How To Install Led Lights Behind TV

Led Lights Behind Tv

People’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and many people have questions about how to install TV backlighting.

Installing TV backlighting can not only create atmosphere and reduce visual fatigue, but also enhance the viewing experience.

Today we come together to share how to install the TV backlight.

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Step 1: Shop for LED strips

When shopping for led strip lights, or LED track lighting you need to consider the type of strip, length, control method, and price and quality.

First, we need to choose RGB, RGBW or adjustable color temperature light bar types according to our needs.

Secondly, choose the right length of light bar according to the size of TV. The control method can choose remote control, smart home or mobile APP, etc.

Finally, make a choice between budget and quality, and choose a cost-effective product.

Step 2: Prepare tools and materials

In terms of preparing tools and materials, you need to prepare tools such as scissors, tape measure and screwdriver, as well as materials such as LED light bars, power adapters, extension cords and fixing clips.

In addition, the installation of TV backlights requires attention to safety, so electrical gloves and insulating tape are also essential.

Step 3: Test the LED strip

Before installation, you need to test the integrity of the LED light bar, whether the power adapter matches and whether the control function is normal.

Check whether the light bar is damaged or faulty, confirm whether the voltage and current of the power adapter match, test the color, mode and brightness of the control function, etc.

Step 4: Plan the installation path

When planning the installation path, you need to determine the starting point, consider the bend of the light bar and the installation location.

First, the power supply location and hidden lines need to be determined to avoid affecting the overall aesthetics.

Second, when considering the bending of the light bar, you need to maintain a smooth transition to avoid excessive bending.

Finally, you need to choose the installation location according to your needs, which can be the back of the TV, the edge or the TV cabinet, etc.

Step 5: Clean and prepare the surface

Before installation, you need to clean the back of the TV to remove dust, grease, etc. and keep it dry to avoid moisture from affecting the stickiness of the light bar.

It is also necessary to confirm whether the surface is suitable for pasting, which should be smooth and free from obstructions.

Step 6: Install the LED light bar

When installing LED strips, it is necessary to paste according to the planned path and keep the bending of the strips moderate.

At the same time, in order to enhance the stability of the light bar and prevent it from falling off, you can use fixing clips.

In addition, it is also necessary to organize and fix the lines of power and extension cables to ensure the overall beauty.

Step 7: Commissioning and optimization

After the installation is completed, it needs to be debugged and optimized. You can adjust the brightness of the light bar according to the viewing environment and personal preferences, choose the color that suits the TV color and interior decoration style, switch the modes such as static, gradient or jump, and even set the timing function to achieve automatic switching of the switching time and scene mode.

Step 8: Solve common problems

During the installation and use, some common problems may occur, such as the light bar does not light up, the color is not accurate, the paste is not firm or the control fails. They can be solved by checking the power supply, connecting wiring and the light bar itself, adjusting the remote control or APP settings, or replacing the remote control battery and contacting after-sales support.

Installation Tips and Suggestions

There are also some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when installing TV backlighting. If you plan to install the TV on the wall, it is recommended to reserve space for wiring and hide the power outlet so as not to affect the overall aesthetics.

If you also want to pair it with audio equipment, you can choose synchronized control or shared audio input for a better viewing experience. If you pursue the ultimate experience, you can consider multi-layer lighting design and scene interaction, etc.

Finally, in order to prolong the service life of LED strips, you need to wire them reasonably, avoid excessive bending, and clean them regularly.

The above is a complete guide on how to custom led lighting Behind Tv, here in order to be more intuitive and clear for you to present the installation effect, you can view the video| (video from YouTube, for reference only)

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