How to make an acrylic led light:KOSOOM acrylic led

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Kosoom acrylic led light is a modern and fashionable light fixture, which is popular for its unique material and shape.

With its beautiful appearance and soft light, the acrylic lamp is suitable for use in various places such as homes, shopping malls and hotels.

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As you know The material of acrylic led lights is a highly transparent organic glass, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass, and also more lightweight. The advantage of this material is that it allows the lamps to present a more three-dimensional, transparent effect, allowing people to feel a stylish, noble atmosphere.

The shape of acrylic led lights is also very diverse and can be customized according to different needs. For example, you can choose a simple line shape, you can also choose a complex three-dimensional shape, but also according to the different places and uses of the design. Whether it is a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, or placed on the desktop of a small table lamp, you can create a unique visual effect through the acrylic material and shape.

Acrylic led lights are soft, even light, not harsh and not flickering, ideal for use in homes, shopping malls and other places. At home, you can choose some simple, small acrylic table lamps or bedside lamps, so that the home space more warm and comfortable; in the mall or hotel, you can choose some large, complex acrylic chandeliers or floor lamps to increase the sense of fashion and nobility of the entire space.

Acrylic led lights also have certain environmental performance.

Because its material is organic glass, does not contain harmful substances, so it is more safe and reliable to use. At the same time, acrylic lights have a long service life, not easy to damage and aging, not only to reduce environmental pollution, but also to save users more maintenance and replacement costs.

So you know how to make your own acrylic led lights

KOSOOM recommended materials:

1.Acrylic sheet

2.LED strip light

3.Power supply

4.Electric drill



7.Double-sided adhesive tape


First of all, there are many kinds of led strips, how to choose

Monochrome LED strip

Monochrome LED strip is the most basic kind of LED strip. It has only one color, usually white or warm white. This type of strip is most commonly used in lighting, such as in kitchens, bathrooms and other places that need bright lighting. The advantages of monochrome LED strips are that they are inexpensive, have a long life, and are low power, so they do not generate too much heat.

Digital LED strip

RGB LED strips can change many colors, including basic colors such as red, green and blue, as well as combinations of these colors. These strips are ideal for creating ambiance, such as in living rooms, bedrooms and other places where soft lighting is needed. RGB LED strips can be conveniently controlled via remote control or smartphone app. It should be noted, however, that RGB LED strips are high powered and require proper heat dissipation.

Digital LED strip is a more advanced type of LED strip. It can be programmed through the controller to achieve various dynamic effects, such as flashing, flowing, fading, etc. Digital LED strip is usually used in commercial occasions or exhibition centers and other places that need advanced lighting effects. However, the price is relatively high and requires professional staff for installation and debugging.

IC LED strip

IC LED strip is a kind of integrated circuit-controlled LED strip. It can achieve more complex dynamic effects, such as music rhythm beating, text scrolling, etc. IC LED strip is usually used for stage performances, nightclubs and other occasions that require advanced lighting effects. But the same need for professional personnel to install and debug.

COB LED strip

COB LED strip is a kind of integrated multiple LED chip strip. COB LED strip is usually used for outdoor lighting, billboards and other occasions that require high brightness and wide angle lighting. However, the price is relatively high and attention needs to be paid to heat dissipation.

Design your shape Here is an example Heart shape

We use a pencil or marker to draw the outline of a heart shape on an acrylic board. You can draw the shape freely or use a template to make sure the shape is accurate.

Prepare your puzzle
Attach a fine-toothed blade to your puzzle. Make sure that the blade is long enough to cut through the thickness of the acrylic sheet.

Cut the acrylic sheet
Use a jigsaw to start cutting along the contours of the heart. It is important to take your time and carefully follow the contours of the cut. Avoid pushing too hard or cutting too fast, as this may cause the acrylic sheet to crack or shatter.

Smoothing the edges
After cutting the heart shape, use sandpaper to smooth out any rough or sharp edges. Start with a coarse grit sandpaper and work your way up to a fine grit sandpaper until the edges are smooth.

Next we choose the RGB strip to make

Determine the location of the LEDs: Use a pencil to mark a spot on the spot where you want to mount the LEDs.Use a pencil ruler to make sure it is in the correct position.

Wear gloves: Make sure to wear gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes before doing any drilling.

Prepare the drill bit: Insert the correct size drill bit into the drill. Make sure the drill head is securely fastened to the drill.
The size of the drill head should match the size of the LED light to ensure aesthetics

Start drilling: Place the drill on the point marking the acrylic plate and gently press the trigger. Do not use too much force as it will damage the surface. Slowly push the drill bit down until it completely penetrates the surface.

Finish the hole: Clean up the material around the hole with an iron pliers. If you don’t have a pair of pliers, you can use a regular pair of pliers instead.

Install the LED strip: Insert the LED light into the hole. If you find that it is a little loose, use glue or tape to hold it in place.

How to choose acrylic led light power adapter

Your strip is 12VDC, one meter is 12 watts, a total of 4 meters of strip, then the total wattage of the strip is 12×4 = 48W. Then you need to choose a constant voltage driver of 48W or more. The general wattage on the market are conventional, such as: 35W, 50W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 350W and so on. Then, choose greater than 60W is no problem.

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Next Turn on the led light switch, enjoy your artwork with your friend  this is Show time Learn more

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