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LED track lighting VS LED recessed lighting which is the best choice for the office?

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LED lighting technology has become the preferred choice for modern office lighting. When choosing LED fixtures, we may face two options: LED track lighting and LED recessed lighting. Both can be applied in offices, but which one is more suitable for office use? Below, kosoom lighting experts with 10 years of experience will compare the two types of LED fixtures to help you make the best choice.

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What is LED track lighting?

LED track lighting is a modern, flexible, and efficient lighting solution that combines LED lighting technology with a track system. It is widely used in commercial, retail, exhibition, office, and other places. LED track lighting has many advantages, including flexibility, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, long lifespan, and strong dimming performance.

Flexible Adjustment

LED track lighting systems allow us to adjust them according to spatial requirements and lighting effect requirements. Lighting fixtures on the track can be easily moved, rotated, and adjusted to achieve the best lighting layout.

Efficient Illumination

LED track lighting benefits from high-efficiency LED light sources and efficient reflection materials, which have high light efficiency and energy-saving performance. Compared with other types of fixtures, LED track lighting can save more energy and reduce operating costs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The flexibility of track lighting is also beneficial for the installation and maintenance of fixtures. We only need to fix the track once on the ceiling or wall. When installing fixtures, we do not need to perform wiring, screw fixing, etc., which will not affect or even damage the decorative materials like recessed fixtures.

Good Dimming Performance

LED track lighting has strong dimming functions and can be equipped with a variety of dimming controllers, which can flexibly and automatically adjust the brightness and color of light. This makes LED track lighting systems very suitable for various scenes and environments.

Diverse Design

LED track lighting fixtures are rich in variety, including track spotlights, track wall washers, track linear lights, track panel lights, track pendant lights, etc. They can be installed on ceilings, walls, floors, and other positions. The rich fixture selection and installation methods make track lighting systems able to meet the lighting needs of different scenes while having good decorative effects.

Environmental Friendliness

The track of LED track lighting is usually made of recyclable metal materials such as aluminum alloy and steel, which can be recycled and reused. The LED light sources used in track lighting do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays, which meet environmental requirements. Even if they are discarded, they are relatively environmentally friendly.

Beneficial for Personal Safety

The cables of the track system are hidden and protected by insulation materials, which can greatly reduce human contact with the cables. The risk of electric shock when installing or repairing lighting fixtures can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the track system can choose low-voltage types and install transformers at the front end of the track. Even if we touch the cables inside the track when installing or replacing lighting fixtures, there will be no electric shock hazard.

Types of LED Track Lighting for Office Use

There are many types of LED track lighting fixtures, and they can be selected based on the desired lighting effect and design style. Here are some common types of LED track lighting fixtures:

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Track Spotlights

Spotlights are the most common type of LED track lighting fixtures, with the characteristic of producing concentrated, directional light beams. They can slide and rotate along the track, providing more flexibility.

Track spotlights are usually used to illuminate specific areas, such as office decorations, featured background walls, wall murals, artworks, etc., to highlight the features of the space or corporate image.

Track Wash Wall Lights

Track wash wall lights are a type of track lighting fixtures specifically designed to evenly illuminate wall surfaces or other large areas. The track is installed on the ceiling or wall at a certain distance from the wall, and by adjusting the appropriate angle, a wide and smooth light beam can be produced on the wall surface. In office buildings, they are usually used to create a space atmosphere, making the space have a sense of hierarchy, or to highlight wall art, brand logos, building features, etc.

Track Linear Lights

Track linear lights are a unique lighting solution that combines the characteristics of track lighting systems and linear lighting fixtures. Track linear lights have a longer shape and can provide uniform and continuous light beams. Like other track fixtures, track linear lights can slide and rotate along the track to meet different lighting needs.

Track linear lights can be used for task lighting on office desks, as well as for basic lighting in aisle areas, providing basic lighting while integrating lighting and guiding people’s walking paths.

Track Pendant Lights

Track pendant lights are a unique lighting solution that combines pendant lights with track lighting systems. They have the decorative effect of pendant lights and more flexibility, and can slide and rotate along the track to provide flexible lighting options for your space.

