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How to choose linear lighting that’s right for you

What is the difference between linear fluorescent and LED lights?

Lighting plays a vital role in interior design, and linear lighting and strip lighting are two common options. Explore the differences between these two lighting types to help you better understand how to choose the right lighting solution for your needs.

What is linear lighting?

Linear lighting is a lighting method that uses long strips of light fixtures to provide even illumination. It works great in many situations.

Large areas: Linear lighting is suitable for places that need to illuminate large areas, such as offices, shops, conference rooms, warehouses, etc. Because linear luminaires can extend over long distances and provide even light distribution, they can effectively cover large spaces.

Interior design that highlights linear beauty: Linear lighting features straight or curved shapes and can be used to emphasize lines and geometric beauty in interior design. They can be used as decorative elements to create a modern, simple or artistic atmosphere.

Provide uniform primary lighting: Linear lighting generally provides uniform, continuous light and is suitable as the primary lighting source. They provide consistent brightness throughout an entire room or area, ensuring there are no noticeable shadows or poorly lit areas.

KOSOOM is a brand that provides linear lighting solutions, and its linear lighting series includes recessed linear lighting. These products can be selected according to different lighting needs, provide high-quality lighting effects, and meet the requirements of various interior designs and application scenarios.

What is strip lighting?

Strip lighting is a method of using flexible strip lights to achieve lighting effects. Compared with linear lighting, strip lighting has the following differences

Shape and Flexibility: Strip lighting typically consists of flexible strip lights that can be bent, lengthened, and shortened to fit a variety of shapes and curved surfaces. In contrast, linear lighting typically uses rigid, long strips of luminaires with a fixed shape.

Application scenarios: Light strip lighting is particularly suitable for illuminating curved or curved surfaces, such as bars, counters, curved walls, etc. Due to its flexibility, it can be pasted or installed in various curved or curved positions as needed, providing uniform lighting effects.

Visual appeal and decorative: Strip lighting is often used to create visual appeal and decorative lighting effects. Due to their soft nature, strip lights can provide illumination in detailed areas or specific areas to highlight and emphasize specific elements or details in a design.

KOSOOM is a brand that provides lighting solutions, and its strip lighting series includes long LED light strips available in a variety of colors and brightness options. These long light strips can be cut and installed as needed, making them suitable for a variety of interior designs and applications, adding visual impact and lighting appeal to a space.

Advantages of Linear Lighting

Flexibility and applicability: Linear lighting is suitable for straight and rectangular areas, such as long corridors, offices, conference rooms, shops, etc. Due to the design of linear luminaires, they can be extended, shortened or bent as needed to fit areas of different shapes and sizes.

Visual effects and decoration: Compared with strip lighting that highlights decorative features, linear lighting pays more attention to functional lighting. They are often used as the main lighting source, providing an even, continuous distribution of light to ensure that the entire area is fully illuminated. However, linear lighting can also have an impact on interior design through the choice of different fixture designs and light color temperatures.

Installation location: Linear lighting is usually installed on the ceiling or wall to provide an overall lighting effect. They can extend along the length of a ceiling or wall, allowing light to be evenly distributed and cover the entire area. Linear lighting can also be used as indirect lighting on walls, creating a soft ambience by reflecting light.

kosoom linear lighting is a lighting scheme commonly used to provide overall illumination, suitable for straight and rectangular areas. They focus on functional lighting, but can also have an impact on interior design through the selection of appropriate fixtures and light color temperature.

Linear Lights
Linear Lights

How to choose the lighting solution that’s right for you?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the lighting solution that’s right for you:

Interior design needs: If your design emphasizes linear and geometric aesthetics, linear lighting may be more suitable. They can harmonize with interior design, emphasizing lines and shapes, adding a modern or artistic feel to a space.

Lighting needs: Determine what type of lighting effects you need. Linear lighting is suitable for providing uniform primary lighting, capable of providing sufficient light throughout the area. If you need to highlight specific areas or details, or require a decorative lighting effect, you may want to consider other types of lighting solutions, such as strip lighting.

Installation location and shape: Consider the shape and layout of the area you want to light. Linear lighting is suitable for straight and rectangular areas, such as long corridors, offices, conference rooms, etc. If your area has a curved or curved shape, or you need to illuminate specific areas of detail, strip lighting may be more suitable.

KOSOOM lighting solutions

Whether you choose linear lighting or strip lighting, KOSOOM offers a range of high-quality lighting products to meet your needs. Our products include LED track lights, downlights, panel lights, spotlights and more. No matter your project size or design requirements, KOSOOM has a solution to suit you.

LED Track Lights: KOSOOM’s range of LED track lights provides flexible and directional adjustable lighting. They are suitable for commercial spaces, exhibition halls, galleries and other places, and the angle and lighting direction of the lamp head can be adjusted as needed.

Downlight: KOSOOM’s downlight series provides high brightness and uniform lighting effects. They are suitable for various indoor spaces such as offices, shops, restaurants, etc., providing bright and comfortable light.

Panel Light: KOSOOM’s panel light series features a thin design and uniform lighting distribution. They are suitable for offices, conference rooms, medical institutions and other places to provide energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Spotlights: KOSOOM’s LED spotlight range provides directional lighting effects for highlighting specific areas or items. They are suitable for scenes such as commercial displays, art exhibitions and landscape lighting.

KOSOOM also provides other types of lighting products, such as chandeliers, floor lamps, etc., to meet the needs of different projects. No matter the size of your project or design requirements, KOSOOM is committed to providing you with high-quality lighting solutions that are suitable for you.

Bring inspiration and functionality to your interior design

KOSOOM lighting solutions offer a wide range of options for interior design to meet different needs and create unique lighting effects. Whether you are creating a home space, a commercial venue or a public building, KOSOOM’s lighting products will add highlights and beauty to your project.

Linear lighting is a common and versatile option suitable for a variety of environments. It can provide uniform lighting effects and evenly distribute light in the area, making it suitable for use in offices, shops, hotel lobbies and other places. KOSOOM’s linear lighting products feature high brightness and energy efficiency, using advanced LED technology to provide long-lasting, reliable lighting solutions.

KOSOOM lighting products are known for their high quality, innovative design and reliability. No matter the size of your project, KOSOOM can provide personalized lighting solutions to meet your needs. Their products not only focus on lighting effects, but also pursue energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. You can trust KOSOOM’s professional team to provide professional guidance and support during the selection, design and installation of lighting solutions.

When you choose KOSOOM lighting solutions, you get the perfect blend of lighting and design to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for your space. Whether it is to improve the functionality and aesthetics of indoor spaces or to create a specific atmosphere, KOSOOM can provide you with the best lighting solutions.


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