how to choose track lighting for your clothing store

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What is the best lighting for a fashion store?

Track lighting is one of the best lighting options for a fashion store, with many benefits that can help increase sales and save on operational costs. The advantages of track lighting for a clothing store are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

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Flexible adjustment

The characteristic of track lighting systems is that they can be flexibly adjusted, and the light fixtures can be freely adjusted by loosening the fixtures from the track. This allows us to adjust the lighting fixtures according to store layout, display needs, and seasonal changes.

Highlighting merchandise

Fashion stores usually use adjustable angle track spotlights, which allow for the adjustment of the direction and angle of the light fixtures, to illuminate the display area, window displays, or special products with focused light, making them stand out and attract customers’ attention, which can help increase customer retention.

Aesthetic design

With the development of track lighting, there are various appearance designs that can match different decoration styles. We can choose the style and color of track lighting fixtures according to the decoration and display of the store, to make it harmonious.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly

Nowadays, more than 90% of track lighting systems use LED light sources. As we all know, LED lamps are very durable and energy-saving, with a service life of up to 50,000 hours, and will not emit substances harmful to human body or the environment during use.

Easy installation and maintenance

The installation of track lighting systems is simple. The track is fixed in a suitable position, and the light fixture can be easily installed on the track by finding the connecting snap according to the characteristics of the fixture, and then locking the fixture’s fixing snap to the track. This also makes maintenance and replacement of track lighting fixtures easy.

How to choose track lighting for a clothing store

When selecting track lighting for a clothing store, there are several key factors to consider:

Consider space layout and design

Understand the overall layout and dimensions of the store to determine the necessary number of fixtures and track length, as well as installation locations, to ensure the track lighting system meets the lighting needs of all areas within the store.

Fixture selection

Fixture selection includes the fixture’s appearance style and color, type of fixture such as track-style spotlights or track-style linear lights, light source and various parameters such as color temperature, color rendering index, beam angle, etc.

Fixture control

For example, switch control, dimming control, smart control, etc. If possible, choose track lights with dimming capabilities so that you can adjust the lighting effects based on store activities, promotions or seasonal changes to create different atmospheres.

Installation and maintenance

When choosing a track lighting system, make sure it is easy to install and maintain. The track and light fixtures should be easy to install on the ceiling or wall, and easy to replace or clean.

How to consider track lighting through space layout

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Store size and shape

When selecting track lighting, considering space layout and design is crucial. Here are some tips to help you choose the right track lighting for your space:

Analyze space requirements

Fully understand the overall layout and space requirements of our clothing store, including the location of display areas, shop windows, shelves, and fitting rooms. This will help us determine which areas require track lighting and calculate the necessary number of fixtures and track dimensions.

Follow space flow

When designing track lighting, consider the flow of people in the store and highlight products in areas with high foot traffic. Avoid creating glare problems for customers when planning fixtures. This will provide a comfortable shopping environment for customers and enhance their shopping experience.

Consider depth

Creating depth for the store by using track lighting at different heights and angles can provide a rich sense of depth. For example, illuminating only a specific area within the same area will help highlight specific products, making promotional items brighter than regular items and creating a sense of contrast between light and dark.

Installation location

Install track lighting in suitable locations according to space layout and design requirements to avoid illuminating unnecessary areas while also avoiding light waste.

Store decoration style

Choosing the right track lighting for a store’s decor style is crucial because lighting fixtures not only need to provide sufficient light, but also need to coordinate with the overall design. Here are some suggestions for appearance choices:

For modern style stores, it’s recommended to choose minimalist, clean-lined track lighting, prioritizing black, white, or silver metal materials, and modern LED fixtures while avoiding overly complex or intricate designs.

For industrial style stores, track lighting with a metallic texture is preferred, such as wrought iron, copper, or stainless steel materials. The design of the fixtures can be rougher to showcase their craftsmanship features.

For minimalist style stores, emphasizing simplicity and functionality, choose track lighting with simple lines and a low-key appearance. Black, white, or gray are the main colors to use while avoiding excessive decoration or intricate design elements.

For retro style stores, choose track lighting with retro elements such as wrought iron, copper, or brass materials, and unique patterns or decorative fixtures to highlight a strong sense of history and artistic atmosphere.

For Nordic style stores, the emphasis is on nature, comfort, and simplicity. Choose lightweight, minimalist track lighting, with white, light wood, or soft gray as the main colors. Materials can be wood, metal, or glass to enhance the warmth of the space.

For artistic style stores, choose track lighting with unique designs, shapes, or colors to reflect the store’s artistic vibe. This kind of fixture will become the visual focus of the space, adding interest to the store.

Choose the appropriate type of track lighting

Recessed track lighting

Embedded track lighting hides the track system in the ceiling and only the track fixtures are visible on the surface, creating a neater and more minimalist visual effect. Embedded track lighting is suitable for the following types of clothing stores:

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Modern or minimalist style stores

Embedded track lighting coordinates with the design of modern and minimalist style stores as both emphasize clean lines and a sense of space. The lighting can blend with the decorative elements of these styles, providing customers with a more comfortable shopping environment.

