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2W/3W/7W/9W SLT LED Downlight Small Hole Customizable Anti-glare Energy saving Eye Protection Kosoom

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Welcome to the world of SLT led downlight products! If you're looking for a high-quality, customizable, commercial LED spotlight for a variety of environments, then you've come to the right place! SLT led downlight is a trendsetter in the lighting industry, with superior technical specifications and unique design features that will provide clear and bright lighting for your space. In this article, we'll delve into the technical specifications, features, and benefits of the SLT led downlight and introduce customizable features and added value to give you a clear and intuitive understanding of the product and inspire you to buy. Let's explore the SLT led downlight together!

SLT LED Downlight Technical Specifications

 2W/3W/7W/9W SLT LED Downlight

SLT Series Downlight Spotlight offers a range of products with different SKUs, each corresponding to specific technical specifications and dimensions. The following table provides a detailed breakdown of the technical parameters for each SKU:



Power (W)

Lumen (Lm)

Color Temperature (CCT)

Beam Angle

Size (mm)

Cut-off (mm)


Power Factor



IP Rating


































































Note: The SLT LED Downlight downlight series is available in various product codes, each tailored to specific technical parameters and dimensions. Whether you need a particular voltage, power factor, color rendering index, color options, beam angle, or correlated color temperature (CCT), the SLT LED Downlight can be customized to meet your precise lighting needs. With its vital certifications, extended warranty, and IP20 rating, the SLT LED Downlight ensures performance and peace of mind.

SLT LED Downlight Features and Advantages

1. Small-hole SLT shoots fire ding

The small hole SLT shoot fire ding is designed for small spaces such as cabinets, providing a soothing and unique lighting effect.

  • Suitable for small spaces such as cabinets:

The compact design of the Small Hole SLT Shot Flint makes it ideal for lighting needs in limited spaces, such as cabinets, in particular. Its small size and refined appearance makes it easy to install in narrow areas, providing even and soft light illumination for the interior of cabinets.

  • Compact five sophisticated design:

The Small Hole SLT Shooting Fire Din shines with character and style in its small and sophisticated design. Its well-designed appearance provides an extra decorative touch, making it one of the highlights of a cabinet or other small space. Whether used as functional or decorative lighting, the small-hole SLT Shooting Flint adds charm and uniqueness to a room.

2. Fangke open-fit shooting fire

The Fonco Open Mount Spot Fire is designed for home guest rooms and provides elegant lighting.

  • Suitable for home guest rooms:

The Fonco Open Flame is a lighting solution designed for home guest rooms. Its unique design and great lighting make it ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and other home spaces. The FANGCO open fire provides warm and soft light, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere and a pleasant lighting experience for family members and guests.

  • Elegant design adds decorative effect:

More than just a lighting fixture, the Fonco open-faced spotlight has an outstanding design that can become part of your interior décor. Its beautiful appearance and carefully designed details add elegance and a unique ambience to a space. The lighting effect of Fangke's open-faced spotlights can highlight the home's artwork, decorations, and furniture, enhancing the overall decoration's taste and visual impact.

3. Stretch Adjustable

The adjustable stretch design provides personalized lighting solutions for flexible spaces with a smooth dimming experience.

  • For flexible spaces:

The adjustable stretch design makes SLT led downlight ideal for flexible spaces. Whether a commercial or residential area such as a showroom, conference room, restaurant, or living room, the stretch dimming feature allows the angle and range of light to be adjusted to suit different space layouts and uses.

  • Smooth experience provides personalized lighting:

The stretch adjustable SLT led downlight adjusts the lighting angle and provides a smooth dimming experience. By using the appropriate dimming device or system, users can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light as needed to create a personalized lighting effect. This flexibility and personalization ensure that the lighting perfectly matches the needs of the space and user preferences.

Through SLT led downlight color rendering index (CRI), color temperature, beam angle, glare control, dimming control methods, materials, style, installation methods and power, and other tips of features and advantages, providing flexible and high-quality lighting solutions for different scenes and needs. Whether it is a small space, homeroom, or flexible space, SLT led downlight can provide excellent lighting effects to meet the lighting needs of users. If you are also interested, please contact us immediately, and we will give you the best quality custom led light!

SLT LED Downlight Customizable Features

2W/3W/7W/9W SLT LED Downlight

As a user, you'll find that the SLT led downlight series has unique, customizable features that allow you to create the perfect lighting experience based on your personal preferences and needs.

First, look at the options you can customize based on power. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 2W, 3W, 5W, 7W, or 9W. This means that whether you need soft background lighting or bright main lighting, you can find the right power option because we understand that each person's lighting needs are unique.

Next is the customization of the beam angle. You can choose a beam angle of 15° or 24°. This feature will give you more options if you need to focus the light on a specific area or need more comprehensive lighting coverage.

In addition, the color temperature is customizable according to your preferences and scene needs. You can choose a color temperature of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K. Whether warm yellow or cool white light, you can adjust the color temperature to create the ambiance and lighting effect that best suits your needs.

We also offer you the option to customize the lighting effect to meet the needs of different environments. Regarding the Color Rendering Index (CRI), you can choose from 83, 90, 95, or Thrive color rendering index. This ensures you can render accurate and detailed colors for commercial displays or home décor.

In addition, as a user, you can choose the look and style of SLT led downlight according to your preference. We offer black, white, and customizable color options to suit different decorating styles and design needs.

