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How to Make a Black Led Light?

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I. What is black led light

Black led light, also known as black light LED strip, is a kind of black light made from led lights strips. It utilizes special filters or coatings to block most visible light and emit ultraviolet (UV) light, particularly UVA.

Under black light, phosphorescent materials glow brightly. It causes fluorescent paints, fluorescent marker drawings to glow and also makes white and neon colored clothing and decorations emit light, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

In summary, black led light is a lighting means primarily used for atmosphere in decoration and events, an essential element in any party or gathering.

II. Application scenarios of black led light

Black led light is commonly used in entertainment venues such as bars, nightclubs and KTV. It makes fluorescent decorative items, wall colors and objects glow to form a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere, attracting customers.

Unlike normal lighting, black led light filters out most visible light while allowing UVA through, thus achieving unique effects that normal lighting cannot.  Black led light has been widely adopted in commercial decorative lighting, especially in entertainment venues.

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III. How to make black led light

1. Purchase materials:

  • High-quality UV LED strip lights and remote control
  • Transparent tape or colored glass paper
  • Blue and purple markers

2. Preparation:

  • Calculate the number of LED lights
  • Cut the covers into pieces equal to the LED light number, 3 pieces per group

3. Coloring:

  • Color the 1st piece blue, the 2nd piece blue, the 3rd piece purple

4. Affix the covers:

  • Attach each group of covers onto the LED strip one by one
  • Ensure each LED is completely covered

5. Test by powering:

  • Power the LED strip
  • Achieve the black light effect

6. Adjust (optional):

  • Adjust the LED strip with the remote control for the best effect

IV. Other commercial lighting

Linear lighting uses multiple long tubes arranged in lines, emitting white or colored light. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings to provide simple illumination for homes or commercial spaces.

Modern pendant lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials such as glass, plastic, metal, etc.  They cast a discreet glow for task or ambient lighting.

Other options include: track lighting which attaches to tracks for directional lighting; recessed lighting installed in ceilings; and strip lighting using concealed air vents.

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In summary, black led light transforms LED strip lights into UV light sources through simple DIY techniques. Paired with fluorescent materials, it achieves unique decorative effects for commercial venues.

Linear light fixture, led pendant lights and other types of lighting serve various residential and commercial purposes. When used together, they provide comprehensive illumination in an aesthetic manner. The variety of options in commercial LED lighting allows for flexibility in highlighting spaces and creating distinct atmospheres.

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