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How to Make a Neon Light?

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What Are LED Neon Signs?

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LED neon signs are a high-tech commercial lighting product.

It uses LEDs as a long-lasting, environmentally friendly light source and flexible LED strips as the luminous body, which can freely create fonts, symbols and graphics with rich visual effects.

LED neon signs provide a variety of color options with scientific color configuration, highlighting the theme as well as visual impact.

LED neon signs integrate energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and safety with a service life of 5-10 years, which is fully suitable for outdoor applications. The connecting parts are made of stainless steel with simple processing.

What Do You Need To Make an LED Neon Sign? 

I. Materials

  1. LED neon lights——RGB or RGBW, richer colors, better visual effects
  2. Substrate——wooden boards, PVC boards or walls, installation surface for LED neon lights
  3. Wire cutters——cut LED neon lights to design size
  4. Wires——No. 20 wires are ideal
  5. Wire spools
  6. Soldering iron
  7. Hand-held drill
  8. Adhesive


  1. Wire cutters——cut LED neon lights to design size
  2. Soldering iron——solder LED neon lights and power supply
  3. Hand-held drill——drill holes in the base material to fix the LED neon lights
  4. Adhesive——bond LED neon lights to substrate

III. Skills and principles

  1. Cut LED neon lights according to design size
  2. Solder the cut LED neon lights into shape
  3. Design hole positions on the substrate and drill holes to fix the LED neon lights
  4. Glue the LED neon lights to the substrate
  5. Connect to power to light up the LED neon lights

 Making the Sign

  • Using bendable LED neon flex lights, they can be cut into various lengths to achieve whatevershape you desire, giving you more creative freedom in sign design.
  • You can draw sign sketches on the substrate by hand or use CAD and illustration software. Be sure the letter spacing is sufficient as LED neon flex lights are jacketed and thus thicker.
  • All lights must be connected in one circuit. Each cut section has to link to the next. Pay attention to circuit continuity to ensure all lights work. If the sign is text, cursive font is better.

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 Designing the Sign

To design LED neon signs for commercial space, the theme should be closely followed and the highlights emphasized.

  • Retail store lighting plays an important role in product display, using conspicuous colors and bright neon strips to enhance visual impact.
  • Gallery lighting needs to reflect cultural connotations, using abstract shapes and soft light to create an artistic atmosphere.
  • Restaurant lighting has more advantages in creating a romantic atmosphere, with personalized fonts and warm color systems that can be selected.
  • Office lighting uses simpler and more generous neon tube shapes to show professionalism.

The distinctive needs of different areas and the unity of the overall visual effect should be emphasized.

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While bringing colorful lighting to commercial space, LED neon signs have also become an important carrier of space decoration art, it bring infinite possibilities to cities and life, beautiful because of technology, using creativity to light up.

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