This type of fixture is suitable for areas that require partial or special lighting, such as office rest areas, dining areas, reading areas, and also for task lighting on desks, but the hanging height and power of the fixture need to be taken into consideration.

Track pendant lights, due to their very strong decorative effect, need to be matched with the overall decorative style and color of the office space. For example, simple and rough industrial style pendant lights, minimalist contemporary style, classic traditional style, or creative and personalized art pendant lights.

Track Panel Lights

Track panel lights are a unique track lighting solution that combines panel lights with track lighting systems. They have a larger light-emitting area and provide uniform and comfortable light advantages, as well as the advantage of flexible adjustment and easy installation and maintenance of the track system.

This is also very popular in office spaces and is usually used for task lighting on desks or conference lighting in conference rooms. Due to its large light source, track panel lights can reduce glare and shadows and improve comfort in the space.

Track panel lights can be selected based on size, shape, and light source type. Common shapes include rectangular, square, and circular, and light source types usually choose LED. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the fixture’s anti-glare index, color temperature, power, etc.

What is LED recessed Lighting

LED recessed lighting is a modern, energy-efficient, and high-performance lighting technology, as well as a common lamp installation method. This lighting method has the advantages of being fashionable, space-saving, and having good lighting effects, and is widely used in various spaces, especially in office buildings. LED recessed lighting has many advantages.

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Recessed lamps are installed inside the ceiling or wall, providing a flat and simple surface, unlike conventional lamps that are prominent, making the interior decoration more simple and fashionable.


recessed lamps are recessed in the ceiling or wall and do not occupy the upper space like chandeliers or track lamps, nor do they occupy the horizontal space like ordinary wall lamps. It is especially suitable for small office spaces with narrow widths.

Good lighting effects

recessed lamps can be designed in various shapes and sizes, and different lamp types can be selected according to needs, such as LED light strips, panel lights, tube lights, spotlights, etc., providing good lighting effects.

LED recessed Lighting Types Suitable for Offices

There are many types of LED recessed lighting, which can be classified according to installation methods, application scenarios, and functions. Here are some common types of LED recessed lighting:

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Recessed downlights

This type of lamp is usually installed inside the ceiling and has a more widely used light distribution characteristic. Uniformly arranged in the office, it can provide a uniform and soft lighting effect in the office, whether in the aisle area, rest area, meeting area, reception area, or office area.

Recessed panel lights

Recessed panel lights are lighting equipment installed inside the ceiling. The entire lamp is fully recessed in the ceiling, and the surface of the lamp is usually flush with the ceiling surface, showing a simple and flat appearance. recessed panel lights provide a uniform and soft light, suitable for large open office work areas or rooms such as print rooms and video conference rooms.

This lamp can be recessed in the gypsum ceiling space or can be used in aluminum buckle plate type ceiling space. Compared with the gypsum ceiling space, the lamps in the aluminum buckle plate type ceiling space are more convenient to install and maintain.

Recessed light strips

This type of lamp consists of a series of tightly arranged LED’s and can be easily installed in gaps of various shapes and sizes. They are suitable for decorative lighting and background lighting.

Recessed spotlight

Recessed spotlights have two types: one is adjustable and the other is not adjustable. Usually, the non-adjustable type is more space-saving inside, but it can only provide single-direction lighting and can only be used to light the wall and downward lighting. The adjustable type of recessed spotlight can provide more types of lighting effects, can light up more regions and directions of artworks, decorations, or architectural details, and is beneficial in controlling the glare of the lamp on the eyes.

Recessed linear lights

Recessed linear lights are lighting equipment installed inside the ceiling. Its characteristic is linear shape and the entire lamp is fully recessed in the ceiling, showing a simple and flat appearance. recessed linear lights provide a uniform and continuous light, suitable for environments that require neat and continuous lighting, such as open office areas, rest areas, corridors, etc.

Comparison of LED Track Lights and LED Recessed Lights

Comparison of Fixture Design and Appearance

LED Track Lights

LED track lights are independent lighting fixtures installed on tracks, with a modern and fashionable appearance. There are a variety of track lighting fixtures available, including spotlights, floodlights, wall washers, etc., and the appropriate fixture can be selected according to the scene requirements. Due to the flexibility of the track lighting system, track lights can be easily moved and adjusted to achieve personalized lighting arrangements.

