How to reduce energy consumption in commercial space?

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As commercial development becomes increasingly prosperous, commercial buildings consume more energy compared to other types of buildings. Commercial building owners have generally noticed the expansion of their carbon footprint and the increase in utility costs. The rise in energy consumption is due to population growth, people’s desire for a better lifestyle, and economic growth.

The expansion of desires and economic prosperity is a good sign, but if energy consumption continues to rise, it will lead to an extreme increase in the production of greenhouse gases (GHGs). This will endanger the global environment.

Therefore, to achieve a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, it is crucial to use commercial LED lighting fixtures in offices, industrial, and other commercial spaces. Building owners should focus on improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, as this is one of the most important steps in reducing their carbon footprint.

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Methods to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings

1、Use LED lighting fixtures

Installing KOSOOM commercial LED lighting fixtures is always a win-win situation for commercial building owners.

Compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LEDs have up to 80% higher efficiency. These lighting solutions have a longer lifespan and save a significant amount of energy. Moreover, LEDs require less maintenance and reduce costs.

2Install sensors on lighting fixtures

Using lighting fixtures with integrated sensors can lower electricity costs. Installing them in areas like restrooms and storage rooms can save a considerable amount of money, as the lights only turn on when needed.

In addition to energy savings, sensors can also prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Employees don’t have to worry about spreading germs via switches when the lights turn on and off based on restroom occupancy.

3Adopt energy-efficient smart lighting systems

Smart lighting systems use IoT technology. These lighting fixtures are connected through motion detection sensors that turn them on and off based on occupancy in the space.

The technology connects to the owner’s smartphone, allowing them to control the indoor lighting system remotely. It has been noted that a significant portion of energy waste occurs when employees unintentionally leave lighting equipment running.

By using IoT-based LED lighting controllers available in the market, commercial space owners can save energy and money, as our products have higher quality and longer lifespans.

4、Make effective use of natural light

Sunlight is the most abundant source of lighting, energy, and heat. Commercial building owners should always consider adding more windows and ventilation options in their spaces.

This will allow a large amount of sunlight to enter the building. Not only does this help businesses reduce daytime energy consumption costs, but it also helps employees maintain their health and circadian rhythm, promoting overall physical and mental well-being.

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