the exhibits more clearly.
  • Easy maintenance:
    Track lighting is usually easy to maintain and replace. If a light bulb has an issue or needs to be replaced, you can quickly and easily replace it to ensure that the display case always has good lighting.
  • Customization options:
    Many track lighting manufacturers offer customization services, allowing you to customize track lighting according to the specific requirements of your display case. This provides you with more options to ensure that the lighting effect meets your needs and expectations.

In summary, track lighting is an excellent lighting choice for display cases. It has the advantages of high flexibility, directionality, space utilization efficiency, diversity, energy efficiency, good light quality, easy maintenance, and customization options. Using track lighting as display case lighting can ensure that your exhibits appear in the best possible

Points to Consider When Installing Track Lighting in Display Cases

2.Issues to be considered when track lights are installed in display cases

When installing track lighting in display cases, several factors need to be considered:

  • Lighting objectives:
    Clearly define the type of exhibits in the display case and their lighting requirements to select appropriate track lighting fixtures to achieve the best display effect.
  • Light source type:
    Choose the appropriate light source type, such as LED, halogen, etc. LED is usually the best choice as they are energy-efficient, generate less heat, and have a longer lifespan.
  • Beam angle:
    Select the appropriate beam angle according to the display case’s size and the exhibits’ placement to ensure that the light covers the entire display area.
  • Color temperature and color rendering:
    Choose the appropriate light source with good color temperature and color rendering capabilities to ensure that the exhibits’ colors and details are accurately presented.
  • Dimming function:
    To meet different display scenarios and environments’ needs, choose track lighting fixtures with dimming function to adjust the brightness and effect of the light at any time.
  • Heat dissipation:
    Consider the possibility of sensitive items in the display case and choose track lighting fixtures with good heat dissipation performance to ensure that the exhibits are not affected by high temperatures.
  • Installation location and method:
    Determine the appropriate track lighting installation location and method based on the display case’s structure and design to achieve the best lighting effect and aesthetics.
  • Space limitations:
    Consider the space limitations inside the display case and choose track lighting fixtures with appropriate size and shape to ensure that the lighting equipment is coordinated with the display case space.
  • Safety:
    Ensure that the track lighting fixtures’ installation and electrical connections are safe and reliable to avoid possible electric shock risks.
  • Budget and maintenance:
    Choose track lighting fixtures that fit within the budget and consider long-term maintenance costs, such as electricity bills and replacement parts.

Considering these factors can ensure that you select appropriate track lighting fixtures for display cases, providing excellent lighting effects while meeting functional and aesthetic needs.

The 10 best track lighting for display cases

1.Kosoom TLA1

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  • Overview:
    Kosoom TLA1 is a high-efficiency track spotlight that can be used for commercial, office, retail, and restaurant lighting solutions. The track installation, color, power, color temperature, and color rendering index can all be customized to achieve the best lighting effect.
    With excellent performance and flexible adjustment capabilities, it can be horizontally adjusted by 350° and vertically adjusted by 90°, and the maximum power of 50W and 4200LM is suitable for key displays in commercial settings.
  • Pros:
    Provides complete customization of lamps, including color, power, color temperature, and color rendering index, and is affordable, with the highest specification price of 76.99 yuan.
  • Cons:
    The delivery time for customized products is slower than for purchasing standard products.

User evaluation:Very good customization service, can realize all my ideas!

2.Master 111 Honey

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  • Overview:
    Master 111 Honey can produce eye-catching light and is suitable for modern office, display room, and commercial space display lighting.
    It provides pleasing light through the mesh structure on the light source side, so the light will never shine too brightly in the eyes. The light spot is also adjustable, so you can always determine where the light is shining.
  • Pros:
    The advantages of three-phase power distribution can make the lamps divided into multiple groups for control. The mesh light transmission characteristics make the light softer and more comfortable and less prone to glare.
  • Cons:
    The bulb light source needs to be ordered separately, and it does not come with a dimmer and needs to be purchased separately.

User evaluation:I like the anti-glare control feature of this lamp, which gives customers a better experience!

3.Alcon 13340

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  • Overview:
    This is an intelligent LED lighting with high CRI designed for commercial, hotel, and residential interiors. It has multi-functionality and powerful performance suitable for most specifications.
    The white aluminum rail system is suitable for various styles of space, and the integrated LED lighting source has a maximum power of 40W, suitable for high ceilings, and can last an average of 30,000 hours.
    The maximum luminous flux of the lamp is 3,000 lumens, with a 38° lighting angle, which can provide sufficient light and is suitable for key lighting in display cabinets.
  • Pros:
    The color rendering index (CRI) is above 90, which has a better color reproduction ability, and it can be dimmed using a controllable silicon method, which can be intelligently controlled.
  • Cons:
    It can only be adjusted in the vertical direction, the price is expensive, and all the above functions require a single lamp to cost over 200+ dollars.

User evaluation:Beautiful lamp, exactly what I want!


