Direct shipping from Italy | Free shipping on orders over 99€.
3-5 year warranty on all products
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Direct shipping from Italy
Free shipping on orders over 99€
3-5 year warranty on all products
Shipping within 24/48 hours
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KOSOOM Stunning Professional Lighting Specialist

Revealing Lighting Expertise: Dive Into Our Professional Insights! Discover cutting-edge design, innovative technology, and unparalleled craftsmanship to brighten your spaces. As an expert in the lighting industry, Kosoom can provide you with:

1. High-quality products: kosoom can provide you with a 3-5 year warranty.

2. Professional solutions: facing our customers, we can provide you with free professional commercial lighting solutions.

3. Customized products: We can customize your own lighting equipment for you, as long as you provide us with your customized requirements.

4. Project tracking: When your project is implemented, we will guide and track it for you throughout the process to ensure that the project can be completed and the after-sales service is guaranteed.


If you are a company

Light up the future of your business with our comprehensive corporate lighting solutions. We provide free customized lighting design solutions carefully crafted by our expert team, professional high-quality lighting equipment (3-5 years product warranty), personalized customization (product parameters), and full-guided project tracking to ensure your work space Provide ideal lighting environment.



If you are a lighting professional

To celebrate the dedication of lighting professionals, we can bring you reliable and cost-effective lighting products, customized professional lighting fixtures, and fast delivery within 24/48 hours. Help you quickly complete your lighting project. In addition, you will also have exclusive access to our premium support line, our experts will answer any technical questions at any time and help you develop the perfect lighting solution.


If you are an individual

For individual customers, you will no longer have to spend a lot of money to ask someone to guide you, we will provide you with installation guidance and free lighting solutions for free; provide high-quality and long-term warranty (3-5 years) products, you don't have to worry Receive inferior products, we guarantee the quality of your home lighting project throughout, and help you make the best choice for your home lighting.


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Via Talamoni, 6, 20861 Brugherio MB, Italy
H76R+HQ Brugherio, Province of Monza and Brianza, Italy

Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.


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