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how to make brown on led lights:kosoom brown led lightk

2023 05 03 15 18 52

how to make brown on led lights :Several methods

There are several ways to produce brown light on LED lights.

1. choose warm white or dim yellow LED bulbs.

These bulbs will produce a color temperature of 2700K to 3000K, with a high energy distribution in the yellow to red band, so present a warm yellow-white or slightly orange light, which can form a more brown effect. This is the easiest and most intuitive way.

2. Use brown LED bulbs or LED bulbs with brown chips.

Some LED bulb manufacturers offer special brown products or products with different color chips to produce different colors of light. Use such products can be directly brown lighting effect.

3. decorate brown silicon film or resin sheet in front of ordinary LED lights.

This sheet can absorb the blue and green wavelengths of light, giving it a brownish-yellow color. This method is simple and affordable but will also affect the brightness of the light to a certain extent.
The RGB controller can independently control the brightness of the red, green and blue channels to mix the different colors of light. By increasing the red channel and slightly reducing the brightness of the green channel can produce brown light. This requires the use of LED lamps that support dimming and color control.

4.Change the driving current of the LED lamp.

Increase the current to drive the red and green LEDs while reducing the current of the blue LEDs can make the original white light to brownish yellow. This requires modification of the internal circuitry and components of the LED lamp, which is complex and generally not recommended to try on your own.

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Adjust the light bar to show brown

1. Choose the LED strip lighting based on RGB three primary colors.Each LED on this strip has three built-in red, green and blue LED beads, which can be mixed with different colors by controlling the brightness of each color. This is the basis for color change.
2. change the controller on the red, green and blue three way slider or knob.These controllers can independently control the brightness of the red, green and blue three colors. To produce brown, you can increase the brightness of red and green, and reduce the brightness of blue. By trying different color combinations to achieve the effect you want.

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3. buy LED strip with remote control, the remote control provides color matching buttons. Some products provide preset color buttons, directly select “warm white” or “brown” can be illuminated to the corresponding color temperature and hue. If there is a color rocker or slider, the operation method is the same as above.
4.PWM signal can be customized to control the red, green and blue colors. PWM signal can control the power-on time of the LED to achieve the effect of changing the color. To produce brown, you can choose a long red power-on time, a moderate green power-on time and a short blue power-on time. This requires the use of a microcontroller to output a PWM signal, which is more difficult for the average user, but can achieve a more customized color effect.
5. Installation of LED strip with color chips. In addition to the built-in RGB three-color LED products, but also provide LED strip with different color chips, you can directly install the corresponding brown or warm color chips to achieve the effect you want. This method is relatively simple and direct, but the choice of color chips is also more limited.
6.In short, to produce warm tones such as brown on multi-color or RGB LED strips, the basic method is to adjust the color temperature by increasing the brightness of red and green, while reducing the brightness of blue.

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Install brown light or brown filter

In the existing white light lamps and lanterns before the installation of brown light or color filter is a simple way to achieve brown lighting effect.

The principle of this method is the brown light sheet can absorb green and blue light, so that the light through the yellow-red, to achieve the effect of brown.
However, and other methods such as RGB dimming compared to the use of color film also has certain disadvantages.
1. will affect the brightness of light. RGB dimming method can maximize the use of all light, will not cause light loss.
2. limited choice of color chips. On the market, you can buy a limited variety of color chips and colors, can not fully realize the ideal color effect you have in mind. RGB dimming method can produce any color in the full color spectrum.
3. Not easy to change. Once a color chip is selected and installed, it is difficult to change the color effect by replacing the chip. RGB dimming only requires a simple adjustment of the controller or remote control to achieve different color changes. 4.
4. will affect the appearance of the lamp. RGB dimming is installed in the lamps and lanterns, the appearance is no different from ordinary lamps and lanterns.
So, in general, although the use of color chips is a simple way to achieve brown or other color lighting, but compared to RGB dimming, there are still greater limitations. If the pursuit of greater color range, higher light efficiency and more beautiful appearance, RGB dimming will be more excellent.

Want to achieve the effect of brown is the most direct way to buy a brown led light

For example In Italy to buy brown LED lights:KOSOOM guide

1. for the Italian power specifications: Italy’s household power specifications is 220V, so the purchase of LED lights must match this voltage, the general product will be marked working voltage range, please confirm ity including 220V.
2. choose local brands: when buying in Italy, you can consider choosing some local well-known LED lamp brands, such as SILU, KOSOOM.. These brand products will be more in line with the aesthetic habits of Italians, but also easier to obtain after-sales service.

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3. familiar with local channels: in Italy online shopping mall and physical shopping will have a different experience, need to understand the local people often go to the mall and LED lights stores. For example, you can visit Carrefour, Euronics and Mediaworld and other large shopping malls. Or go to Unieuro, Trony and other appliance and lighting stores.
4. Language concerns: Local businesses in Italy generally only provide services in Italian, so language may be a barrier. If you don’t speak Italian at all, consider shopping at a large chain store where the service staff generally speaks English. Or bring a friend who speaks Italian to buy with you.
5. tariff issues: If you ship LED lights from abroad to Italy, you need to pay high tariffs, the price will be greatly increased. So if you live in Italy for a long time, or in the local purchase of LED products more affordable.

In short, the main thing to buy brown LED lights in Italy is to localize, familiar with the Italian market environment and consumer habits, choose local brand products and channels. Language issues also need to pay attention to, especially for price-sensitive consumer goods, need to clearly understand the product information. If you follow the above suggestions, you can also successfully buy your favorite brown LED light products in Italy.

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