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IP20 Mini Downlights 3000k/4000k with a 24°Beam Angle CSL002-A - Kosoom

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Product Description:

This product is a high-quality recessed downlight made of premium aluminum and PC fireproof materials. The lamp body is die-cast from aluminum and treated with an anti-oxidation coating, providing excellent corrosion resistance and ensuring durability and reliability. The material selection is carefully chosen to ensure high quality and long-term use of the product.


This led downlight has a beam angle of 24°, providing focused and bright lighting effects. It is ideal for wall art decoration lighting, wall ambient lighting, and other scenes where precise lighting is needed to create a specific atmosphere and enhance the aesthetic and artistic appeal of the environment.


Why Choose LED Downlights?


1. Energy Efficiency:

LED downlights offer higher energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting fixtures. LED technology converts electrical energy into light more efficiently, making LED downlights more energy-saving. LED downlights can provide the same or even brighter illumination with lower power consumption, reducing energy consumption, lowering energy costs, and being more environmentally friendly.


2. Long Lifespan:

LED downlights have a longer lifespan. LED chips typically have a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours, surpassing traditional lighting fixtures by far. This means that LED downlights have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of bulb replacement and maintenance costs.


3. Good Light Quality:

LED downlights provide high-quality lighting effects. LED fixtures have a high color rendering index (CRI) that accurately reproduces the colors of illuminated objects, making them appear more natural and realistic. In addition, LED downlights offer different color temperature options to meet the lighting requirements of different scenes and needs.


4. Environmentally Friendly and Healthy:

LED downlights are free of harmful substances like mercury, making them safer for the environment and human health. Compared to traditional lighting products like fluorescent lamps, LED downlights emit no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, reducing eye strain and damage, and promoting eye health.


5. Flexibility and Versatility:

LED downlights are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind, allowing for dimming, color adjustment, and other operations according to specific needs. LED downlights can be adjusted to provide suitable lighting effects for different scenes, such as wall art illumination, commercial displays, office lighting, and more. Additionally, LED downlights can be integrated with smart control systems for remote control and automation, enhancing the intelligence of the lighting system.


Product Specifications:

1. Lamp Body Structure:

The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and PC fireproof material, die-cast from selected high-quality aluminum, and treated with a surface painting process for oxidation resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.


It features high-quality optical lenses with high light transmittance and excellent focusing performance. The cylindrical design of the light through the lens presents a uniform and soft lighting effect, avoiding glare and providing a comfortable lighting experience. The unique UGR value below 19 effectively reduces visual fatigue and provides a good lighting environment. Additionally, the product has a high power factor (PF) greater than 0.9, effectively improving energy utilization and meeting environmental and energy-saving requirements.


The excellent black cup design effectively prevents glare and reduces eye fatigue, providing a comfortable lighting experience. It also has outstanding color rendering performance, providing brightness output ranging from 520 lumens to 570 lumens, with a color rendering index (CRI) above 90, accurately reproducing the colors of illuminated objects. Whether in any lighting environment, this downlight can present excellent lighting effects, making illuminated objects vivid and lifelike.


2. High-Performance Chip


This downlight utilizes high-brightness COB chips, which not only provide excellent lighting effects but also effectively reduce blue light hazards. Compared to traditional light sources, COB chips have lower light decay rates and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. They can consistently and stably deliver high-quality lighting, reducing the frequency of lamp replacement and maintenance costs.


3. Power, Color Temperature, Luminous Flux


4. Lamp Body Color

The lamp body features a classic white design, suitable for various decorative styles, complementing interior designs.


5. Beam Angle

With a 24° beam angle, it provides focused and pure light, making it highly suitable for commercial and office spaces.


6. Color Temperature Options

There are two color temperature options: warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K). Warm white temperature gives a comfortable and cozy feeling, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Neutral white temperature is closer to natural light, providing brightness and clarity. Both color temperatures can meet the requirements of different environments.


7. Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The CRI is greater than 90, with an R9 index greater than 80, allowing for more accurate reproduction of the natural colors of spaces or objects compared to fixtures with an RA > 90.