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  • Overview:
    COB chip track spotlight with high efficiency and environmental protection for supermarkets, retail stores, offices, and hotels. It adopts excellent anti-glare design and embedded light source, reduces the stimulation of light to the eyes, avoids dizziness, and has no blue light and flicker hazards.
    Excellent color rendering performance RA>90, perfectly reproduces the color of the illuminated object, and is the preferred lamp for clothing stores.
  • Pros:
    The excellent color rendering ability with a CRI above 90 can perfectly reproduce the texture of the displayed goods, and the UGR<19 has excellent glare control.
  • Cons:
    Only one power option of 35W is available, and it is only suitable for general space key lighting.

User evaluation:Perfectly displayed the texture of my store, customers are very satisfied!

5.Alcon 13101

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  • Overview:
    Alcon 13101 is a safer LED track intelligent luminaire with a unique adjustment method and a high CRI index color rendering performance.
    It has a wide beam spread suitable for commercial tasks and general applications, providing versatility and powerful lighting in various settings, including a die-cast aluminum rotating ring.
  • Advantages:
    Multiple power options, flexible adjustment of brightness and color temperature, and color rendering ability higher than 90 CRI.
  • Disadvantages:
    The price is relatively expensive, and the single lamp price can reach up to $700.

User review:Perfect texture, especially suitable for my luxury store!


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  • Overview:
    Movie is an industrial-style track lighting system with a black finish and professional light control accessories, which can be better applied to commercial space display lighting.
    Movie is single-phase power controlled and can use an external dimmer to adjust the luminaire, but it needs to be purchased separately.
  • Advantages:
    Using the GU10 interface, the light source can be flexibly selected, with light control accessories, which can control the angle and area of ​​light exposure at will.
  • Disadvantages:
    Single-phase power supply, all luminaires can only be controlled simultaneously, and lamps and dimmers need to be purchased separately.

User review:Perfect texture, especially suitable for my luxury store!

7.Suplux Industrial Spot Light

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  • Overview:
    The Suplux Industrial Spot Light is suitable for industrial or modern style track lighting, especially for industrial-style shops’ product display lighting.
    The replaceable GU10 light source is particularly convenient for maintenance or replacing the lamp with different wattage options.
  • Advantages:
    Supports up to 50W high-power lamps suitable for commercial spaces.
  • Disadvantages:
    The light source needs to be ordered separately, and there is no built-in dimmer, requiring additional purchase.

User reviews:It matches my store’s decoration style perfectly, and I really like it!

8.iguzzini Le Perroquet

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  • Overview:
    The classic black and white color scheme is suitable for store decoration styles of various styles, and the adjustable spotlights with adapters are especially suitable for product display lighting, which can be flexibly grouped controlled by the DALI control system, and the high CRI color rendering index of more than 90 can perfectly present the color and texture of products.
  • Advantages:
    Can be paired with asymmetrical screens/directional flaps and other multiple light control accessories, excellent color rendering ability.
  • Disadvantages:
    The size is large, not suitable for small-space shops.

User review:The perfect texture of the lamp body makes my store look very high-end!

9.artemide Picto 125 High Flux

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  • Overview:
    The minimalist appearance of the Picto track light is the best choice for retail spaces, showrooms, museums, or art galleries, with excellent optical performance that can perfectly illuminate any object.
    Available in 3 sizes, installation options, design, color, optical components and various accessories, with ultra-narrow 17° and 41° lighting angles, whether it is a tall space or a normal space product display, Picto can do the job.
  • Advantages:
    With museum-quality optics, flexible addition of various optical controllers, excellent color rendering ability.
  • Disadvantages:
    The power drive adopts a separate design, and the overall size of the lamp is a bit large, not recommended for use in small spaces.

User review:I can adjust its brightness according to the strength of natural light, I really like it!

10.zumtobel VIVO II M

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  • Overview:
    A wealth of color choices, such as black or white micro-textured coating, matte silver, concrete gray, chrome or antique bronze, among many others.
    A wealth of optical accessories, protection glass, honeycomb louvers, etc. are available, and the black or white front ring made of PC can effectively control glare and is suitable for various commercial venues.
    A three-phase electrical LED rail system spotlight, the converter is integrated into the universal adapter, and the spotlight casing is die-cast aluminum, and the spotlight can rotate 360°, 337° and 90°.
    With excellent color rendering performance of RA> 90, it can present the color and texture of products perfectly, and has been optimized for efficient and high-output focused lighting in retail and automotive applications and architectural lighting.
  • Advantages:
    Supports not only DALI, but also multiple options such as Bluetooth® 4.x, basicDim Wireless.
  • Disadvantages:
    The power drive is integrated into the lamp body, and the heat dissipation is poor in closed spaces.

User review:Surprising accessory matching, solved a big problem for me!


The above are the recommended 10 track lighting fixtures for display cabinets. We hope they can help you choose the right track lighting for your store. All the fixtures mentioned above are excellent, but they do have some drawbacks. We have listed their advantages and disadvantages to give you a reference for your purchase.

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