High-end boutiques

Embedded track lighting can provide elegant and understated lighting effects for high-end boutiques. It can concentrate light on specific products or display areas, highlighting the texture and value of the products. With its advantages of concealment, it helps create a high-quality shopping atmosphere.

Small space stores

For smaller clothing stores, embedded track lighting can effectively save space and make the ceiling look neater. It ensures the visual comfort of the space, creating a spacious and bright shopping environment for customers.

Stores that emphasize lighting effects

Embedded track lighting can achieve precise light control, highlighting the texture and color of products. This lighting style is suitable for clothing stores that have high requirements for lighting effects, such as stores that specialize in displaying high-end fashion, designer brands, or custom clothing.

Surface-mounted track lighting

Surface-mounted track lighting refers to the track system installed on the surface of the ceiling, with both the track and track fixtures clearly visible. This lighting style has strong flexibility and adjustability, making it suitable for the following types of clothing stores:

Industrial style stores

Surface-mounted track lighting coordinates with the design of industrial style stores as both emphasize exposed structures and materials. Choosing metal texture tracks and fixtures can enhance the atmosphere of industrial style stores.

Artistic style stores

Surface-mounted track lighting can provide more creative and personalized choices for artistic style stores. Unique track and fixture designs can become the visual focus of the space, adding interest to the store.

Display spaces with various changes

Surface-mounted track lighting is very suitable for stores that need to adjust lighting layouts frequently. Such stores usually adjust their display layouts based on new product launches, promotions, or seasonal changes. The flexibility of surface-mounted track lighting makes it easier to adjust lighting effects.

Stores with high ceilings

For clothing stores with high ceilings, surface-mounted track lighting can provide powerful lighting effects. The height-adjustable track fixtures can ensure that the light can effectively illuminate the display area, providing customers with a clear view.

Stores with complex structures

For stores with complex structures or difficult-to-install embedded lighting systems, surface-mounted track lighting is an ideal choice. It can easily adapt to irregular ceiling shapes or other architectural features.

Suspended track lighting

Hanging track lighting is a very flexible and adjustable lighting system suitable for various types of stores, especially the following types of clothing stores:

Fashion trend stores

If you operate a fashion trend store, hanging track lighting can help you showcase the latest fashion clothing, making your products more attractive. You can adjust the light color and brightness according to the season and trend, ensuring that your products look their best.


Hanging track lighting can make your products more prominent and attractive. You can use different lighting to highlight the most important and popular products in your store or focus the light on a specific aspect of the product, such as its color or material.

Sports clothing stores

Hanging track lighting can help you showcase the special features of sports clothing, such as breathability and waterproof performance. You can highlight these special features by adjusting the light, helping customers better understand and appreciate your products.

Determine the track lighting light source

LED is now the preferred choice for many lighting fixtures, and there are many factors to consider when choosing LED light sources, such as color temperature, color rendering index (CRI), luminous efficacy, lifespan, and dimming capability. Below we will explain in detail:

Color temperature

Color temperature has a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of the store. The appropriate color temperature can enhance the user’s shopping experience and affect the display effect of the products.

Color rendering index (CRI)

CRI is used to describe the ability of a light source to reproduce the color of an object. For clothing stores, it is generally recommended to choose LED light sources with a CRI of 80 or higher to ensure the true color reproduction of the products.

Luminous efficacy

Luminous efficacy is one of the factors used to evaluate whether LED light sources are of high quality. Typically, LED luminous efficacy is between 80Lm/W and 160lm/W. Higher luminous efficacy means less energy consumption. However, we also need to consider the upfront cost. We recommend choosing LED light sources with a luminous efficacy above 100Lm/W, which can balance the upfront investment and operating costs in the long term.


The lifespan of a light source refers to the normal working time until the luminous flux decays to a certain percentage (usually 70%) of the initial value. Different types of light sources have different lifespans, which is also an important indicator for evaluating the performance of lighting fixtures.

Dimming capability

Some light sources allow brightness adjustment to meet different lighting needs. Dimming performance not only involves the light source itself but also depends on the compatibility of the lighting fixtures and control systems.

Determine the track lighting beam angle

The choice of beam angle for clothing store track lighting depends on the desired lighting effect and the type of merchandise displayed. As lighting experts in the field, KOSOOM provides the following principles for selecting beam angles:

  • Beam angles below 36 degrees are suitable for focused lighting and highlighting merchandise, making it brighter and more eye-catching.
  • Beam angles around 60 degrees are suitable for general lighting and providing uniform lighting in larger spaces, making the entire store brighter and more comfortable.
  • Beam angles above 70 degrees are suitable for illuminating large areas and providing softer lighting while reducing shadows and reflections.

For clothing stores, we recommend using track lighting with beam angles of 36 degrees or less. This is particularly advantageous for displaying product details and textures and is also suitable for environments with higher ceilings and longer distances.