Finally, the installation method is also a customizable part. You can choose from recessed installation, ceiling installation, pendant installation, or track installation, depending on the layout of your space and personal preference, to select the most suitable installation method.

The SLT led downlight series allows you to control your lighting with its wide range of customizable features. Whether it's to illuminate a specific area, create a particular atmosphere or meet individual needs, we have the best solution for you. Let's customize your unique lighting experience today!

SLT LED Downlight Added Value and Guarantees

2W/3W/7W/9W SLT LED Downlight

As a company dedicated to providing superior lighting solutions to our customers, we don't just offer quality products. We offer you a range of added values and guarantees to ensure your complete satisfaction with our SLT led downlight range.

First and foremost, we promise you a high-quality guarantee. Our products are carefully designed and subjected to strict quality control to ensure long-term reliability and superior performance. To show you how confident we are in the quality of our products, we offer up to a 5-year warranty. If any quality problems arise under regular use, we will provide you with prompt repair or replacement services so you can have no worries.

Secondly, our products have passed several certifications, including CE, RoHS, FCC, and other credentials. These certifications prove that the products meet international standards and safety requirements and our commitment to product quality and safety. You can confidently choose our products because they have passed rigorous testing and verification to ensure a safe and reliable lighting solution.

In addition to the guarantee of the products themselves, we are also committed to providing reliable power drivers. We have partnered with well-known brands of Lefort to provide you with high-quality power drivers. These power drivers feature high performance, stability, and safety to ensure your LED luminaires' proper operation and long life. We understand the importance of power drivers in the lighting system, so we have partnered with Lyford to ensure we provide reliable products and services.

Our sincere commitment to you is that our goal is to provide you with commercial LED lighting solutions that exceed your expectations and to build a long-term relationship with you. We will continue to pay attention to market trends and customer needs and continue to improve and innovate to meet the ever-changing demands. We will respond to your needs with sincerity and expertise, whether in product quality, after-sales service, or partnership.

We sincerely look forward to working with you to provide an outstanding lighting experience and make your space shine uniquely.

Not only that, but we are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer service experience. Our professionals are ready to answer your questions and provide technical support and solutions. Whether in the product selection, installation process, or after-sales service, we will always treat your needs with a quick response and a comprehensive approach. 

In addition, we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability to modern lighting solutions. Therefore, we are committed to promoting energy efficiency and environmental awareness. Our SLT led downlight series uses advanced LED technology with low energy consumption and high efficiency. This reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions and saves you money on your energy bills. We firmly believe that choosing our products will give you excellent lighting effects and contribute to environmental protection.

Finally, we sincerely hope to establish a long-term partnership with you. We believe sincere, transparent, and lasting collaboration is the key to mutual success. We will work with you to explore lighting solutions, solve problems and create value by adhering to our customer-centric principles. Whether you are an individual consumer, a commercial customer, or a project developer, we are here to serve you and will continually strive to exceed your expectations.

When you choose SLT led downlight products, you are not only choosing high-quality lighting products, you are also choosing our commitment and responsibility. We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with a full range of support and security. Let us work together to create a comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting environment for your life and work, bringing unlimited possibilities.

About Kosoom

2W/3W/7W/9W SLT LED Downlight

As a KOSOOM brand, we will continue providing superior LED lighting solutions. Our commercial-led lighting fixtures offer outstanding performance and design and focus on creating the ideal lighting experience for your retail space.

Whether you are looking for energy efficiency or custom led light, our team of professionals will customize the best commercial lighting solutions for you. Our led light fixtures and led lighting fixtures are reliable and durable and combine innovative technology and stylish looks to make your retail environment shine.

By choosing KOSOOM's commercial-led lighting fixtures, you get high-quality products and experience our professional services. We understand the unique needs of each retail space, so our solutions will meet all your requirements and help you create a unique commercial atmosphere.

Choose the KOSOOM brand today, and let's light up your commercial space together! We promise you more opportunities for business success because lighting has never been more dynamic. Contact us today and make our commercial-led light fixtures your first choice to bring superior lighting value to your project.

KOSOOM, lighting up commerce, lighting up the future!


Q: What makes KOSOOM's commercial LED lighting fixtures stand out?

A: KOSOOM's commercial LED lighting fixtures stand out due to their exceptional performance, innovative design, and ability to create the perfect lighting environment for your retail space.

Q: Does KOSOOM offer customized commercial lighting solutions?

A: KOSOOM offers customized commercial lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our professional team will work with you to recommend the most suitable commercial LED lighting fixtures and create a lighting plan that suits your requirements.

Q: What are the critical features of KOSOOM's LED lighting solutions?

A: KOSOOM's LED lighting solutions are known for superior quality, energy efficiency, and stylish design. They offer a wide range of features, including adjustable color temperature and brightness, ensuring personalized lighting experiences for your commercial space.

Q: How does KOSOOM ensure the reliability of its commercial LED lighting fixtures?

A: KOSOOM is committed to delivering high-quality products. Our commercial LED lighting fixtures undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure their reliability and longevity. We prioritize durability and performance to provide lighting solutions you can trust.

Q: How can I benefit from choosing KOSOOM for my commercial lighting needs?

A: By choosing KOSOOM, you can benefit from our years of experience in the lighting industry, our focus on customer satisfaction, and our dedication to providing high-quality LED lighting solutions. We offer a wide range of commercial LED light fixtures that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting, ensuring an ideal lighting environment for your retail space.