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White LED Track Lighting for Retail Store Lighting TRL003-Kosoom

White LED Track Lighting for Retail Store Lighting TRL003-Kosoom

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Power/Color Temperature
Technical Parameters :
Model TRL003
Power 35W
PF 0.9
CRI ≥90
CCT extension 3000K/4000K
Luminous efficiency 73LM/W~85LM/W
Lumen 2560LM/2710LM/2860LM/2980LM
Corner 36° / 55°
UGR ≤19
Dimension Φ83*L165mm
Color Black/White
Input voltage 220V-240V
IP protection IP40
Warranty 5 YEARS
Certification CE, RoHS


Product Description

  • A necessary lighting fixture for supermarkets, retail stores, offices, and hotels, this high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly COB chip track spotlight.
  • With excellent anti-glare design and built-in light source, it reduces eye strain and prevents dizziness, without blue light or flicker hazards. With outstanding color rendering performance CRI>90, it perfectly restores the color of the illuminated objects, making it the preferred lighting fixture for clothing stores.

Product Advantages:

  • This product uses high-brightness COB chips, which have no blue light hazard, and a large rear opening design for better heat dissipation, resulting in lower light decay and a longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.
  • It also features high-quality optical lenses, with high light transmittance, good focusing, and soft and uniform lighting that does not strain the eyes. It maintains a glare index of less than 19 (UGR<19) while achieving a maximum luminous efficiency of 85Lm/W and a power factor (PF) greater than 0.9.

Product Features:

  • The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum, selected high-quality aluminum die-casting, and the surface is painted with anti-oxidation treatment and corrosion resistance.
  • With 36°55° two light distribution angles from narrow to wide, it is suitable for various scenes, such as commodity accent lighting, mural accent lighting, etc.
  • Two color temperatures, warm white 3000K\neutral color 4000K create different visual senses, warm white is warm and soft, neutral is naturally bright.
  • There are two colors for the lamp body, classic white and space black, suitable for various decoration styles.

 Technical Parameters:

  • This product is powered by 220V~240V AC and features a high-quality driver power supply that is free of flicker. The parameters for power, luminous flux, illumination angle, and color temperature are as follows:


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