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How To Wire Double Light Switch


In home lighting, we often need to control multiple lights or appliances on and off. A double light switch is a very convenient electrical device that can control two lights or appliances at the same time and can control multiple switches in the same location.

This article will give you the led lighting solutions, introduce the wiring method of the double light switch, as well as the matters that need to be noted and safety tips.


Before wiring, you need to do the following preparatory work:

  • Determine the number of lights or appliances that need to be controlled;
  • Determine the type of two-light switch to be installed;
  • Turning off the power supply;
  • Prepare the necessary tools and materials: dual light switch, screwdriver, pliers, electrical tape, wire, etc.

Removing the old switch

First, the original switch needs to be removed, usually by removing the panel and switch, and by turning off the circuit breaker leading to the switch. Use a non-contact voltage tester to check the cable and make sure the power is off.

Then, use a screwdriver to remove the panel of the old switch and remove the switch from the electrical box. During the removal of the switch, care needs to be taken to protect the cable so that it is not pulled or damaged.

Determine the wire color and markings

Now you need to confirm the color and marking of the wires. Typically, the wire colors and markings are as follows:

  • Black: DC power cord;
  • Red: switched DC power cord;
  • green or yellow-green: ground wire;
  • White: neutral wire.

Connecting the wires

Next, the wires need to be connected. Use wire strippers to strip approximately 10mm of insulation from each wire. Then, connect the wires to the new dual light switch.

Connect the wires as follows:

  • Connect the DC power cord to the terminal marked “L1” or “COM” on the dual light switch;
  • Connect the switched DC power wire to the terminal marked “L2” on the dual light switch;
  • Connecting the ground wire to the ground terminal of the double light switch;
  • Connect the neutral wire to the electrical box.

Installing the New Switch

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After connecting the wires, you will need to place the new two-light switch in the electrical box. Place the switch in the electrical box and secure it in place with screws.

Make sure the switch is tightly secured in the box to ensure safety.

Testing the Switch

After installing the dual light switch, the switch needs to be tested for proper operation. Turn the circuit breaker leading to the switch back on and test each switch to make sure they can control the light or appliance on and off.

If you notice any problems or unusual occurrences, you need to turn the switch off promptly and have it checked by a professional electrician.

Safety Tips

Before wiring, make sure the power has been turned off to avoid electrical hazards.

When removing old switches, make sure you do not pull or damage the cables. When connecting wires, be sure to use the correct tools and connect the wires in the correct manner. When installing a new switch, make sure the switch is properly secured in the electrical box and that nothing unusual will happen when the switch is used in conjunction with a light or appliance. If you are not confident installing a two-light switch, it is best to call a professional electrician for advice.

The above is a detailed explanation of how to wire a double light switch. With this article, you should be able to properly connect a double light switch and understand some safety tips and precautions. If you have any questions, be sure to ask a professional electrician or industrial led lighting suppliers for advice.

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  1. How are double light switches wired?

Application. A two-way light switch requires a three-way cable (three wires plus ground–four conductors in all) to be run in order for the light to be switched from any station. This means that at any time, either switch may be upside-down so that it’s on in the down position or off in the up position.

  1. What is L1 and L2 on a double light switch?

Wiring a One Way Switch

The other terminal is marked as L1 and is the output to the light fixture. When you’re wiring decorative light switches such as chrome or stainless steel etc, you’ll find that the switch will also have an L2 terminal which means it’s a two way switch.

  1. How do you wire a two way light switch one way?

How Do You Wire 2-Way Switches For 1-Way Switching? Most two way switches have a Common terminal, as well as an L1 and L2 terminal. For two way switching you will need to connect both L1 and L2. For one way switching, as you have one less connection, you only need to use the L1 connection.

  1. How does a double electrical switch work?

Double pole switches are connected to two separate electric circuits. They essentially contain 2 switches which are linked together and can complete the circuit either simultaneously or staggered.

  1. What is a 2 way light switch used for?

2 Way Switches: A ‘2 way’ switch means there is another switch controlling the same light. These are often used on a stair case, large room with switches by each door.

  1. What is a double light switch called?

Double pole light switches, also known as a four-way switch, are two single pole switches put together. Two separate circuits are controlled by one switch. This is typically used to control a circuit from multiple locations in a series of three switches on one circuit.

  1. Which wire is L1 and L2?

L1 and L2 power the line side of the circuit. L1 and L2 represent the two poles on an AC power supply.

  1. What Colour wire goes in L2 light switch?

This cable is labelled as L. This colour also identifies the first live cable (L1) in a three-circuit installation, the following cables being black (L2) and grey (L3). It is not surprising to find that in some cases, grey wiring is also used to identify live in a domestic installation.

  1. What is the benefit of a double switch?

A double-pole switch controls two separate circuits. These types of switches make it possible to isolate appliances safely. Double pole switches also tend to be used for appliances with heavy loads, like cookers and showers.

  1. Where is two way switch wiring used?

The two way (double-pole) switch is used to ON and OFF the light from two different locations and the switch is mostly used in the case of stairs, in rooms that have two entries. This type of switch is generally used in some home wiring systems and industrial applications.

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