8. Power Supply Parameters

It is compatible with the European standard 220V~240V AC power supply. It uses high-quality Lepuford driving power supply and 0.75mm² copper core multi-strand flexible wire to provide stable power supply to the luminaire, and it has excellent flicker control performance.


Application Scenarios:

Office Spaces

Commercial Spaces

Retail Stores



Luminaire Installation:

The installation of the downlight requires the following steps:


1. Preparation:

Before installing the downlight, prepare the necessary tools and materials such as a screwdriver, electric drill, wire connectors, and wires. Also, ensure that the power is disconnected for safety.

2. Measurement and Marking:

Before installing the downlight, determine the position and layout based on actual needs and design requirements. Use measuring tools to accurately measure the desired installation position and mark it on the ceiling using a pencil or marker pen.


3. Drilling:

Using an electric drill and a suitable drill bit, drill holes in the ceiling according to the marked positions to fix the downlight's mounting bracket securely. Ensure the drilling depth is appropriate to ensure a firm attachment.


4. Power Connection:

Connect the wire connectors on the downlight's mounting bracket to the house's power lines. Ensure the correct connection of the corresponding wires, typically including the live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire. Follow local electrical safety regulations to ensure secure connections, and you can use insulation tape or other wire connectors to reinforce the connections.


5. Install the Downlight:

Insert the downlight into the mounting bracket. Depending on the specific model and design, it may require rotation, fixing, or clamping according to the instructions in the manual. Ensure that the downlight is installed securely, without shaking, and fully embedded in the ceiling.


6. Testing and Adjustment:

After installation, restore the power and test whether the downlight is working correctly. Ensure that the brightness, color temperature, and dimming functions of the downlight meet the expected requirements. If adjustments are needed, follow the specific downlight model and functions to make adjustments using switches or remote controllers.


7. Safety Check:

Finally, conduct a safety check to ensure all connections are secure and reliable. Check for any debris or flammable materials around the downlight. Ensure that the installation process does not leave any safety hazards.


Please note that during the installation of the downlight, if you are unsure or lack relevant experience, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. They can provide professional guidance and installation services to ensure safe and correct installation. Note: This The luminaire is suitable for installation in ceilings with a thickness of 0.4-1.2 centimeters. The corresponding opening sizes for different wattages are shown in the table below:


Installation Method Luminaire Power Opening Size

Recessed Installation 7 watts Φ45 millimeters


Product Testing

Our downlights undergo rigorous testing before delivery to ensure their quality and performance meet the requirements.

(1) Electrical Performance Testing: Includes testing parameters such as voltage, current, and power to ensure the product operates within the normal working range.

(2) Optical Performance Testing: Tests the brightness, color temperature, color rendering index, and other optical properties of the light source to ensure high-quality lighting performance.

(3) Durability Testing: Conducted under prolonged stable operation and various environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures to validate the product's durability and reliability.


Product Certification and Warranty:

We are committed to providing excellent service and high-quality lighting products to our customers. To ensure the environmental friendliness and performance of the luminaire, this model has obtained CE and ROHS certifications and holds relevant certificates. Additionally, we offer a 3-year quality guarantee and provide free warranty services for 3 years.



  1. What indoor spaces are tubular lamps suitable for?

Tubular lamps are suitable for indoor spaces such as supermarkets, retail stores, offices and catering places.

  1. What technology does the tubular lamp use as a light source?

Tubular lamps use high-efficiency and environmentally friendly LED chips as light sources.

  1. Can tubular lamps provide directional lighting?

Yes, tubular lamps can provide directional lighting to help focus illumination on specific areas.

  1. Are tubular lamps suitable for creating a specific atmosphere?

Yes, tubular lamps can not only provide directional lighting, but also create a specific atmosphere by adjusting brightness and color temperature.

  1. How is the color rendering performance of tubular lamps?

Tubular lamps have excellent color rendering performance. The color rendering index (CRI) is greater than 90, which can accurately reproduce the natural color of objects and make the space more realistic and vivid.


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