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Custom CRI90 5-Color Temperature 1600-3200LM LED Track Lighting 20-40W Direction Adjustable TLI1 - Kosoom

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At KOSOOM, we understand that each customer's lighting needs are unique and personalized. To meet your requirements, we offer free custom LED light installation solutions. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or other spaces, our professional team will tailor the best lighting solution based on your preferences and spatial characteristics. At the same time, we provide top-notch after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction and a comfortable experience.

The TLI1 LED led track lighting is a high-performance, versatile lighting solution for home, commercial, and industrial lighting applications. It features a classic, family-style design that is durable and long-lasting. The product offers several outstanding features and benefits. First, the TLI1 LED track lighting fixture provides the perfect light shape with a clear spot and soft light, making it the first choice for museums. Its on-demand pitch and focus functions enable it to meet the lighting needs of different application scenarios.

Its retro design gives the luminaire an elegant and stylish appearance, and the hidden electrical box makes the overall shape more exquisite. Its simple design and durable features make it a best-selling product for engineering projects. The TLI1 LED track lighting fixture's unique exterior shape makes it highly recognizable and suitable for multiple segments. The luminaire has flexible beam angle adjustment and is able to create a thick and positive quality. The all-in-one design allows different optical accessories to adapt to different application needs, providing greater user flexibility and selectivity.

The Reasons for Choosing Track Lighting are as follows:


Track lights have the ability to adjust the light source flexibly. By adjusting the position and angle of the lamps on the track light, a variety of lighting effects can be achieved to meet the light requirements of different scenes and needs.

Precise positioning:

The installation position of the track light can be precisely controlled, allowing the light to be directed to the object or area that needs to be illuminated, providing precise lighting effects. This is very important in commercial displays, galleries, museums, and other places to highlight the details and beauty of the displayed items.

Multifunctional applications:

Track lighting is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as commercial lighting, home lighting, and industrial lighting. Whether displaying goods, lighting office areas, or highlighting home decor, track lighting can provide flexible and efficient lighting solutions.

Energy-saving and efficient:

LED track lights use LED technology as the light source, with high energy efficiency and long life. LED lamps and lanterns have low energy consumption, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and save electricity costs.

Easy lamp replacement:

Track lighting is usually designed with replaceable lamps, making the replacement and maintenance of lamps very convenient. If you need to adjust the lighting effect or replace the damaged lamps, simply unscrew the original lamps and install new lamps, without changing the entire lamp structure.


led track lighting

Product Parameters of TLI1 Track Lighting:




20W / 30W / 40W


1600LM / 2500LM / 3200LM

Color Temperature

2700K / 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000K

Beam Angle

14° / 20° / 35°


83*65MM / 95*75MM / 105*80MM


220-240V / 100-277V

Power Factor


Color Rendering Index

83 / 90 / 95 / Thrive


Black / White / Customized

IP Rating



Double Insulation


DALI Dimming / Phase-Cut Dimming


TLI1 LED track lighting has the following product parameters:

