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How to Fix a Led Strip Light?

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LED strips are widely used in commercial LED lighting. If an LED strip fails, contact a commercial LED lighting supplier for repair immediately, or you can prepare the tools and fix it by yourself.

Prepare the following basic tools: 

  • Multimeter:  Used to test the circuit and voltage of the LED strip, find break points and short circuits, which is an essential tool for repairing LED strips.
  • Wire cutters: Used to cut, tighten and connect the wires and joints of LED strips, strip wire jackets, etc. Wire cutters with fuses are safer.
  • Screwdriver: Used to disassemble and install fixed parts of LED strips, such as LED bulb seats, end junciton cover, etc. Flat head and Phillips screwdrivers are commonly used.
  • Test pen: Used to directly test the current and voltage on the circuit and components to quickly determine whether the circuit is energized and find the faulty point.

Other tools such as tweezers, soldering irons, and anti-static gloves are used only as needed.

In summary, the most basic tools for repairing LED strips are multimeters, wire cutters, screwdrivers and test pens. Mastering their correct use can solve most common problems with LED strips.

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Analyze the reasons why the lights are not on and solutions

  • Power supply failure: 

Check if the power supply is plugged in securely and energized. If the power supply is faulty, replace it.

  • Wire damage:
Use wire cutters and test pens to check if the wires connecting the LED strip and power supply are damaged or loose. Damaged wires need to be repaired or replaced with wire cutters and screwdrivers to avoid short circuits and electric shocks.
  • Too many faulty LED bulbs:
If too many LED bulbs (more than 30%) on the strip are not lit or dim when tested with a test pen, it is recommended to replace the entire LED strip. Purchase a new LED strip with the same specifications from the original supplier.
  • Circuit break:
Use a multimeter to check if there is an open circuit along the LED strip. Repair or replace the damaged circuit section with wire cutters, screwdrivers and soldering iron if a break point can be located.
  • Poor contact:
Use a test pen to check if all connectors and joints are securely connected along the LED strip. Re-connect any loose contacts with a screwdriver to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  • LED strip overheated:
If the LED strip gets excessively hot, it needs to be disconnected immediately to avoid damage. Improve heat dissipation and ventilation, then reconnect and test.

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  • If too many LED bulbs are faulty, it is recommended to replace the new LED strip. Purchase a new strip with the same specifications as the original LED strip from LED lighting supplier.
  • Before installing the new LED strip, connect it to the power supply for testing to ensure that the new strip works properly and all junctions and circuits are securely connected to prevent electric shock or fire.
  • The LED strip lights should be maintained and serviced regularly. Check the circuits and junctions from time to time to ensure stable light emission, avoid overheating and other faults, and prolong service life.

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