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How Much Does Tennis Court Lighting Cost?

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I am a specialist in lighting, and now I will talk about the cost of lighting fixtures for tennis courts. The cost of the lighting fixtures for your court may need to be taken into account if you are the owner or operator of a tennis court.

I’ll describe the costs of tennis court lighting fixtures in this article, along with how to pick the best fixtures to make sure your court runs well at night.

Why is it necessary to install lighting fixtures in tennis courts?

If you operate or own a tennis court, you may already be aware that providing lighting during nighttime hours is crucial. On the one hand, lighting can increase the utilization rate of the court, thereby increasing revenue.

On the other hand, installing lighting fixtures can enhance the aesthetic appeal and safety of the court. At night, sufficient lighting can help players better see the ball and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Therefore, it is essential to install lighting fixtures in tennis courts.

Types of lighting fixtures

When selecting lighting fixtures for tennis courts, you need to consider different types of fixtures. Here are some common types of lighting fixtures:

  • Metal halide lamps:
    Metal halide lamps are ideal for settings requiring high-quality lighting because of their great brightness and good colour rendering capabilities. They do, however, consume a lot of energy and live shorter lives.
  • LED lighting:
    The benefits of LED lighting include energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, a long lifespan, and customizable colour temperature. They have lengthy lifespans, requiring less frequent replacement, and are suited for outdoor environments like tennis courts.
  • Sodium lamps:
    Although sodium lamps are highly efficient and brilliant, their colour rendering capabilities fall short of those of metal halide and LED lights. Additionally, they live shorter lives.

Different types of lighting fixtures have different characteristics, and you can choose the appropriate fixture based on your actual needs.

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The wattage of lighting fixtures

The wattage of lighting fixtures has a significant impact on the lighting effect of a tennis court. If you choose lighting fixtures with insufficient wattage, it may result in inadequate lighting, affecting the players’ game experience.

On the other hand, if you select lighting fixtures with excessive wattage, it will cause unnecessary energy waste and additional costs. Therefore, when selecting lighting fixtures for a tennis court, you need to consider the size and shape of the court and choose the appropriate fixture wattage. Additionally, different fixture wattages will also have an impact on the lighting effect.

The number of lighting fixtures

In addition to the wattage of lighting fixtures, you also need to consider how many fixtures are required for the tennis court. Different court sizes and shapes require different numbers of lighting fixtures.

If you select an insufficient number of fixtures, the court’s lighting may be uneven, affecting the conduct of games and activities. Therefore, when selecting the number of lighting fixtures, you need to consider the court’s size, shape, and the areas that require lighting to ensure sufficient lighting coverage for the entire court.

The price of lighting fixtures

The price of lighting fixtures for a tennis court varies based on brand, model, wattage, and quantity. Generally, LED lights are more expensive, but they have higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan, which can save you energy and maintenance costs in the long run.

Metal halide and sodium lamps are cheaper than LED lights, but they have lower energy efficiency and lifespan. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate lighting fixture based on your actual situation and budget.

For example, upgrading to LED lighting from an existing HID lighting system is a simpler and lower-cost project because you can leverage some existing lighting infrastructure.

The transition to LED is achieved by replacing old lighting fixtures with LED fixtures or simply retrofitting with LED bulbs. The cost of retrofitting an HID tennis court lighting system with LED ranges from $12,200 to $38,900 per court.

Whether you are upgrading existing facilities or building new ones from scratch, the purchase price is not the only number to consider. The true financial value of LED tennis court lighting systems is reflected in operating costs: lower electricity bills, fewer bulb replacement frequencies, less maintenance and upkeep, fewer repairs, and less fixture replacement.

Finally, the operating cost of LED tennis court lighting systems depends on the level of play, the efficiency of the lighting equipment (lumens per watt), and the electricity prices in your state.

How to choose lighting fixtures for tennis courts

When selecting lighting fixtures for tennis courts, you need to consider the following:

  • Lighting requirements:
    Choose appropriate fixture wattage and quantity based on the court size and shape, as well as the areas that require lighting.
  • Types of lighting fixtures:
    Choose the appropriate type of fixture based on your desired lighting effect and budget.
  • Brand and quality of lighting fixtures:
    Choose a reliable lighting fixture brand to ensure reliable quality and long lifespan.
  • Maintenance costs:
    Choose fixtures with long lifespan and high energy efficiency to reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Based on the above points, you can select the appropriate lighting fixtures for your tennis court based on your actual situation and budget.

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