  1. Power: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures provide 20W, 30W or 40W power options to meet the lighting needs of different scenarios and demands. The high-efficiency power output can bring brighter light and better lighting effects, while also ensuring efficient use of energy and energy saving.
  2. Luminous flux: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures are available in 1600, 2500 or 3200 lumens. Different brilliant flux options can meet different lighting needs, as well as the budgets and requirements of different customers. The high lumen output enables a wider lighting range, brighter light and better lighting effect.
  3. Size: TLI1 LED track lighting fixture provides 83*65 mm, 95*75 mm and 105*80 mm three sizes to choose from. Different size options can adapt to different lighting scenes and environments, as well as the needs of different track systems.
  4. Color temperature: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures offer a variety of color temperature options, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Color temperature is a parameter that describes the color of light emitted by a light source, expressed in Kelvin (K). Different color temperature options can create different lighting atmospheres and effects. 2700K and 3000K warm white light creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere and is commonly used in homes and commercial locations. 3500K and 4000K neutral white light is suitable for general lighting needs and can be used in places such as offices, shopping malls and schools. 5000K cool white light has a high level of brightness and clarity and is suitable for lighting scenes that require higher light levels, such as exhibition halls and hospital operating rooms, etc.
  5. Angle: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures are available in different illumination angle options, including 14 degrees, 20 degrees and 35 degrees. The angle of illumination determines the beam dispersion range and distance of the luminaire. Smaller angles (e.g., 14 degrees) produce a more focused beam and are suitable for highlighting specific objects or details, often used for artwork displays and focal point lighting. Larger angles (e.g., 35 degrees) provide a wider range of illumination and are suitable for general lighting needs, such as commercial spaces and offices. By choosing the right angle of illumination, you can meet the lighting needs of different scenes and create the desired lighting effect.
  6. Voltage: TLI1 LED track lighting fixture is suitable for 220-240V and 100-277V voltage ranges, which can adapt to different national and regional grid standards, as well as different customers' needs.
  7. Power factor:The power factor of the TLI1 LED track lighting fixture is higher than 0.9, which can ensure high-efficiency energy utilization and also reduce the waste of energy and negative impact on the environment.
  8. Color rendering index: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures are available in 83, 90, 95, or Thrive color rendering index, which can provide excellent color reproduction and make the lighting effect more realistic, natural, and comfortable.
  9. Color: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures are available in black, white, or custom colors, which can adapt to different lighting scenes and environments, as well as meet the aesthetic and style requirements of different customers.
  10. IP20 rating: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures have double insulation protection to ensure the safety and reliability of the lighting equipment, as well as protect users and equipment from the threat of electric shock and other safety hazards.
  11. Dimming function: TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures support daily dimming and SCR dimming functions, which can adjust the light brightness according to different scenes and needs to meet different demands. Users can choose the right brightness according to the actual situation to create the ideal lighting atmosphere and effect.
  12. 5-year warranty:TLI1 LED track lighting fixtures offer a 5-year warranty to provide users with long-term protection and service. This means that users can use the product with confidence without worrying about quality issues or performance degradation.

track lighting led

Where to Use Our Product:

  • Office space
  • Commercial space
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurant


1. Preparation: 

Before starting the installation, make sure the power is disconnected and confirm the installation location. Check that the track lighting and mounting accessories are complete.

2. Positioning and Marking: 

Determine the mounting position of the track light according to the lighting needs and design requirements. Use a measuring tape and level to ensure the track installation position is level and aligned.

3. Install the track: 

Use screws or mounting clips to secure the track to the ceiling or wall. Depending on the length of the track light, make sure the track is firmly fixed and stable.

4. Connect the power supply: 

Connect the power cord according to the electrical requirements of the track light. Usually, the track light will have power cord connectors or connectors, follow the instructions of the junction box for proper wiring.

5. Install the track light head: 

Insert the track light head into the rail slot on the track. The track light head usually has a sliding or rotating function, making it possible to freely adjust the position and direction of the fixture.

6. Luminaire installation and adjustment: 

Install the luminaire on the track as needed. Luminaires usually have specific slots or fixtures to insert them into the track and ensure that the luminaire is secure and stable. Adjust the angle and direction of the luminaire according to the lighting requirements to obtain the desired lighting effect.


Product Testing:

Our track lights are subjected to strict tests before shipment to ensure their quality and performance meet the requirements.

(1) Electrical performance test:

Including voltage, current, power and other test parameters to ensure that the product is within the normal operating range.

(2) Optical performance test:

Test the brightness of the light source, color temperature, color reproduction index, etc., to ensure that the product can provide high-quality lighting effects.

(3) Durability test:

Verify the durability and reliability of the product through long time stable work and testing under high temperature, low temperature, and other environmental conditions.

Product Certification and Warranty:

We always try to provide excellent service to our customers and offer high-quality lighting products. In order to ensure the environmental protection and performance of the lamps and lanterns, we have passed the CE and ROHS certifications for this lamp and have the relevant certificates. We also provide up to 5 years of quality assurance and offer 5 years of free warranty service.


Q: Does the track light support the dimming function?

A: Most of the track lights support dimming function, you can adjust the light brightness according to different needs.

Q: Can the size and shape of the track light be customized?

A: Usually the size and shape of track lights are customizable to meet different decorative and application needs.

Q: What is the life span and warranty period of track lights?

A: The life span of track lights is usually between 30,000-50,000 hours, and the warranty period varies by brand and model, usually between 1-5 years.

Q: Are the lamp heads of track lights replaceable?

A: Yes, usually the lamp heads of track lights can be replaced to facilitate the replacement of different styles or wattages of lamps. 

Q: In which scenes do track lights need to be fixed and used?

A: Track lighting is usually used in commercial or display scenes, such as shopping malls, museums, galleries, etc. It is also gradually applied to the home environment.