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How To Put Led Lights Under Couch

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I have been working in the home decoration field for many years, and I recently completed a home decoration project with a modern touch, successfully installing LED strips underneath a sofa to create a unique lighting effect. I will share my experience installing LED strips under sofas in this article.

Choosing the right LED strip

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First, you need to choose the right LED strip. I recommend choosing a strip with multiple color and brightness options, like the led strip lights, so you can adjust the color and brightness of the light according to different scenes and needs.

In addition, you can also choose a strip with a remote control, so you can more easily adjust the lighting effect without having to bend down or crawl under the sofa to make adjustments.

Prepare installation tools and materials

Before installing the LED strip lights, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • LED light strip
  • Remote control (if needed)
  • Power adapter
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Cable clips
  • Wire sleeves
  • Toolbox

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Installation steps

Next, let’s start to install the LED strip. The following are the detailed installation steps:

  • Measure the space under the sofa to determine how long you need the LED strip.
  • Use scissors to cut the LED strip to the proper length and connect it to the power adapter.
  • Attach the LED strip to the bottom of the sofa and use double-sided tape to secure it firmly under the sofa. Note that the LED strip should be fixed in the center of the bottom of the sofa to obtain the best lighting effect.
  • Use cable clips and wire sleeves to wrap the wires together to avoid wire clutter. This not only keeps the space under the sofa neat and organized, but also prevents the wires from being accidentally stepped on or chewed off by people or pets.
  • Connect the remote control to the LED strips and test that they are working properly. Make sure the connection between the remote control and the LED strip is strong and reliable, and that you can easily manipulate the lighting effects.

I hope this gave you insight into one way to add LED strip lighting to your sofa!  If you are looking for more smart home ideas, please contact us, we are custom led light manufacturers and will give you good led lighting solutions.

Here’s an installation video for reference (video from the web)


1. Can you stick LED lights to fabric?

The LEDs will shine through many fabrics, even heavy and dark ones. This means that the circuit can sit underneath a layer of fabric. This also means that the fabric surface lays flat and smooth which for some products is a bonus.

2. How do you light up behind a couch?

A floor lamp positioned behind the sofa casts light on the area. Floor lamps come in models with single or multiple bulbs. Floor lamps are available with dimmer switches so you can vary the brightness. An arch floor lamp allows you to position the light behind the sofa to mimic the effect of an overhead light.

3. Can you put LED lights on furniture?

But if you’re adding LEDs to a nightstand, you’re probably looking for something compact – a bulb can take up precious surface area. That’s why LED strip lights are often the best option for your room.

4. Are LED lights fire proof?

Thankfully, LED lights are unlikely to catch on fire. The reason is because of their low operating temperature. Overheating is one of the leading causes of fires at the hands of light bulbs. If the bulb gets too hot, it can damage the fixture, melt it, or heat up surrounding material enough to spark a flame.

5. Will LED lights fade furniture?

Only LED’s produce no UV light and protect fabrics and artwork from fading. Even if you replace all your bulbs with LED’s, which is a smart choice for your electric bill as well, you most likely still have windows that allow natural light in during the day and will cause fading over time.

6. Is LED good for dark rooms?

Combined with neutral walls and reflective surfaces, this unobtrusive addition makes even the darkest rooms feel bright and cheerful. “Newer LED lights are actually really bright, clean, and give a lot of light. It’s such a great option,” Lugbill says.

7. Can LED lights last all night?

Because of the lifespan of an LED and its energy-saving capabilities, you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run. So yes, you can keep LED lights on 24/7. Whether it’s Christmas lights or strip lights, LED lights are the best option for prolonged usage.

8. Which material is not suitable for LED?

Light Emitting Diode Structure

LEDs are p-n junction devices constructed of gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP), or gallium phosphide (GaP). Silicon and germanium are not suitable because those junctions produce heat and no appreciable IR or visible light.

9. How do I protect my light sofa?

Here Are a Few Tips on How to Keep a Light Colored Couch Clean

  • Prevent Stains from Falling on Your Light Color Sofa. …
  • Regular Vacuuming Helps with Cleaning Fabric Sofas. …
  • Maintain Light Color Sofas with Baking Soda. …
  • Temporarily Shift or Cover Your Sofa. …
  • Prevent Sun Damage by Moving Your Sofas Around. …
  • Change Your Seat Often.

10.How do you hide LED strip lights?

Use self-adhesive tape to stick them to the ceiling. Another method of hiding LED strip lights on your ceiling that requires little effort and money is by investing in cord covers. You can find covers in various colours, materials, sizes and shapes. Find one that best fits in with your surroundings.

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