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Bring your ideas to life

We provide free lighting consultation and product guidance, as well as technical support throughout the project, from lighting scheme planning at the beginning of the project to product installation. We are fully involved in project management and can provide the optimal solutions to any challenges encountered during project implementation.

From the idea to the sketch,
from the sketch to the product
from person to person.

Kosoom Lighting Bespoke

Provide us with your needs and ideas, and we will customize your lighting solutions, from standard products, custom products, to project-specific lighting solutions plus product customization, we can achieve it all. We have a complete production supply chain and shorter delivery time.Our mission is to provide high-quality, eco-friendly lighting and light up your projects.


Same luminance and lower energy

New Trends in Commercial Lighting


Same luminance and lower energy

Quickly output interactive solutions


Same luminance and lower energy

Provide professional program design and landing services


Same luminance and lower energy

Perfect solution delivery and presentation

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LEVEL1: Standard customization

We modify the existing standard products according to your requirements, including lamp body appearance color, light source brand, driver brand, whether the lamp is intelligent control, power, color temperature, color rendering index, light distribution angle, lamp packaging and other customized services.

LEVEL2: Personalized customization

In accordance with your ideas, we create lighting fixtures tailored specifically to your space. In addition to conventional customization features, we offer customization of the light fixture's shape, size, and materials, optical accessories, and laser printing of your brand's logo on the fixture.

LEVEL3: Complete solution customization

We will tailor lighting solutions and exclusive lighting fixtures specifically for you. Provide all the information about your project and the concept you wish to convey in the space, and we will utilize the latest lighting technologies to help you achieve your goals.


Bring your ideas to life with our custom lighting services

Rapid exchange of ideas

Contact us via email or online communication, and we will respond to you within 24 hours, noting your requirements, addressing your concerns, and providing answers to your questions. Typically, you will receive a quicker response through online communication.

We bring your vision to life through technology

Upon receiving your requirements, our customization team evaluates the technical feasibility of your requests and ideas, formulating the optimal product customization plan. We cover every step from concept to manufacturing, production, delivery, and product installation. We possess a complete product manufacturing supply chain, along with our accredited independent Kosoom Lighting testing laboratory.

Reliable after-sales support

During the implementation of your project, we offer comprehensive free technical guidance on adaptation to European standards. For any adjustments you encounter, we will provide the best solution. After the project is completed, we offer a free 3-5 year warranty on our lighting products and guarantee a response to your request within 24 hours.

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