LED Recessed Lights

LED recessed lights are lighting fixtures installed in the ceiling, with a simple and neat appearance. There are also a variety of recessed lighting fixtures available, including tube lights, grille lights, and flat panel lights. Recessed lights blend in with the ceiling, making the space look cleaner and more unified.

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Comparison of Lighting Effects

LED Track Lights

Track lights can be adjusted in angle and direction according to need, providing directional, soft, or focused lighting effects. Due to its adjustability, a variety of lighting effects can be achieved.

LED Recessed Lights

Recessed lights mainly provide uniform ambient light and local lighting. Generally, the lighting effect of recessed lights is relatively stable, but adjustability is poor. Only basic lighting needs are provided.

Comparison of Installation and Maintenance

LED Track Lights

Installation of track lights is relatively simple, just fix the track on the ceiling and then install the fixtures on the track. Due to the flexibility of the track lighting system, track lights can be easily moved and adjusted. In terms of maintenance, track lighting fixtures are usually relatively easy to replace and repair.

LED Recessed Lights

Installation of recessed lights requires opening holes in the ceiling, and the installation process is relatively complex. The position of recessed lights is relatively fixed, and adjustment and movement are inconvenient. In terms of maintenance, replacement and repair of recessed lights may be relatively difficult, especially in high ceiling scenarios.

Which kind of lighting fixtures are more suitable for industrial style offices?

Industrial style offices are one of the popular office design styles in recent years, its characteristics mainly include the following aspects:

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Use of raw materials

Industrial style emphasizes the use of raw materials such as brick walls, concrete floors, wood, etc., these materials are usually not processed or decorated too much, this simple and unadorned design style makes the office look more solid and stable.

Tall spaces

Industrial style building spaces are usually spacious and tall, usually with large windows to ensure ample natural light, this design style can make the office look more transparent and bright.

Rough details

Industrial style offices usually emphasize practicality and functionality, they are not overly decorated and their details are rough. For example, using ironwork and industrial fans to decorate the space, or exposing wires and pipes directly.

Simple structure

Industrial style buildings are usually simple structures such as factories and warehouses, emphasizing practicality and functionality, not paying too much attention to the appearance of the building, this design style can make the office look cleaner, neater, and simpler.

Unique color scheme

Industrial style offices usually use some darker and low-key colors such as black, dark gray, brown, etc. This color scheme makes the entire office look more mature and steady.

Lighting fixtures selection

Based on the above industrial style office decoration features, we recommend choosing LED track lighting, installing the track hanging under various components of the office, such as air ducts, plumbing, etc., to create the best lighting effect.

Task lighting

Open-style office areas usually choose linear track lights or panel track lights installed above the desk to provide the necessary lighting brightness for work.

Aisle lighting

Aisle areas can choose linear track lights as basic lighting, or track spotlights as basic lighting, which is conducive to creating a contrast of light and dark in the industrial style office.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is usually done using track spotlights or wall washers, focusing on highlighting the background wall, decorative artworks, building details, etc. For areas that require large-area uniform lighting, such as walls, it is recommended to use track wall washers for lighting, and for artworks or wall paintings, it is recommended to use track spotlights for lighting.

What kind of lighting fixtures are more suitable in a modern minimalist office?

The modern minimalist style is a design style that focuses on minimalism and simplicity, and is very suitable for office spaces. Its main features include the following aspects:

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Clear and concise lines

The office in the modern minimalist style usually emphasizes the simplicity and fluency of lines and seeks a clear and concise feeling. This design style often adopts simple geometric shapes and line designs and avoids complicated decorations and patterns, making the office more simple and clear.

Simple and exquisite materials

The modern minimalist style usually adopts simple and exquisite materials such as wood, stone, metal, etc. These materials not only reflect the texture, but also create a clean, neat, and simple atmosphere.

Minimalist color scheme

The office in the modern minimalist style usually adopts a minimalist color scheme, such as neutral colors such as black, white, and gray, or the combination of cool and warm colors. This color scheme makes the whole office appear simpler, fresher, and clearer.

Lighting fixtures selection

In view of the above features of the modern minimalist style office decoration, we recommend LED recessed lighting fixtures, embedding the main body of the fixtures into the ceiling to create a simple, clean, and neat visual effect for the entire space.

