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how to make battery operated lights plug in kosoom guide

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If you want to change the battery-powered fixture to socket power, you can refer to the following steps.

Check the voltage of the luminaire

First check the rated operating voltage of the luminaire to confirm that it can be powered directly by the household power supply (usually 110V or 220V). If not in this range, it is not recommended for transformation.

Prepare the power adapter

Select a power adapter with input voltage suitable for household power supply and output voltage matching the working voltage of the luminaire. The output current needs to be greater than the current required by the luminaire.


When choosing a power adapter, you need to pay attention to the following points

  1. input voltage: choose the adapter input voltage needs to match the household power supply voltage, generally 110V or 220V. if the input voltage does not match, the adapter can not work, may also be damaged.
  2. output voltage: the output voltage of the adapter needs to match the rated working voltage of the lamp in order to supply power properly. Output voltage is too high or too low will cause the lamp can not work normally.
  3. output current: the output current of the adapter needs to be at least greater than the nominal working current of the luminaire. If the output current is too small to provide the power required by the lamps, the lamps will be dark or can not work.
  4. brand selection: recommended to choose the big brands of adapters, such as Kosoom silux, these brands of products with high security and reliable quality. Some small brands of adapters quality is difficult to guarantee, there are certain safety risks, less recommended.
  5. Model selection: according to the actual situation of the lamps and lanterns, choose the appropriate adapter models and specifications. Field of view lighting fixtures larger power, you need to choose a high power adapter; if the lighting is placed, the power of a smaller general-purpose models can be.

In the selection of adapters is mainly based on the rated voltage and power of the lamps and lanterns to choose the matching specifications and brands. Also consider the quality and safety of the adapter, especially for outdoor or high power equipment, this is particularly important.

Kosoom brand adapters are of high quality and have a wide range of products, so you should be able to easily find a model that matches your fixture. If you have questions about the specific model, you can tell me the technical parameters of the lamp, and I can recommend the appropriate Kosoom brand power adapter for your reference selection.

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Connect the power cable of the luminaire to the output terminal of the adapter

Carefully connect the luminaire’s original battery pack power cable to the power adapter’s output terminals (“+” and “-“). Make sure the correct polarity is connected.

Connect to the household power supply

Connect the input cable of the power adapter to the household power outlet. The fixture should be energized and working properly at this point.

Consider adding a switch (optional)

If you need to manually control the luminaire on/off, you can add a switch to the luminaire’s power cord and connect it to the power adapter’s output terminals.

Adding a switch is a good optional measure that allows you to manually control the energized state of the fixture. When adding a switch

you need to pay attention to the following points

The voltage and current of the switch should be matched with the luminaire.

Choose the same or higher voltage and current specifications of the switch with the lamps. Otherwise, the switch may be overheated or damaged when energized.

Connection position of the switch.

The switch needs to be connected between the power cord of the luminaire and the output terminal of the power adapter to control the connection between the luminaire and the power supply. If directly connected to the household power cord, other appliances will also be controlled, which is not correct.

Single pole switch or double pole switch.

Depending on the setting of the lamp to choose a single-pole switch (a switch to control a line) or double-pole switch (a switch to control two lines at the same time). For series-connected lamps and lanterns, double-pole switch is more suitable.

watertight switch (if applicable).

If the lamps and lanterns are located in a humid environment, a waterproof and moisture-proof switch should be used to prevent leakage and short circuit risks.

The installation location of the switch.

The installation location of the switch is also an important consideration. Should be installed in the convenient operation but not easily damaged by external location. If it is outside the house lamps, switches are best installed near the lamps or indoor.
You also need to prepare other auxiliary materials such as switch housings, cables, and riveting tools to complete the switch installation. At the same time, the increase in the number of switches will also increase the risk of certain hazards, so make sure that each connection terminal is locked and reliable when installing the switch, and that there is no risk of short circuit.


Protective grounding (if necessary)

For metal luminaires, to ensure safety, add a ground wire between the luminaire housing and ground, and connect to the ground terminal.

Confirm normal operation.

After the supplies are energized, check whether the luminaire works normally, whether the brightness is normal, and whether there is abnormal heat generation. After everything is normal, the transformation is complete.

Modification of the power supply will be a certain danger, if you are not familiar with the circuit, it is recommended to find the relevant technical personnel to help complete. It is worth noting that after the transformation, the lamps and lanterns will be powered by the socket, the switch control mode may change, which needs to be considered in advance clear.

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