Standard Optical shop lighting solution

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Using the outdoor light to sculpt the outdoor of the store external shape to match the unique decoration design of store . For making the store especially striking on the street KOSOOM providing even and gentle light for the light box. Indoors, using track lights and light strips for the overall lighting of the store, providing a comfortable shopping environment for the customers.
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Design and installation plan

In line with its unique decoration design, outdoor light strips are used to outline the shape of the entire store entrance, providing uniform and soft light for the light box, making it particularly eye-catching on the street. Indoors, guide rail spotlights + light strips are used for the overall lighting of the store, providing customers with Provide a comfortable shopping environment.

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TRL003 series guide rail spotlights are set around to provide accent lighting for some products and also serve as basic lighting for the store. STL002 series light strips are used for accent lighting in the showcases and advertising light boxes, and light strips are also used for ambient lighting in special parts of the building, while taking into account the foundation Lighting makes the space with changing light and shadow more layered.

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The STL002 series light strips are used to provide ambient lighting for special parts of the building, combined with the TRL003 series track spotlights to ensure that the counter lighting meets the basic lighting requirements, making the space with light and shadow changes more layered.

  • Corresponding products: TRL003STL002 series

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Advantages of lighting scheme:
“Create an advanced shopping atmosphere and create excitement!
High color rendering index and high color temperature lamps enhance the texture of products, stimulate the desire to buy, and increase the purchase rate!
Stable lamp temperature control makes the lamp life up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption, the longer the use time, the more obvious the energy saving effect! ”
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