Lighting Solutions for Cosmetic Stores

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What factors should be considered for the lighting in a cosmetic store?

As a professional lighting consultant, designing a lighting plan for a cosmetic store requires careful consideration of various factors such as color rendering ability, soft lighting, color temperature, and lighting level.

1、Accurate color representation

The lighting in the cosmetic industry needs to accurately represent different colors as customers need to see the true colors of the makeup under different lighting conditions to make the right choices. Lighting with high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or above should be selected.

2、Soft and even lighting

Soft and even lighting can avoid harsh shadows and reflections, making customers feel comfortable when trying out makeup. Soft and even lighting is recommended to avoid excessive shadows and reflections on the face.

3、Appropriate color temperature

The appropriate color temperature can provide a comfortable feeling and accurately represent the color of the makeup. Generally, lighting with a color temperature of 4000K to 5500K is recommended to provide natural white light.

4、Appropriate lighting level

Appropriate lighting intensity can allow customers to better see the color and effect of the makeup. Lighting with an intensity of 800 to 1200LUX is recommended in the testing area, while lighting with an intensity of 300 to 500LUX is recommended in other areas.


The lighting requirements in the cosmetic industry are very flexible because the lighting needs to be adjusted at any time to suit different makeup products and environments. Lighting systems need to have adjustable brightness and color temperature functions for adjustment as needed.

In this blog post, I will comprehensively introduce the lighting requirements for different areas of a cosmetic store, as well as suitable lighting fixtures and installation techniques.

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Entrance and Window Display Lighting

The effect of the entrance and window displays has a significant impact on the customer’s impression of the cosmetic store.

Therefore, it is essential to make them as attractive as possible to draw customers in and increase foot traffic.

High CRI lighting with adjustable color temperature, such as LED track lights and LED spotlights, should be used for focal lighting to enhance the visual appeal of the products.

To achieve the perfect presentation of product quality and color, it is recommended to have a CRI of over 90 and an illumination level between 300-500Lux.

Product Display Area Lighting

The product display area is where customers spend most of their time and influences their purchasing decisions.

Lighting should be bright, comfortable, and eye-catching, with an illumination level of 750-1000Lux and a CRI of over 90, similar to the entrance area.

The color temperature should be warm white between 3000-4000K. Glare should be avoided in this area to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Suitable light fixtures with adjustable installation angles should be used to prevent glare. LED track lights are the preferred lighting fixtures for highlighting promotional products.

Embedded adjustable-angle spotlights, LED tube lights, and LED panel lights are also suitable for product displays, especially for island displays.

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Makeup Area Lighting

The makeup area is a crucial space that directly affects the customer’s impression of the cosmetics.

Excellent lighting is necessary to not only illuminate the space but also to perfectly showcase the quality of the cosmetics.

The lighting in this area requires a high CRI and a soft and even light. The illumination level should be between 1000-1500Lux, with a CRI of over 95 and a color temperature of neutral or daylight between 4000-5000K, giving customers a bright and clean feeling.

Attention should be given to installing mirror lights in front of the mirror to evenly light the face and ensure customers can clearly see the makeup’s trial effect. LED panel lights, LED tube lights, and LED mirror lights are suitable for this area.

Soft light devices should be used, and installation angles should be adjusted to avoid glare and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Checkout Area Lighting

The lighting in the checkout area is essential for both customers and staff. The lighting should be comfortable, creating a pleasant atmosphere and allowing staff to easily differentiate between products and currency.

A recommended illumination level of 300-500 lux should be used, with warm color temperature lighting between 2700-3000K to create a comfortable and inviting environment.

Lighting fixture choices include LED pendant lights, LED chandeliers, and LED wall lights.

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Other techniques to encourage purchases?

For the makeup trial area, using color rendering index (CRI) lighting specifically designed for skin tones can accurately display human skin tones.

These lighting fixtures typically have high CRI and higher R9 values, indicating their color rendering performance in the red region. This ensures accurate skin tone display and accurate matching of product colors.

Lighting fixtures with high CRI and high R9 values generally perform better for skin tone presentation. High CRI indicates accurate display of object colors, while high R9 values indicate better color rendering performance in the red region.

Therefore, lighting fixtures with CRI values greater than 90 and R9 values close to 100 are generally considered better choices for skin tone presentation, such as some color rendering index lighting fixtures.

Additionally, the color temperature of the lighting fixture is also an important factor, with a recommended range of 2700K-3500K to accurately display skin tones.


In conclusion, a well-designed lighting solution can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a cosmetic store. By following lighting requirements, using appropriate lighting fixtures, placing lighting correctly, choosing suitable color temperature and CRI, and prioritizing visual comfort, you can create a comfortable and visually appealing environment, ensuring a good shopping experience for your customers.

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