Pet Store Lighting Ideas: Enhance Ambiance & Display

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The Importance of Good Lighting for Pet Stores

Good lighting is essential for pet stores as it promotes the health and well-being of pets.

Adequate lighting is necessary for pets to maintain physical health and emotional stability.

Without it, pets may become depressed, anxious, or sick. Good lighting provides enough light to promote the health and happiness of pets.

Additionally, good lighting can enhance the appearance of pets, making them look more beautiful and healthy.

Under high-quality lighting, pet fur and feathers appear more vibrant, and their eyes appear brighter, making them more noticeable and appealing to customers.

Good lighting also has a significant impact on improving customers’ shopping experiences and satisfaction.

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With good lighting, customers can see pets and pet products more clearly, making it easier for them to choose and purchase items.

Good lighting can also create a pleasant and relaxing shopping environment, making customers feel more comfortable and happy.

In addition to enhancing store functionality, good lighting also enhances store image and appeal.

With good lighting, stores appear cleaner, neater, and more modern, attracting more customers.

Good lighting can also highlight the store’s brand image and theme, making it easier for customers to remember and recognize.

How to Plan Good Lighting for Pet Stores?

Good lighting is crucial in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for both pets and their owners in pet stores.

An effective lighting solution should aim to enhance product displays, highlight special deals, and create a safe and comfortable space for pets.

When planning lighting for a pet store, the following aspects can be considered:

1、Choose lighting fixtures based on pet types

Different types of pets have different lighting needs. For example, reptiles require more UV radiation while small mammals require softer lighting.
Therefore, the lighting type should be chosen based on the types of pets in the store and their lighting requirements.

Budget constraints should also be taken into consideration when selecting lighting fixtures.

2、Evaluate store layout

The interior design layout of the pet store is also a crucial factor that needs to be considered when planning lighting.
If the store has many glass display cases, even and soft lighting is necessary to avoid reflections and shadows.
For modern style stores, brighter and more contemporary lighting can be used.
The lighting arrangement and positioning should be planned to ensure that all areas of the store are well lit, including display areas and walkways.

Key lighting can also be used to highlight specific products or areas of the store.

3、Consider energy efficiency

Energy efficiency should be considered when selecting lighting types to avoid wasting electricity and resources while also taking into account the environmental impact of store lighting.

LED lighting solutions provide efficient lighting with lower power consumption, which reduces the store’s electricity cost and is an excellent solution.

4、Create a comfortable atmosphere

Brightness and color temperature are key factors in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the store, and they also play a significant role in selecting lighting types.
Adequate brightness should be provided to ensure that customers can see the pets and products clearly.
The color temperature should also be considered, as it affects both people and animals.

The right color temperature can make pets and products look more natural and beautiful while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes customers feel comfortable and encourages them to stay longer in the store.

5、Test and adjust

After installing the lighting, it is essential to test and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it provides the required lighting level and creates the desired atmosphere.

In the following sections, we will discuss the ideal lighting solutions for various areas in a pet store, including the sales area, grooming area, aquarium area, and other spaces. It will cover factors such as recommended illumination levels, lighting fixture types, lighting devices, color temperature, and color rendering index.

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Lighting design solutions for different areas of pet stores

1、Sales area lighting

The sales area is mainly for displaying pets and related products to customers.
Generally, this type of area requires bright accent lighting to attract attention and highlight product features.
The recommended illumination level for this area is 800-1000 lux, with a color temperature between 4000K-5000K.
The color rendering index (CRI) of the light fixtures should also be 90 or above to accurately display the color and texture of pet products.
To achieve the recommended illumination level, track lighting fixtures or linear LED light strips can be used.

These types of fixtures can be easily adjusted and angled to highlight specific products and can be installed on tracks or suspended from ceilings for flexibility.

2、Grooming area lighting

The grooming area is where pets are bathed, trimmed, and styled.
Good lighting is essential to ensure that the groomer can clearly see the pet’s fur and skin and that the pet feels comfortable during the grooming process.
The recommended illumination level for this area is 1500-2000 lux, with a color temperature between 5000K-6500K, giving a cool and bright feel.
The CRI of the light fixture should be selected at 90 or above because it will help accurately display the color and texture of the pet’s fur.
To achieve the recommended illumination level, recessed or surface-mounted LED panels can be used.

These types of fixtures provide uniform lighting throughout the grooming area without creating shadows, ensuring that the groomer can complete their work clearly and without glare to pets and humans.

3、Aquarium and reptile area lighting

The aquarium and reptile area is the activity area for these types of animals, usually around tanks and enclosures.
This area only needs plain and uniform lighting to meet the needs of the animals’ activities.
The recommended illumination level for this area is 150-300 lux, with a color temperature between 5500K-6500K.
This area also has a high requirement for CRI, with a value of 90 or above, which will help accurately display the color and pattern of fish and reptiles.
To achieve the recommended illumination level, surface-mounted LED panel lights or track lights can be used.

These types of fixtures can be adjusted to highlight specific tanks or enclosures and provide uniform lighting throughout the area.

4、Other space lighting

Other areas of the pet store, such as waiting areas and employee break rooms, require different types of lighting than sales, grooming, or aquarium and reptile areas.
The recommended illumination level for these areas is 300-500 lux, with a color temperature between 3000K-4000K, giving a warm and comfortable feel.
To give customers and employees a good visual effect, the CRI of the light fixtures is recommended to be 80 or above.
Light fixtures can be selected based on the interior decor style or ceiling type, such as pendant lights or recessed panel lights.

They can provide uniform and soft lighting to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the space.


Good lighting is crucial for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for pets and their owners inside a pet store.

Lighting should enhance product displays, highlight featured items, and create a safe and comfortable space for pets.

Different areas of a pet store require different lighting solutions, and when designing an effective lighting plan, factors such as illuminance levels, fixture types, lighting fixtures, color temperature, and color rendering index should be taken into consideration.

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