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Adjustable LED Track Lighting Fixtures for Retail Shop TRL010 Kosoom

Adjustable LED Track Lighting Fixtures for Retail Shop TRL010 Kosoom

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Technical Parameters :
Model TRL010
Power 15W/30W
PF 0.9
CRI ≥90
CCT extension 3000K/4000K
Lumen 1320LM/1330LM/2040LM/2500LM
Corner 36°/ 55°
UGR ≤19(15W)   ≤25(30W)
Dimension Φ62*L170mm / Φ80*L180mm
Color Black/White
Input voltage 220V-240V
IP protection IP20
Warranty 3 YEARS
Certification CE, RoHS


Product Description:

  • This LED track light with COB chip is a must-have for homes, supermarkets, retail stores, and offices. It features excellent deep anti-glare design and an embedded light source that reduces eye strain and avoids dizziness. 
  • It has no blue light or frequency flash hazards. Its excellent color rendering performance, RA>90, perfectly reproduces the colors of the illuminated objects.

Product Advantages:

  • Uses high-brightness COB light source with no blue light hazard. The large opening design on the back improves heat dissipation, leading to lower light decay and a longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.
  • The high-quality optical lens has high light transmittance, good concentration, and soft and even light without glare, with a power factor of >0.9.

Product Features:

  • The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum and is die-cast from selected aluminum materials. The surface is treated with anti-oxidation coating for corrosion resistance.
  • Two beam angles of 36° and 55° are available for various scenes such as highlighting merchandise, decorative wall paintings, and ambient wall lighting. Two color temperatures of warm white 3000K and neutral white 4000K provide different visual experiences, with warm white being warm and gentle, and neutral white being natural and bright.
  • The lamp body comes in two colors: classic white and deep space black, suitable for various decorative styles.

Application Scenarios:

  • Suitable for lighting solutions in various places such as homes, supermarkets, retail stores, and offices.

Technical Parameters:

  • 220V~240V AC power supply, high-quality driver power supply, no flicker. Power, luminous flux, illumination angle, and color temperature parameters:

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