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Dimming a light bulb can help create the perfect ambiance in a room and also reduce energy consumption. In this article, KOSOOM will discuss various methods to dim a light bulb.

Install Smart Dimmer Switch
Discuss how a dimmer switch controls the amount of electricity flowing to the light bulb which allows you to adjust the brightness.
Kosoom LED LAMP app is an application soft that can control LED lights on cell phones, using this software can help users easily control the brightness and power consumption of various LED lights via Bluetooth and WIFI on cell phones.
Also can be remote control, brightness, color ring and other parameters of the adjustment, and its lighting effects are also very rich and diverse.

Replace led lighting (accessories)

First Turn off the power supply: Before starting the installation or replacement process, make sure to turn off the power supply to avoid any electrical hazards.
You can either switch off the light or the circuit breaker.

Remove the light cover: If the LED module or strip is mounted inside a light fixture, you need to remove the light cover to access it. Usually, the light cover is held by clips or screws that you can remove to take off the cover.

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Remove the old light

If there is an existing light source, you need to remove it to install the new LED module or strip. Depending on the type of light, you may need to remove screws or clips to detach it from the fixture. Make sure to disconnect any wiring or components, and remove the old light completely.

Install the new LED module or strip: Depending on the product, the installation process may vary. For LED strips, you can simply attach the strip to the fixture using adhesive backing or clips. For LED modules, some products may use magnets to attach the module to the fixture.

Connect the wiring

Once the LED module or strip is installed, you need to connect the wiring to the power supply. Most LED products use a standard 2-wire configuration, where one wire is for the live/hot (brown or black), and the other is for the neutral (blue or white).

Test the LED light:

After connecting the wiring, turn on the power supply and test the LED light to make sure it is working properly. If the light does not turn on, check the wiring and connections to troubleshoot the issue.

Replace the light cover: Once the LED light is tested and working, replace the light cover and secure it with clips or screws.

Choose Better led chip

When buying led lights, you can first look at the chip it uses, which is the core component of the light. But for different brands and models of lamps and lanterns, its luminous efficiency and color rendering index are somewhat different. The market lamps and lanterns basically use a single crystal chip, but in the process of buying and selling the best choice of integrated chips, because this chip not only luminous efficiency number, color index will also be higher.

luminous flux

Selection of led lamps and lanterns, need to pay attention to its luminous flux, that is, brightness. Different environments and the area of the room, the brightness requirements for lamps and lanterns will be different, so we can be more housing space and lighting needs to choose when choosing. In addition, you can also combine the surrounding environment to choose the required lamps, but pay attention to the brightness of the light, not too harsh.

led color rendering index

When choosing lamps and lanterns, you can place the object under the lamps and lanterns light to see how true the color of the object. Usually the value of the lamps is between 0 and 100, while the standard led lamp is more than 75, so it is best to choose more than 80 when buying.

Lighting Solutions

The soft light in different planes of the room can give a sense of space comfort. On the contrary, unsuitable or too much light will cause vision damage and fatigue.

Contrast is important to enable the eye to distinguish between physical objects and background. A lighting system, a good contrast correction will not cause reflections, even shiny planes and documents. Even smooth paper will not affect the reading.

Office led track lighting solutions

With the development of track technology, the use of copper-plastic co-extrusion technology molding, and two reinforcing bars on the back of the groove to facilitate wire concealment or alignment, not only beautiful and sturdy shape, distortion is not easy to deform, and high safety factor sex. The track has the following advantages: easy to install, easy to cut, easy to connect, highly flexible, etc.; it can be divided into: two-wire track, three-wire track, four-wire track.

As the two-wire and three-wire only provide a circuit control, so in some scenes if you need to control different lamps and lanterns separately on the same track, then use four-wire track.

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Led Lighting connector

In some design applications may encounter the track length is not enough and shaped structure and alignment direction, for the consideration of these factors, it is necessary to use a variety of connectors to meet the design requirements; according to the different track structure modeling with different connectors

installing smart dimmer switches and replacing existing lighting with LED solutions provides an ideal combination of ambiance and energy efficiency

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