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How to Fix Broken Christmas Light Strings

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Every Christmas everyone will decorate their houses with Christmas string lights, but the headache is idle for nearly a year the string lights suddenly do not light up, you will not be for this headache? In this article, I’ll share this led lighting solutions and advice to help you better fix broken Christmas light strings.

Here are the five steps I have prepared for you.

1. Diagnose the problem

Before you tackle your Christmas lights, you need to inspect them carefully. If you see cracked or damaged insulation, frayed or exposed wires, or a damaged plug, discard the string of lights. These problems can lead to safety issues such as electric shock or fire, so you shouldn’t try to fix them.

Now, you need to determine the cause of the problem. In the case of a smaller set of lights, they may be connected in series, with current flowing through each individual bulb to complete the circuit and illuminate the entire set. Larger light sets usually have two or more circuits connected in parallel, which explains why sometimes just a portion of the light string goes black.

In most cases, simply replacing the bad bulb will solve the problem for the entire light set or one part of it.

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2. Finding the bad bulb and replacing it

Finding the bulb that is causing the problem can be difficult. You can use an electrician’s multimeter or a tool designed to repair Christmas lights, such as LightKeeper Pro, which can check voltages, remove bulbs, test fuses and fix shunts, among other functions.

You can try plugging the string of lights into an electrical outlet and see which bulb doesn’t light up. If you’re lucky, it may just be that the bulb is loose and needs to be reinserted.

In addition, you can remove the bulb and check the two small wires sticking out of the base. They should be firmly attached and not touching each other. Each wire should lie flat on the outside of the bulb. When you plug the bulb back into the socket, the wires are finished making the electrical connection.

If you test the bulb with LightKeeper Pro or a multimeter and find that it is burned out or damaged, you will need to replace it with a new bulb. Just make sure the new bulb has the proper voltage rating or you could damage the entire light set.

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3. Fix a faulty filament or shunt

If the entire lamp assembly or part of it does not light up, there may be a broken filament or a faulty shunt. (A shunt is a device that allows current to continue to flow through the circuit by creating a path of lower resistance than the original path. In incandescent lamps, the shunt is a small wire wrapped around the underside of the filament.)

If the filament of a bulb breaks, the shunt maintains the circuit by redirecting the current to the base of the bulb. Although a faulty shunt may sound like a catastrophic failure, you can usually fix it using LightKeeper Pro.

Simply plug the string of lights into an electrical outlet and remove the bulb that is at or near the dark end. Next, insert the tool into the bulb’s socket and press the trigger to activate the piezoelectric circuit. A high-energy pulse will pass through the entire unit, and after about 20 pulses, any faulty shunt should be reactivated. That’s a cool way to fix things, right?

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4. Replacing a blown fuse

If you don’t find any problems when you check the light strings with the voltage detector, there is one more thing to try: check for a small fuse at the small sliding door behind the male end of the plug. If the fuse is blown (you can use LightKeeper Pro to check it), replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage. There should be a mark on the plug.

5. Upgrade your light kit

If you need to purchase a new light kit, I recommend upgrading to LED Christmas lights. LED lights have many advantages that make them a better choice than incandescent lights. They are more energy efficient, last longer, and can be programmed to display different colors and patterns. In addition, LED lights are more durable and less likely to break than traditional bulbs.

Overall, repairing Christmas lights may require some patience and specialized tools, but you can try to fix most problems using these steps. Remember, safety is always the most important thing. If you are unsure of how to proceed with a repair, seek professional help. My advice is to make sure you understand and have the proper safety practices in place before working with Christmas lights. Never touch any exposed wires or bare electrical parts before inspecting the string of lights. Also, make sure that the power is completely unplugged and that the power is turned off.

If you are repairing an outdoor light set, make sure they are using waterproof wire and fixtures. Using unsuitable wires or fixtures may result in serious consequences such as electric shock or fire.

Finally, if you have tried all of the above and the string lights still do not work, then it is recommended that you give up trying to fix them and opt to buy a new light set instead. There are now many LED light sets available with high quality and low energy consumption that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also safer and more durable.

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Fixing a Christmas light set may require some patience and professional tools, but as long as you follow the right steps and stay safe, you can easily fix most problems. Of course, if you think you can’t solve the problem yourself, you can still seek professional led light suppliers help.

In order to facilitate you to understand more intuitively how to fix the problem of light strings, here to share a repair video (video from the network, for reference only)

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