Task lighting

Open-plan offices often install recessed linear lights or recessed panel lights above the desk, or choose both evenly arranged to create a uniform and soft light in the space. When arranging lighting fixtures, we should pay attention to the direction of the fixtures, usually arranging linear fixtures in the same direction as the office desk, which helps to avoid glare.

Aisle lighting

Aisle areas can choose recessed linear lights or recessed cylinder lights as basic lighting, recessed linear lighting helps to create a sense of line design in the space.

Decorative lightin

Decorative lighting is usually achieved with spotlights. Use non-adjustable angle recessed spotlights in fixed decorative areas to save costs, and use adjustable angle recessed spotlights in areas where the lighting direction needs to be adjusted to achieve the desired lighting effect and enhance the corporate image.

how to choose for a private office?

When choosing LED track lighting fixtures and recessed lighting fixtures in a private office, the following factors should be considered to meet the office’s lighting needs and aesthetic requirements:

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Functional needs

The first step in choosing the type of lighting is the office’s lighting needs. Usually, in a private office, we need a more hierarchical lighting effect, using a variety of lighting fixtures, such as directional task lighting for the office area, decorative lighting for the reception area, wall lighting to highlight the effect, and special building decorations also need to be highlighted.

Space layout and design style

Consider the layout and design style of the office, recessed lighting fixtures are integrated with the ceiling to make the space look more simple and neat, while LED track lighting fixtures have a modern and fashionable appearance, suitable for modern and creative design style offices.

Installation and maintenance

Recessed lighting fixtures require opening holes in the ceiling, so the installation process may be more complex, while LED track lighting fixtures are relatively simple to install, just fix the track to the ceiling and then install the fixtures on the track. In terms of maintenance, LED track lighting fixtures are usually easier to replace and repair, while the replacement and repair of recessed lighting fixtures may be relatively difficult and may damage the ceiling material during the operation.

For private office spaces, we usually cannot complete the lighting solution with a single LED track lighting or LED recessed lighting. We can use LED track lighting for areas that require adjustable lighting, such as highlighting artworks, which is beneficial for flexible adjustments. In areas such as the desk area, which is fixed, we can use LED recessed lighting, which is cost-effective.

Final Considerations

Based on the above article, we can conclude that we cannot determine which method is better between LED track lighting and LED recessed lighting under a single condition. We need to have a detailed understanding of their respective advantages and disadvantages, as well as the spatial scenarios in which they are used. For example, in an office without a ceiling, track lighting would be the best option, whereas in an office with a ceiling, we could combine LED track lighting and LED recessed lighting.

We need to keep in mind that track lighting offers the advantages of flexible adjustment and easy installation and maintenance, while recessed lighting offers the advantages of simplicity and space-saving. With these in mind, we can make a clear choice when selecting lighting for our office. If you prefer track lighting, you can read our other article “Top 10 Track Lighting Options for Office Spaces

If you have lighting requirements for your office, you can click to visit our online store, where we offer a wide range of LED track lighting and LED recessed lighting products, and can also support customized LED lighting services.


What are the advantages of LED track lighting?

LED track lighting offers flexible layout and lighting direction, easy installation and maintenance, diverse design options, and excellent scalability, enabling the creation of sophisticated and efficient lighting effects.

What types of fixtures are included in LED track lighting?

LED track lighting typically includes track spotlights, track wall washers, track linear lights, and track panel lights.

What types of spaces are suitable for LED track lighting?

LED track lighting is suitable for spaces that require layout adjustments and have no ceiling fixtures, including commercial, museum, gallery, office, and home environments.

What are the advantages of LED embedded lighting?

LED embedded lighting is aesthetically pleasing, capable of creating a soft and uniform lighting effect, space-saving, customizable according to needs, and adaptable to different lighting requirements.

What types of fixtures are included in LED embedded lighting?

LED embedded lighting typically includes embedded panel lights, embedded downlights, embedded spotlights, embedded linear lights, and embedded light strips.

What types of spaces are suitable for LED embedded lighting?

LED embedded lighting is suitable for spaces that require a simple ceiling design and uniform lighting, including commercial, office, and home environments.

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