How to plan the right lighting for your retail store

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If you are opening a new retail store or remodeling an existing one, the lighting you choose plays an important role in the overall look and appeal of the store. Highlighting new or specific products and increasing the visibility of displays are what make retail lighting so effective.

Whether you choose high-quality LED track lights or other types of retail lighting, choosing the right lighting fixture for your space is critical to its marketability. Attracting customers and creating an atmosphere will entice them to buy your product. Atmosphere and presentation affect how customers interact with your products and your store.

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What type of lighting is used in the store?

Strategic use of lighting is critical to the store experience. In a well-lit store with a warm atmosphere, customers immediately feel comfortable and are ready to explore what you have to offer. Ask a professional interior designer and they will tell you that the right lighting is essential for a great shopping experience.
There are different types of lighting that a store needs: Ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting and task lighting.

1. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is usually the main lighting in a store. When your customers enter the store, you need to make sure the atmosphere is inviting and meets their shopping needs.

This does not mean you need a store space that is too dark or too bright. The size of the space, the height of the ceiling and the amount of natural light will affect the number of fixtures and how they are controlled.

2. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight certain areas and draw customers’ attention to specific products you want to highlight.

Draw attention to your newest product or a product that is currently on sale, literally with a single fixture that illuminates it 3-6 times more than the ambient lighting. Accent lighting is often used in store windows to attract passing potential customers into your store.

3. Decorative lighting

The visual impact of the store’s decorative lighting has a very important relationship to the customer’s first impression. The focus is not on the lighting, but on the visual design that puts people at the center. It helps to emphasize the image of your store.

4. Task lighting

Task lighting is lighting designed for a specific task. In the dressing room area, customers can accurately check that clothes fit well; in the merchandise storage area, staff can access merchandise more quickly; and the checkout area ensures cashiers and products are identified.

Task lighting also accentuates store signage and entrance areas so potential customers can easily identify the appropriate retailers.

What’s the best lighting for costumes and displays?

Your clothing displays can benefit from strategically placed lighting. After all, you want to highlight the clothing you have chosen for your window or store display.

In a window display, the decorative lighting should highlight the product. Make sure the lighting harmonizes with your store’s design and branding. Accent lighting can also highlight a specific display, whether it’s a particular clothing rack or mannequin.

Choose LED power track that simulates natural light so that the colors and details of clothing can be seen at a glance. Reserve task lighting for areas where clothing will not be displayed, such as dressing rooms.

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How can I find quality LED lighting fixtures?

At KOSOOM, our goal is to improve your business experience and your business. Whether you are looking for the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting fixtures for your office space or custom LED lighting fixtures for retail environments, our experts are here to help you meet all of your lighting needs!

KOSOOM offers free consultation and lighting design services to our customers, from program planning to technical support for lighting installation and commissioning.

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