What color of track lighting is best for clothing stores?

Before finalizing the beam angle, we recommend conducting some testing prior to installation, observing different lighting effects and angles, and selecting the most suitable beam angle for your store and merchandise.

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The choice of lighting color for clothing stores depends on various factors, including the store’s decor style, type of merchandise, and brand image. Based on KOSOOM’s years of lighting design experience and customer feedback, we have summarized some principles for selecting lighting colors for clothing stores:

Neutral color temperature (4000K)

Natural white light is suitable for displaying various types of merchandise, accurately rendering their color and texture. It can also enhance the overall decor style and atmosphere of the store and is often used in affordable clothing stores or men’s clothing stores.

Warm white temperature (3000K)

Warm white light is suitable for creating a warm and soft atmosphere, making it suitable for displaying merchandise that requires a cozy and inviting feel, such as high-end clothing stores or middle-aged women’s clothing stores.

Cool white light (5000K)

Cool white light is suitable for displaying trendy and fashionable clothing, such as women’s clothing in the 18-25 age range, and can also highlight the store’s modern and technological feel.

Do you need single-circuit or three-circuit track lighting?

The choice of track model for track lighting is also very important, as it affects the compatibility of the entire track lighting system and also affects the control mode of the track system. Below, we will list the differences between single-circuit and three-circuit tracks to provide you with a selection idea.

Single-circuit track lighting:

All lights are on the same circuit power, and when the switch is turned on or off for this circuit power, all the lights on this track will respond at the same time. This type of track is usually suitable for areas with a lower level of illumination, such as small clothing stores.

Three-circuit track lighting:

Each track has three power circuits, so the lights on the track can be grouped for control, such as grouping the lighting by area or function. When we control the lighting, we can get more flexible control according to our needs. This type of track is usually used for large space clothing stores, or clothing stores with multiple categories, which will make the control more convenient and flexible.

Our suggestion: If your clothing store has a wide range of categories and a complex layout, we suggest using a three-phase track system, which will be very beneficial for your later use.

Installation and adjustment of track lighting

Ensure Suitable Installation Position

Before installing track lighting, it is important to carefully measure your store to determine the best installation position. Here are some guidelines:

  • First, determine the areas that require lighting, such as display counters or specific product areas, and then locate suitable positions above these areas for installing track lighting.
  • Consider the location of the power supply and wiring so that the power can be easily connected during installation. It is best to avoid installing track lighting in areas close to water sources or areas prone to moisture.
  • Ensure that the installation position of the track lighting is aligned with the customer’s line of sight, which can allow customers to see the products better and increase the purchase rate.

Adjust Lighting Angles for Optimal Effect

Adjusting the lighting angles is a key step in ensuring the best lighting effect. Here are some guidelines:

  1. First, turn on all track lights and observe the lighting effect in the store. Note any deviations in unsatisfactory areas, such as lights being skewed to the left or right.
  2. Then adjust the horizontal or vertical lighting angle of the fixtures based on the actual situation. If it is necessary to adjust the installation position, be sure to turn off the power before changing the fixture position.
  3. After adjusting, turn on all lights to observe the effect. If the lighting angle is unsatisfactory, repeat the above steps until the lighting effect is satisfactory.


Is track lighting the best lighting for clothing stores?

Track lighting is one of the best lighting systems for clothing stores because of its flexible, energy-efficient, spotlighting, and aesthetic features, making it especially suitable for clothing stores.

What kind of store is embedded track lighting suitable for?

Embedded track lighting is suitable for stores that require cleanliness in their space, such as modern or minimalist style stores, high-end boutique stores, small space stores, and stores that emphasize lighting effects.

What kind of store is surface-mounted track lighting suitable for?

Surface-mounted track lighting is suitable for stores with low ceiling heights that cannot accommodate recessed track lighting. Examples include industrial style stores, art style stores, versatile display spaces, stores with high ceilings, and stores with complex structures.

What kind of store is suspended track lighting suitable for?

Suspended track lighting is suitable for stores that want to enhance their visual effects through a hanging lighting system, such as fashionable trendy stores, boutique stores, and sports apparel stores.

How much CRI does my clothing store need?

In clothing stores, it is highly recommended to choose lighting fixtures with a CRI index of above 90, as it can help showcase the color and texture of clothing more accurately.

What color temperature does my clothing store need?

For clothing stores, a color temperature between 3000K-4500K is generally suitable and can be determined based on the store’s atmosphere and brand image. High-end boutique clothing stores usually use around 3000K, while budget clothing stores usually use around 4000K.

What beam angle does my clothing store need?

Lighting fixtures with a beam angle of 36° or less are typically chosen to ensure that the light is focused on the merchandise, enhancing the visual effects of the products.

Does my clothing store need a single-phase or three-phase circuit track?

For small, single-layout stores, a single-phase circuit track can meet the lighting system’s needs and help save costs. For larger stores with more layouts, a three-phase circuit track is necessary to support a higher-powered lighting system.

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